"Go to the sign of Harvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Saturday, April 21, 2018

MERP - Moria: The Dwarven City

From the web:

"Moria: The Dwarven City is a source book for ICEs Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP).

This source book deals with the dwarven city of Khazad-Dum. It includes structure, architectural notes, history and plenty of stats.

Also included are maps of all 7 deeps, including levels and sub-levels. As well as a massive amount of information and diagrams on traps and machines adventurers might find in the pits of Moria.

There are details, history and stats provided for Durin's line, the Dwarves of Khazad-Dum, and the fell creatures that would eventually inhabit it, including the Balrog!"

Friday, April 20, 2018

Middle-Earth Role Playing - 2nd Edition: Collector's Edition

From the web:

"The Fantasy Role Playing Game set in J.R.R. Tolkien's World 

" Their eyes fell on him and pierced him, as they rushed towards him. Desperate, he drew his own sword and it seemed to him that it flickered red, as if it was a firebrand. Two of the figures halted. The third was taller than the others... In one hand, he held a long sword, and in the other a knife; both the knife and the hand that held it glowed with a pale light. He sprang forward and bore down on Frodo." - The Fellowship of the Ring. 

In a role playing game, you assume the role of a character in a "living novel. Middle-earth Role Playing (MERP) and its companion sourcebooks provide the structure and framework for role playing in the greatest fantasy setting of all time... J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. 

Middle-earth Role Playing is the next step up for those who have already experienced the thrill of ICE's introductory role playing game, the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game. It is also perfect for more experienced gamers who are looking for a realistic, easy-to-play fantasy role playing game.
Middle-earth Role Playing, 2nd Edition includes:
  • Middle-earth Character Templates for those who want interesting, fully developed characters in a flash.
  • A complete Character Development System covering Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, Trolls, etc.
  • A Magic System with simple yet comprehensive rules that reflect the unique nature of the use of magic and power in Middle-earth.
  • A flavorful Combat System that is realistic, fast, and playable.
  • Gamemaster Guidelines that cover travel, encounters, weather, random events, healing, poisons, magic items, and much more.
  • Detailed information on Creatures and Peoples that covers the major beasts, monsters, and cultures of Middle-earth.
  • An expanded set of secondary skills, background options, and professions.
  • A complete Sample Adventure set in the Trollshaws, complete with layouts."

Thursday, April 19, 2018

MERP - Middle-Earth Campaign Guide

From the web:

"The Middle-Earth Campaign Guide provides some important information and details for any player or GM of the MERP or Role Master systems (or any system set in Middle-Earth).

This set included a 24" by 36" full color map of Middle-Earth.

Inside the campaign guide there is plenty of detailed information, including: a full timeline of the history of Middle-Earth, guidlines and hints on the linguistics of Middle-Earth, a glossary of notes and terms, Maps depicting things like population centers, trade routes, prevailing winds and currents and so forth. The Campaign Guide even includes an English to Elvish dictionary, with notes on grammar and structure.

This source book was a compilation of previously available material from the Middle-Earth Adventure Guidebook, Volume I & II."

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

MERP - Lorien & the Halls of the Elven Smiths

Cover/Jacket Text:


GALADRIEL, Queen of Lórien
CELEBORN, the Mighty Grey-elf
ANNATAR, Lord of Gifts (the disguised Sauron)
CELEBRIMBOR, The Ring-maker


CARAS GALADHON, the High Tree-City
CERIN AMROTH, the Abandoned Captial
OST-IN-EDHIL, the Fortress of the Eldar

The reasons why one Elven kingdom survived to see the dawn of the Fourth Age and why one fell to the Dark Lord over four thousand years earlier are myriad... All the while Lórien, though nearer to the Black Land, lay shrouded and quiet, its mistress too strong to be overcome by the devices of the wraith-prince in Dol Guldur, and too clever to become a target for the Dark Lord himself.

LÓRIEN contains:

8 FULL COLOR PAGES: Campaign across the perilous Misty Mountains on 4 Regional Maps or delve into intrigue in 3 great cities.

12 MAJOR LAYOUTS: Explore Citadels, Manors, Ruins, and of course the Halls of the Jewel Smiths, each an ideal adventure site laden with traps and treasure.

ELVEN HISTORY AND BACKGROUND: Learn about the lore and nature of Elves, with the extensive material on the noble Noldor, proud Sindar, and mystical Silvan lines.

THE THREE RINGS OF POWER: Read about three of Middle-earth's greatest magic items, the story of the making of the Rings, and a complete description of NENYA, the Water-ring."

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

MERP - Lords of Middle-Earth: Vol II - The Mannish Races

From the web:

"This is a source book for the Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP).

This book is one giant compendium of stats and characters taken from The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.

Volume 2 presents the stats for all the men and women of Middle-Earth, as well as stats for the 9 Nazgul. Rules are also included for playing high-level characters.

This expansion is for use with MERP, Role Master, and includes conversion tables to allow stats to be converted into most other major role playing systems."

