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Friday, June 8, 2018

Monster Island - The Game of Giant Monster Combat

From the web:

"Inspired by Japanese kaiju cinema and atomic horror B-movies, Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat is a fast, funny tabletop fighting game in which gigantic creatures rumble in the jungles of their tropical island prison. Play mad scientist to invent your own kaiju or re-create your favorite movie monsters using the quick and easy creation rules. Then let the battles begin - unleash bizarre monster powers, hurl trees or boulders, and watch out for the molten lava!

Featuring cover and interior art by Bryce Nakagawa, this game comes with a cardstock sheet of foldable color monster figures – or play with your own toy monsters, plastic dinosaurs, stuffed animals, and other toys. Quotes from your favorite monster movies are everywhere, and the book includes a full filmography. Ages 8 & up, no gamemaster required."

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