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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ravenloft - RM4: House of Strahd

From the back cover:

Far above the village of Barovia sits Castle Ravenloft, the home and fortress of vampire lord Strahd Von Zarovich. Legends claim that Strahd flies with the bats and runs with the wolves to terrorize the countryside.

Ancient tales tell of dungeons and catacombs deep under the castle. Other stories recall the great calls, treasures, and glory of Ravenloft in centuries past. Undoubtedly, Strahd has installed deadly safeguards to protect his domain.

House of Strahd is a revision of the classic gothic horror tale Ravenloft--the most popular adventure ever produced for the AD&D game. It is updated here using the AD&D 2nd Edition rules and those from the RAVENLOFT campaign set. Count Strahd is now more powerful, and his castle is even more terrifying!

This revised adventure features:

- Variable goals for Strahd, making the adventure unpredictable.
- Both original and updated statistics for Strahd. The adventure can be played at the original level of difficulty, or with the newer, more powerful Strahd.
- Hints for the DM, including tips on playing Strahd as a genius vampire lord.
- The original gypsy fortune-telling, plus two new methods to suit the DM, including once version using the tarroka deck from the Forbidden Lore boxed set.

The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner. You are invited...

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