Monday, April 16, 2018

MERP - Lords of Middle-Earth Vol.1 - The Immortals

From the web:

"This is a source book for the Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP).

This book is one giant compendium of stats and characters taken from The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.

Volume 1 presents the stats for all the Elves, Maiar, and Valar, as well as other major players including Ungoliant and Shelob.

This expansion is for use with MERP, Role Master, and includes conversion tables to allow stats to be converted into most other major role playing systems."

Sunday, April 15, 2018

MERP - Hazards of the Harad Wood

From the web:

"Hazards of the Harad Wood is an adventure module designed for ICEs Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP). Hazards of the Harad Wood follows the pattern of many of the MERP adventure modules. It includes a huge range of information and detail, and also includes four thorough adventures, designed for characters of all levels.

Hazards of the Harad Wood includes information on the region in which the adventures take place, including notes on animal and plant life.

Hazards of the Harad Wood includes four adventures. These adventures range from easy to difficult, with adventure one being suitable for 1st or 2nd level characters, through to adventure four being suitable for level 6+ characters.

The four adventures in Hazards of the Harad Wood are:

The Disappearing Flock
The Light of Avashar
Terror in the Jungle

The Eyes of the Dragon.

The module also includes detailed encounter charts and statistics charts for creatures and monsters specific to the region in which the adventures are set."

Saturday, April 14, 2018

MERP - Havens of Gondor: Land of Belfalas

Cover/Jacket Text:

"Sail the rugged seas off Gondor's south coast, where Corsairs of Umbar battle the majestic white ships of Dol Amroth. Here, the Elves built the great haven of Edhellond and Galadriel erected the Sea-ward Tower, most famous beacon of all Middle-earth. Journey along the twisting streets of Dol Amroth, City of Princes, and bustling capitol of Belfalas.


DOL AMROTH, one of Gondor's finest ports,
EDHELLOND, the Elfhaven, home of tunnel-harbours and magic Swan-ships,
LINHIR, the gateway to central Gondor,
BELFALAS, the province of the Princes.
Set against the backdrop of wild coastal highlands, cliff-lined bays, and eerie islets, HAVENS OF GONDOR offers unparalleled excitement! Unravel the intrigue of the court of Dol Amroth, discover the mysteries of of the Elfhaven, battle smugglers and Corsairs, feel the power of the dark religion over the remote mountain villages.


5 FULL-COLOR PAGES: a beautiful 2 page area map of the Belfalas region of Southern Gondor; a full-page regional map; and a 2-page map of Dol Amroth, City of the White Ships.
MAJOR LAYOUTS: include 2 maps of the Elf-havens, the port of Linhir, a dangerous mountain village, a sea-ward tower, the Hill of the Pyre, Castle Amrûnaur, plus 2 pages of ship deck plans.
THE PRICES OF DOL AMROTH: knights whose Elf-tinged blood and unwavering loyalty make them Gondor's greatest vassals.

THE CORSAIRS OF UMBAR: pirates whose sleek warships threaten the mightiest of Gondor's castles.


Havens of Gondor focuses on the great fief called Dor-en-Ernil, the "Land of the Prince." Comprising all the lands between the rivers Gilrain and Ringlo/Morthond and including the whole of the hilly peninsula called Belfalas, it is a strategic province blessed with fine ports and fair weather. It lies in the heart of southern Gondor and, aside from Lamedon, it is the westernmost of the Stone-land's wellsettled regions.

Gondor's two most famous havens, the princely city of Dol Amroth and nearby Elven port of Edhellond, are both in Dor-en-Ernil. Undoubtedly the most dramatic harbors in the South Kingdom, their history embodies the grander tale of the Gondorian seafarers and their Elven friends, and it mirrors the struggles of the region's oft-times warring peoples.

Of course, Dor-en-Ernil is home to many lesser havens, including the fine harborage at Linhir. Together these towns house many of Gondor's seamen, and virtually all the ships which do not weigh anchor in the three maritime towns along the Anduin River: the great port-city of Pelargir, Harlond by Minas Tirith, and Osgiliath. Dor-en-Ernil's ports also provide a major portion of the warcraft engaged in the struggle against the Corsairs of Umbar and Harad."

Friday, April 13, 2018

MERP - Greater Harad

From the web:

"Greater Harad is a MERP (Middle Earth Role-Playing) Campaign Module published by Iron Crown Enterprises. The module contains a plethora of information on the far lands of Harad, including detailed descriptions of animal and plant life, of poisons, of places and a detailed history.

The chapter headings give you a good idea of what this book covers:

The Land of Sirayn.
Flora and Fauna.
Peoples and Cultures.
Politics and Power.
Economy and Trade.
The Cities of Sirayn.
City Sites.
Places of Note.
Items of Power.

In addition to this detailed description of Greater Harad, there are three fully detailed adventures, as well as a chapter on short scenarios and suggested adventures."

