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Monday, March 26, 2018

Marc Miller's Traveller

From the web:

"The core rule book for Traveller 4th edition. This edition is closely related to Classic Traveller (i.e. the original 3 book set). From the "History of Traveller", the 4th edition was drafted with several explicit goals expressed by Marc Miller. These include:

1. A return to the simpler structure of Classic Traveller while allowing for multiple levels of complexity depending on the needs and interests of individual players and referees.

2. The production of a game design that encourages and promotes the fun of playing with an enjoyable, exciting background.

3. The opening of multiple eras or milieus to facilitate playing the Traveller science fiction game system throughout the span of history, from 300,000 BC to 5,000 years in the future.

4. Remaining consistent with previous editions in regards to historical events and game system results. Previous history as provided in any edition of Traveller stays largely the same in this edition, with certain details clarified or re-stated for consistency.

5. Explicitly stating a standard of quality that promotes wholesome adventure and eliminates sexually flavored art or content, unacceptable or vulgar language, and gratuitous, unnecessary violence.

The rulebook consists of 18 chapters covering all rules needed to play the game."

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