Thursday, April 12, 2018

MERP - Gorgoroth

From the web:

"Gorgoroth is a MERP (Middle Earth Role-Playing) Campaign Module published by Iron Crown Enterprises. The module contains a plethora of information on the Black Land, including detailed descriptions of animal and plant life, of poisons, of places and a detailed history. Gorgoroth contains the stats for a great many creatures and animals, it also includes stats for all major evil characters including Sauron, the 9 Nazgul, the Mouth of Sauron, and many many more.

Gorgoroth includes rules that give you detailed descirptions, character traits and hints to play Orc or evil characters.

Gorgorth comes with a full color pull-out map, as well as including plenty of black and white maps of important places."

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

MERP - Forest of Tears

Cover/Jacket Text:

"This supplement draws adventurers into the mysterious Suza Sumar, a rainforest thriving in desert sands. The Honnin, a hidden people related to the Woses of the Ered Nimrais, dwell between the boles of the great trees, harvesting the forest's bounties and zealously guarding their secrecy. Despite their caution, the Dark Lord's schemes soon may boil out of the Forest of Tears to overrun all of Far Harad.

Explore the sunspeckled twilight beneath the boughs of the Forest of Tears. Amidst the songs of brilliantly feathered birds, a small people struggles with its insane gods, fighting to keep the traditions of its age-old society intact. Obsessed with secrecy, the Honnin are troubled by a cannibalistic spirit who preys on its worshippers and a Tavari seduced by Sauron's promises of power. These dangers threaten visitors to the mysterious Forest of Tears.


TWO FULL-COLOR MAPS: including a regional map and a map of the nearby city of Bozisha-Dar.

THREE EXCITING ADVENTURES: confront an order of the Honnin Monks intent on guarding the secrecy of "The Hidden Shrine"; avenge the death of a Haradan youth in "The Tower of Birds"; and combat a local goddess pledged to Sauron's service in "The City of Pred".

DETAILED LAYOUTS: of all adventure sites.

STATISTICS: for Honnin priests and monks, beasts of the Suza Sumar, and one of the powerful Tavari."

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

MERP - Far Harad: The Scorched Land

Cover/Jacket Text:

"Far to the south of the warring realms of Gondor and Mordor, lies an area of harsh winds and blazing sun known to its inhabitants Bozisha-Miraz. It encompasses the lower half of the great desert of Haradwaith, and area labeled Far Harad on the maps of the northern world. Its watering holes and seaports teem with trade and intrigue - its wilds hold ancient mysteries and untold dangers. Though the region is little more than arid highlands, tortured canyons, and a half-score of oases, adventure and high-living await you under the southern sun of Far Harad.

Adventurers find Far Harad rich with challenge. In the port city of Dar, hired swords are always in demand. The vast desert looms ominously with its secretive population of Sandmen and natural hardship. Men tell of entire cities swallowed by the Dune Sea. Ghosts and demons are said to walk the shifting land, guarding treasures beyond imagination. All this and more await the brave in the Scorched Land.

FAR HARAD The Scorched Land includes:

4 FULL-COLOR MAPS covering the region and two major cities: Dir Halon and Caras Pharazôn

A 4-PAGE CITY MAP of the great trade center of Bozisha-Dar.

MAJOR LAYOUTS: detailed layouts of a key fortress, Gusar's Djebel; the oasis of Sud Sicanna, and other adventure sites.

IN DEPTH INFORMATION on cultures, people, creatures, treasures, politics, and warcraft found in the deserts of Southern Middle-earth.

BACKGROUND AND STATISTICAL INFORMATION for key figures like the 7-regent councilors of Bozisha-Dar, Haradan warriors, and the accursed desert minions of the Lord of the Rings."

Monday, April 9, 2018

MERP - Ents of Fangorn

From the web:

"Ents of Fangorn is a source book for the Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP).

Under the ancient spreading boughs of the forest Fangorn the even the air itself seems to exude a spirit of the distant summers of yore... Adventure in Fangorn Forest!

Chapters describe the weather and geography of the region, the flora and fauna, surrounding fortresses, bandits hide-outs and finally, in impressive detail, a few major sites that set a fine backdrop for adventure.

Included in the Ents of Fangorn are a collection of 6 adventures, as well as a collection of different adventure ideas and advice."

Sunday, April 8, 2018

MERP - Denizens of the Dark Wood

From the web:

"Denizens of the Dark Wood is an adventure module for the Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP).

Battle giant spiders, trolls and the servants of Sauron under the boughs of the mighty forest: Mirkwood.

Denizens of the Dark Wood contains three adventures that could be played singly or as a campaign in succession, this was typical of many MERP adventure modules in that it provided a great deal of detail.

The three adventures of this module were designed to be played by different levels of characters, a pattern ICE followed with a majority of their adventure Modules for the MERP system. The first adventure was for low level characters, while the third was for mid level characters.

The adventures were:

Attercop Attack.
Trouble with Trolls.
The Tithing Train.

In addition to these adventures, the module included detailed information on the local area, as well as maps and information on the town and townsfolk of Bar-en-Tinnen"

Saturday, April 7, 2018

MERP - Creatures of Middle Earth

From the web:

"This sourcebook for the Middle Earth Role Playing Game contains information and statistics on a plethora of Middle Earth's creatures and Monsters.

Creatures of Middle Earth details the history of animals and monsters in Middle Earth, and then goes on to the glossary of Animals and Monsters. This book includes copious illustrations. There are also rules for creating and utilizing the listed creatures in your adventures and campaigns."

Friday, April 6, 2018

Middle-Eath Role Playing - Revised 1st Edition

From the web:

"Middle-Earth Role Playing also is known as MERP is a role-playing system that was published by Iron Crown Enterprises between 1984 and 1999 when the company was under license from Tolkien Enterprises to publish such material.

The game was a simplified version of their earlier fantasy role-playing system called Rolemaster. Unlike Rolemaster 

the weapon and critical damage charts were greatly simplified, and there were only two spell realms instead of three.

This game system only had six character classes: warrior, scout, mage, animist, ranger, and bard. However, unlike Rolemaster this system provided 15 different types of human races: Beornings, Black Numenoreans, Corsairs, Dorwinrim, Dunedain, Dunlendings, Easterlings, Haradrim, Lossoth, Rohirrim, Rural-men, Urban-man, Variags, Woodmen, and Woses.

Everything needed to play the game was included in this one book including all spell lists, equipment lists, monster and animal charts, encounter charts, background information about Middle Earth including a list of languages, and even a sample adventure in the Trollshaws.

MERP and Rolemaster adventures were usually compatible to both systems.

This 1st Edition Revised edition of Middle-Earth Role Playing was printed two years after the original version and contains 128 pages as compared to the 104 pages of the earlier version. This appears to be a significant difference. The 1st Edition Revised edition also features different artwork. However, both books contain the same product code."

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Middle-Earth Role Playing Combat Screen

From the back cover:

"The Middle-earth Role Playing Combat Screen™ is a must for all MERP gamers! Included are all the MERP tables needed for battles, maneuvering ans action. All this on one 34″ × 11″ combat screen plus two 17″ × 11″ reference sheets that can double as screen extenders."

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MERP - Cities of Middle Earth: Minas Tirith

Cover/Jacket Text:

"Minas Tirith, the Guarded City, rises from the base of Mount Mindolluin. Capital of Gondor, it is the preeminent symbol of the struggle against Sauron of Mordor. No other city in western Middle-earth offers greater hope for the defense of the Free Peoples.

Minas Tirith commands the wide gap between the White Mountains and the Mountains of Shadow that encircle the Dark Lord's homeland. Its seven walls and seven levels seem to grow out of the stone, as if carved by Giants. Each tier of the Royal City wraps around the rock and looms above the surrounding quarter, its ramparts glimmering white with each sunrise.

High atop the capital, on the uppermost level, the Tower of Ecthelion reaches skyward like a pearl-and-crystal spire. Amidst the storm spawned by the Lord of the Rings, this citadel is the last hold in Minas Tirith, an unparalleled bastion in an ominous time.

MINAS TIRITH features:

A double sided 16" x 20" full-color mapsheet
40 pages of floorplans and layouts
Detailed descriptions of key locations in the city
Complete overviews of Minas Tirith's seven levels, the Pelennor, and the port of Harlond
Descriptions of Boromir, Faramir, Denethor, and other famous figures"

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MERP - Angmar: Land of the Witch King

Front cover summary:

"Angmar contains:
  • 4 major floor plans
  • 8 B & W maps
  • Cultures, herblore & guidelines for running your own adventures
  • A 16" x 20" full-color double-sided detachable mapsheet."

Monday, April 2, 2018

Middle-Earth Adventure Guidebook II

Cover/Jacket Text:

"In a fantasy role playing game, you become a main character in an adventure you create. This adventure guide helps you capture the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, world of THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Converse with the Elves in their own language! In this volume, an Elvish Dictionary provides pronunciation and grammar guidelines for the Eldarin tongues, Sindarin and Quenya. Listed translations of Elvish and English words and phrases let you decipher the silver speech of Elven Lords and create authentic names for the Eldar and their enchanted sites. A Glossary of Terms lists Middle-earth definitions, identities, and places in an accessible index. Your campaign comes alive with the secrets of the Ainur, the whereabouts of Hildórien and the lineage of Thranduil - all at your fingertips! A new, poster-size map brings you Middle-earth in full detail and color - unfold and find yourself in the land of Elves and Wizards!

Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook II includes:
An Elvish Dictionary
Pronunciation guidelines
Grammar guidelines
Translations to and from Englsh and the Elven tongues
A Glossary of Terms
A handy reference to Middle-earth characters, cultures, places, and things
A new full-color poster map of Middle-earth
A 2' X 3' detailed map of northwest Middle-earth, the focus of Tolkien's THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS

This guide is a useful supplement to ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing (MERP) adventure modules, and has statistical information based on the MERP and Rolemaster fantasy systems. This information is readily adaptable to most FRP systems. Guidebook II contains new and different material from that of the first Middle-earth Guidebook.

NOTE: This product has been replaced by the 2nd Edition Middle-earth Campaign Guide (1993) which also combines the 1st Edition Campaign and Adventure Guidebook (1982)."

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes

From the Back Cover:


This is a unique role playing game which can be set from the earliest use of gunpowder to the near future with its ultramodern technologies. Games range from deadly mercenary missions and stealthy spy assignments to the careful piecing together of puzzling myteries. Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes allows you to create and play many interesting characters: hardbitten mercenaries, suave deadly spies, brilliant detectives, or fearless adventurers. Through group play with friends, or the solo adventures you play alone, MSPE is elegantly simple, easy to learn, and most of all, fun to play!

This game contains everything you need to play many games of MERCENARIES, SPIES AND PRIVATE EYES, including almost 100 skills for character development, and an extensive list of modern and archaic weapons."

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Pantheon and Pagan Faiths

Publisher Blurb:

"The Pantheon and Pagan Faiths is a book of divine magic and knowledge for The Hunt: Rise of Evil campaign setting. It can also be easily adapted and used in any d20 game. You will find many of the items in our Worldbook that are greatly expanded on as well as tons of new, divine focused entries.

This book will cover the Pantheon, the Church united in great detail as well as take a look at the Saints, the Outcast Gods, The outsiders, Demi-Gods, Cults, covens, and other minor powers. You will find new domains, new spells, new feats, mystical birth signs, magic performed by many clerics and more."

Friday, March 30, 2018

Medieval Player's Manual

From the back cover: 

"The Medieval Player's Manual gives you everything you need to have exciting adventures in the age of Christianity and crusade. This is not Hollywood medievalism, but the real thing. The Medieval Player's Manual has been exhaustively researched to provide rules that reflect the actual beliefs of the period. Ars Magica line developer David Chart has written a book that is both authentic and playable. Take your d20 game back to the Middle Ages with the Medieval Player's Manual. The book includes:
  • Three new magic core classes (cunning man, natural magician, and theurge) and two support prestige classes (necromancer and theophanist).
  • New systems for medieval magic like folk charms, alchemy, astrology, astral charms, and theurgy.
  • Three new religious core classes (priest, canonist, and saint) and five supporting prestige classes (crusader, templar, prelate, hermit, and mystic).
  • The introduction of Charisms, new feats representing gifts of miraculous power granted by God.
  • Rules for holding academic disputations, creating theories, and writing books.
  • Non-combat core classes like scholar and artist.
  • Overviews of the Christian Church, the political history of the time, philosophy and the arts, and medieval laws and beliefs.
  • Suggestions for alternate campaigns, like the Abbey Campaign and the Court Campaign, and intriguing historical "What ifs?".
  • Backgrounds and stats for important people of the day, like Empress Matilda, Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury, and natural magician Adelard of Bath.
The book also presents "Kin of the Conqueror", a campaign setting detailing the anarchic period after the death of King William the Conqueror. From 1087 to 1154 the British Isles and northern France were convulsed by wars over his legacy. Plunge into adventure with Kin of the Conqueror, or use the rules to explore other parts of the medieval world. Either way, the Medieval Player's Manual is your starting point for a new d20 experience."

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Mechanoid Invasion Triolgy - and two items I can't find

From the back of the book:

"Collected into one big volume for the first time ever.

- The three original Mechanoids books - The Mechanoid Invasion, The Journey and Homeworld!
- Great villains, alien races, psionics and more.
- Three unique levels of adventure.
- A short history concerning the beginning of Palladium Books and its first RPG, The Mechanoid Invasion.
- Conversion Notes for using the Mechanoids in Rifts, Robotech and Heroes Unlimited.
- A Glimpse at Palladium's past and humble beginnings."

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Masters of the Mind

From the front cover:

"New 96-page psionic rules supplement adaptable to any role-playing system now available. Now your psionically endowed characters can continually expand their psionic horizons. Contains tables of use and development of psionic powers."

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Master Rules

From the web:

"Set 4: Master Rules

Expansion rules for the D&D Basic, Expert, and Companion Sets

This is set #4. To be able to play the Master Rules, You should already have played D&D Basic, Expert, and Companion Rules.

Master Player' Book - Featuring rules for new weapons, weapon masteries, and sieges. Also includes more advanced rules and spells for your master characters.

Master DM's Book - New rules for anti-magic effects, mystics, artifacts, and campaigning. Plus new treasures and monsters, including createures from other planes."

Monday, March 26, 2018

Marc Miller's Traveller

From the web:

"The core rule book for Traveller 4th edition. This edition is closely related to Classic Traveller (i.e. the original 3 book set). From the "History of Traveller", the 4th edition was drafted with several explicit goals expressed by Marc Miller. These include:

1. A return to the simpler structure of Classic Traveller while allowing for multiple levels of complexity depending on the needs and interests of individual players and referees.

2. The production of a game design that encourages and promotes the fun of playing with an enjoyable, exciting background.

3. The opening of multiple eras or milieus to facilitate playing the Traveller science fiction game system throughout the span of history, from 300,000 BC to 5,000 years in the future.

4. Remaining consistent with previous editions in regards to historical events and game system results. Previous history as provided in any edition of Traveller stays largely the same in this edition, with certain details clarified or re-stated for consistency.

5. Explicitly stating a standard of quality that promotes wholesome adventure and eliminates sexually flavored art or content, unacceptable or vulgar language, and gratuitous, unnecessary violence.

The rulebook consists of 18 chapters covering all rules needed to play the game."

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Marauder 2107

From the web:

"This is the core rulebook for Maelstrom Hobby's anime inspired rpg.

The book lists Bubblegum Crisis, 3x3 Eyes, AD Police, Akira and Appleseed as inspirations for their post apocalytic mecha-centric world populated with weird genetic monsters.

The table of contents reveals the the rulebook contains sections on the history of the world, Character Generation, Equipment, Cybernetics, Game System (including combat), Game Mastering and an introductory adventure."

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Maps: Places of Legend

From the web:

"Usable with any Role-Playing system, this book contains detailed maps of 15 legendary places for use in your campaign adventures. each city is fully mapped, with major points of interest and the background of each place & its people described in detail. Also included for each place are Adventure Ideas that will give you some suggestions for using these places as the main focus for a game.
  • Atlantis
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Camelot
  • Village of Hamelin
  • Volcana: Island Base of Captain Nemo
  • Captain Nemo's Nautilus
  • Seven Cities of Cibola
  • King Solomon's Mine
  • Lemuria
  • Island of Circe
  • Mt. Olympus
  • Oz
  • North Pole
  • City of Gold
  • Valhalla
  • The 13th Floor
  • Crossover scenarios"

Friday, March 23, 2018

Map Book 1: Cities

From the web:

"Usable with any roleplaying system, this book contains maps of entire cities (over 20) which can be used to create new places to adventure in when players are traveling overland. Each city is fully mapped, with major points of interest and the overall background of the city and its people described in detail.

A wide variety of cities are described in MAPS, including an underground elven city, a large seaport, a forest village, a huge carnival, a floating city and many full size cities of different types."

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Map Folio 3-D

From the back cover:

"Inside you'll discover intimidating walls, comfortable cottages, a bustling smithy, and other three-dimensional structures. This accessory for the D&D game provides a small village of highly detail card-stock buildings, walls, and other structures for you to assemble and use in any game. Scaled for use with Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, each structure may be used individually or combined with others. Full-color exteriors enhance your game and capture your players imagination."

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Map Folio II

From the web:

"Discover Ancient Sites and New Adventures

Explore labyrinthine tunnels, a mysterious observatory, an imposing temple, and other intriguing locations with the aid of these thirty-two full color maps. Whether used as inspiration for creating new adventures, as a handy reference during your game, or as a detailed handout to capture your players' imagination, each map offers the promise of adventure, the threat of danger, and the allure of reward.

When combined, the maps in this folio create an exotic walled city built centuries ago by a mighty civilization. Whether still populated by a thriving society, overrun with monsters, or hauntingly vacant, this colossal city holds countless secrets waiting to be uncovered."

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Map Folio #1

From the web:

"Locate Your Next Adventure

Explore mysterious towers, foreboding temples, hidden coves, treacherous dungeons, and other intriguing locations with the aid of the thirty-two full-color maps tucked inside this protective pocket folder. Whether you use them as inspiration for creating new adventures, for handy reference during your game, or as detailed handouts to capture your players' imagination, each map offers the promise of adventure, the threat of danger, and the allure of reward.

Originally developed for the Map-a-Week feature on the official D&D® website, these maps are the first in a new series of materials created to help you add flavor and functionality to your D&D game."

Monday, March 19, 2018

Manual of the Planes

From the back of the book:

"Visit New Dimensions

The most powerful adventurers know that great rewards—and great perils—await them beyond the world they call home. From the depths of Hell to the heights of Mount Celestia, from the clockwork world of Mechanus to the swirling chaos of Limbo, these strange and terrifying dimensions provide new challenges to adventurers who travel there. Manual of the Planes is your guidebook on a tour of the multiverse.

This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to know before you visit other planes of existence. Included are new prestige classes, spells, monsters, and magic items. Along with descriptions of dozens of new dimensions, Manual of the Planes includes rules for creating your own planes.

To use this supplement, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, DUNGEON MASTER'S Guide, and the Monster Manual. A player needs only the Player's Handbook."

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Manhunter RPG

From the back cover:

"In the High Tech World of Manhunter, Excitement is Just Around the Corner ... or the next Star!
  • Complete Rules for a Futuristic Bounty Hunting RPG
  • Includes everything From High Tech to Magick
  • Choose from Terran, Alien or Even Robotic Characters
  • Special Ship Design and Robotic Design Rules
  • Detailed List of the Most Wanted Criminals"

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture

Publisher Blurb:

"He killed the God of War. He ascended into his divinity. No one told him that was the easy part. Look into the inner workings of gods and how they build worlds. From a divine perch, map your world and experience tectonics, magical geography, predation, ecological conflict, and cultural development. Following in the foodsteps of A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (Gen Con ENnies 2003 Best Setting Supplement), A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture provides real-world phenomenon for a fantasy game.

Build Your World. Better."

Friday, March 16, 2018

A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe

From publisher blurb:

"This 144-page supplement is for GMs and players who wish to add a touch of realism to their game. It's for the people who'd like to flesh out the background of their gaming world, but don't have the time to dig through scholarly books. A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe provides you flexibility and advice in creating your own world. It contains a massive amount of game-usable information about the medieval period and focuses on how D20 magic could change a traditional medieval setting. Generation systems for kingdoms, cities, manors, aristocratic wealth and landholding; a thorough construction system; and an economic simulator allow GMs to recreate the high middle ages feel with ease.

A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe solves age-old dilemmas like: How much does it cost for my PCs to repair the formerly-orc-infested abandoned keep they want to use as a home base? What would happen, politically, were the PCs to set up their keep? How big is my city of 15,000 people? How many buildings are in my city? What do all the NPCs do? How do I start my PCs on the road to becoming kings? Just how much does a king earn a year anyway? What about just a regular noble? How big is a kingdom of 5,000,000 people? How many cultivated acres does it take to feed them? How should I map towns, cities, and smaller communities within my kingdom? What type of government should I use for my kingdom? How does magical religion really work? Just what do those NPCs do with all their time?

The questions plaguing DMs and world-builders for the past twenty-five years have now been answered!"

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Magic of Incarnum

From the back cover:

"Harness a new and Original Source of Magical Power

Drawn from the ambient lift energy that fills the multiverse, incarnum is the essence of all creatures. Incarnum floes as a deep blue, radiant mist, and those with the knowledge to harness this energy can shape it into objects of great power, called soulmelds. Using soulmelds crafted from raw incarnum, an adventurer opens up new avenues of ability never available before"

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Magic of Eberron

From the back cover:

"A Trove of Magical Lore for Spellcasters and Artificers

Magic suffuses the world of Eberron, enriching it with power. Dragons were the first to master it, but over time it has evolved to serve the needs of countless others, from the giants of Xen'drik and the elves of Aerenal to the citizens of modern Khorvaire. Whether you choose to explore the magic of the present age or delve into the truly ancient arts is up to you.

This book exposes the magic and eldritch wonders of Eberron. In addition to presenting new arcane and divine spells, feats, prestige classes, and magic items, Magic of Eberron offers new options and infusions for artificers, explores dragon totem magic and the twisted experiments of the daelkyr, sheds light on the process of elemental binding, and touches on other types of magic present in the world."

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Magic Dump

From the back cover:

"Bring Me Her Carcass!

Welcome to the Magic Dump, but please be careful. All may not be what you'd expect. After all, the monsters here steal church furniture, while the frogs explode. Alligators come with four heads, and innocent little birds turn ferocious.

Please don't try to keep the people living in the cemetery buried. They have lots of room to share and are only looking for new friends - like you. Meanwhile the bellows you hear come from a creature named "Mittens;" a creature that would be happy to have you for lunch.

Other than that, the Magic Dump is just like any other place that contains a pile of magic items that nobody wants.

Against the panorama of this strange and forbidding region is Greeley, the enigmatic Prime of Harwich. He is storming around his castle bellowing "Bring me her carcass" every time someone mentions his bride-to-be. Ianthe' has gone missing and is apparently inside the swamp. His desire for her is so strong that he's offering 50,000 gold pieces for anyone brave enough to bring her back. Their wedding was supposed to end an ages old war.

He wants her, but why is the wanted poster so crudely worded? Is the Prime mad, in either sense of the word, or does he have something else in mind for his fiancee?

Ask yourself which is stranger, the kingdom or its swamp?

The Magic Dump is an outdoor module for a party of 6th to 8th level adventurers. Staged in the swamp, it is also a partial maze featuring a myriad of new magic items and original creatures."

Monday, March 12, 2018

Magebird Quest

From the web:

"Search for the Azure Sea Falcon. Make a fantastic quest for a rare item which involves a perilous journey over land and sea to the rugged crags of the Rookeries. This is a challenging initial adventure to start beginning players into the amazing world of DragonQuest. This scenario contains three completely detailed villages, numerous characters, new monsters, encounters, caravans, brigands, merfolk, pirates, and much, much more. Set in the Frontiers of Alusia campaign map, this 64-page adventure scenario provides new monsters, encounters, and suggested player-characters as well as a suggested new skill. Designed and approved for use with Dragonquest."

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Maelstrom Storytelling

From the old promo page:

"Before the great Equinox, there was an Empire. In the Empire, all things were good. The world didn't shift around, and the Shrikes were far away. There were great machines and ships that flew in the sky. There was the Law, and there was the Word. The storm was tamed, you see, and the Empire brought the whole world together with their obelisks and their roads."

"What happened to it, uncle?"

"It's gone, son. It wasn't strong enough. In the end, the storm tore it apart at the seams, and now all the world is broken in little pieces, all separate and beautiful.

Until the Storm comes,
and washes the world away."

Maelstrom is a science-fantasy world of supernatural powers and ancient civilizations. The Maelstrom is an entire world, and it's also a great storm so strong it changes the shape of the world as it passes over. Adventures in the Maelstrom can be about almost anything, from swashbuckling and treasure hunting to travel and exploration. There are powerful mages and ancient ghosts, courts full of intrigue and ruins of a lost empire.

Maelstrom uses the Story Engine 1 rules for fast, fluid scene resolution. Action is resolved as a whole scene, based on the character goals -- there are no "combat rounds" or charts."

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Macho Women with Guns

From the back cover:

"You want it, we've got it!

"Yes, the science fiction role-playing game you've been waiting for, Macho Women with Guns! The game that shamelessly panders to your basest instincts!* Where you can take the part of what else but Macho Women with Guns! Blast aliens to bits! Blast more aliens to bits! Journey across the galaxy looking for aliens, and then blast them to bits!

"Or, integrate the truly universal theme of Macho Women with Guns into your other campaigns. Like heroic fantasy, where you can use your strength and sword to hack -aliens- monsters to bits. Or post-holocaust, where you can blast mutants to bits, or even the roaring twenties, where you can blast Bthulhu to bits. The possibilities are limited only by the quantity of ammo you can carry!

"Macho Women with Guns is the game that knows what you want, and why you buy it. Get it now!"

Friday, March 9, 2018

Machineguns & Magic RPG

From the web:


Did you ever wonder if modern man and his weaponry could stand up to mystic spells, horrid dragons, disgusting ogres, or evil knights in full armor?

Machineguns and Magic is a Role-Playing game, that allows the player to take the persona of a soldier from the Vietnam era, or modern day. In the game you pit him and his M-16 against inhuman monsters and insane sorcerers with dark magic. Best of all, you and your friends don't have to set foot out of your own living room to find high adventure! With this book, it all comes to you through own imagination!

Included in Machineguns and Magic are rules for the use of weapons from the M-16 Assault-Rifle to the Broadsword, armor and shields, and Hand-to-Hand Combat. There are also rules that cover Personality Traits, Wounding and Healing, Skill learning, making up gnarly monsters, awesome wizards, wondrous spells, and MORE! ... GAME MODULE INCLUDED!"

Thursday, March 8, 2018

MA4: The Fantastic Four Compendium

From the web:

"Over 25 years ago, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby gave us the FANTASTIC FOUR, and comic book history was forever changed! Through the years, we have been introduced to the uncanny INHUMANS, the wondrous inhabitants of ATLANTIS, the hunger of GALACTUS, and the awesome powers of HERBIE, all in the pages of the Fantastic Four!

In this book, you'll meet all the heroes who have at one time or another been members of the Fantastic Four, the group's extended family, their friends, and their allies. You'll also find stats for the Fantastic Four's most hated and feared villains: DR. DOOM (both of them!), the PUPPET MASTER, the members of the FRIGHTFUL FOUR, and many others. Details are provided for the old Baxter Building and the new Four Freedoms Plaza, for such locales as Project: PEGASUS, ILIAKANDA, and HANDAR.

From the Fantastic Four's first battles with GORMUU and the MOLE MAN to their latest adventures, you can find everything you need to play the Greatest Superhero Team Ever between these covers."

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MA3: The Ultimate Powers Book

From the back cover:

"Two-hundred and ninety-three powers times five ranges times eighteen power levels equals -- 26,370 discrete powers!

Within these covers are nearly 300 powers, gleaned from your favorite comics, science fiction and fantasy novels, and dozens of other sources. All are detailed in MARVEL SUPER HEROES Advanced Set terms.

From Energy Emission to Mental Control, from Energy Doppelgangers to Forced Reincarnation, the powers you've been waiting for are here. A new kind of character generation system (to use or not, the choice is yours) has been created, enabling you to do even more than before. New tables for ranges and movements have also been set up, to take into account the staggering proportions of these powers.

Now, whether you dream of creating a CPA or the BEYONDER, here's the book that'll help you do it.

This game accessory is designed for use with the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Advanced Set."

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Monstrous Arcana: I, Tyrant

From the back of the book:

"Many are the stories of this creature's ferocity and unbridled power. Now, take a look inside the alien world of one of the most feared monsters in the AD&D game in this visually stunning 96-page accessory. I, Tyrant contains information on all beholders and beholder-kin including: detailed explanations of their deadly eye powers; an insight into beholder psychology; an explanation of the creatures' social organization; new magical items created specifically for beholders; and other useful game information on these deadly denizens of the planes. I, Tyrant also comes with a poster that details in full color many known beholder types.

This lavishly illustrated book is the first in a new series of accessories that focuses on some of the most popular monsters in the game. DMs and players alike will find this Monstrous Arcana (TM) accessory highly useful when playing Eye of Pain, Eye of Doom, and Eye to Eye a trilogy of adventures centered around beholders."

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