"Go to the sign of Harvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Palladium Rifts Japan: World Book Eight

From the web:

"Four pre-Rifts cities suddenly materialize from a pocket dimension. For them, three days have passed since the Great Cataclysm began, for the rest of humankind its has been 300 years! Pre-Rifts Glitter Boys, people, and technology clash with anti-technology traditionalists, magic, and oni demons! Traditional O.C.C.s like the Samurai, Mystic Ninja, Yamabushi Priest and Warrior Monks, blend with high tech marvels like the Dragon-Borg, Ninja Juicer, and Cyberoid.

Highlights Include:

Dragon Cyborgs and new bionics and implants
Japanese dragons, demons, monsters and magic.
Japanese body armor, robots, power armor and weapons.
Over 20 new character classes including the Demon Queller, Samurai, Mystic Ninja, Juicer Ninja, Glitter Boy Marine, Tengu Birdmen, and others.
The "living" samurai sword — a rune weapon.
Mysticism and martial arts.
World information about Japan and surrounding areas. Lots of insight and info about the high-tech Republic of Japan, the anti-technologists of the New Empire, the evil Otomo Shogunate, the monster ridden Zone and more."

Monday, September 24, 2018

Palladium Books - Africa Rifts World Book Four

From the web:

"Rifts Africa outlines key places, people, customs, and societies located in the wilderness of Rifts Africa.

The demonic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse threaten to destroy all life on Earth. Once life has been obliterated on Earth, the monsters will use the dimensional Rifts to carry their destruction throughout the Megaverse! If they can be defeated one at time, the Earth and the entire Megaverse may be spared. Failure means oblivion.

Highlights Include:

Nine new O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s including the powerful African Medicine Man, Rain Maker, Priest, Tree People, Pygmy Hunter, and others.
Mind Bleeder R.C.C. and new psionic powers!
Necromancy and the Necromancer O.C.C.
Character stats for Erin Tarn and Victor Lazlo.
The return of Egyptian Gods and their minions.
New weapons, vehicles, and magic.
The Phoenix Empire (Egypt) inhabited by monsters and ruled by the Pharaoh Rama-Set, an evil Chiang-Ku Dragon.
The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse! Four of the most powerful monsters ever presented!
Africa mapped and outlined."

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Palladium Role-Playing Game (Revised Edition)

From the web:

"A fantasy RPG written at the time of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that tried to overcome some of the limitations of that system. To that end, some of the unique features of the Palladium RPG at the time were:
  • Several more player races including Troglodyte, Troll, Ogre, Orc, Kobold, Wolfen, Changeling, Hobgoblin, & Goblin
  • Expanded character class system that included 8 martial (fighting) types, 6 magic-user types, and 4 clergy types
  • A primary and secondary skill system
  • An expansive magic system that includes traditional wizardry (spell) magic as well as witchcraft, elemental magic, circles/symbols, demonology and illusions
  • A unique protection system in which armour degrades as it is used (Structural Damage Capacity (SDC))
  • A religion system that borrowed heavily from H.P. Lovecraft as well as Egyptian mythology"

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Palladium RPG - Book II: Old Ones

From the web:

"The second book in the Palladium (Fantasy) RPG adds:
  • Two new character classes: Monks, Illusionists
  • Extensive detailed information and maps for the Timiro Kingdom and its cities, towns, and forts
  • Eight adventures / scenarios
  • Information on the Old Ones: evil entities that are the source of all magic"

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Palladium Books - Ninjas & Superspies

Publisher Blurb:

"Forty-one (41) forms of martial arts combat as you have never seen them in any other role-playing game.

Oriental combat skills accurately portrayed, each with its own unique fighting style, methods of attack and defense presented on an epic scale, complete with legendary mystic powers. But that's not all! The superspy section includes spies of all kinds, cyber agents, gadgeteers, secret organizations, secret identities, gimmick weapons and clothing, cyber-disguises, cybernetic implants, and more. Plus don't miss Mystic China, an action packed sourcebook of ancient magic and mystery.

Completely compatible with Heroes Unlimited, Villains Unlimited, Ninja Turtles, Rifts, and the entire Palladium Megaverse!

Highlights Include:

- 17 Occupational Character Classes for spies, mercenaries, martial artists and special operatives.
- 40 types of hand to hand combat - effectively offering 40 types of martial arts character classes!
- 48 mystic martial art super-powers.
- Dim Mak, Chi Mastery, the Arts of Invisibility and more.
- Bionic implants, disguises and attachments.
- Weapons, equipment, gimmicks and creating super-vehicles.
- Secret identities and spy agencies.
- Rules for creating Secret Organizations.
- Compatible with Heroes Unlimited, TMNT, and the entire megaverse. Adaptable to high powered RECON campaigns too. "

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Palladium Books - Mutants of the Yucatan

From the publisher:

"Mutants of the Yucatan covers the wonders and horrors of the Yucatan Peninsula, that mysterious and exotic geographical flange just off the Gulf of Mexico. Includes mutant animals and insects, rampaging army ants, the enigmatic gene-molded cats, killer flamingos, the power of the Quantum, and the sinister Empire of Humanity.

Over twenty new mutant animals peculiar to the Yucatan Peninsula (new types of snakes, bats, etc.).
Absolutely grotesque mutant insects!

Jungle tribes, nations of the Yucatan, adventures, and Aztec Land -- the latest in theme amusement parks, built right before the Big Death (and it holds a secret the Empire of Humanity will kill for)!
New weapons and equipment for the Empire of Humanity.

Rules and scenarios governing lush tropical rain forests, gloomy swamps, and perilous jungles."

Monday, September 17, 2018

Palladium - Macross II : Deck Plans Volume Two

From the web:

"Second of three "Deck Plans" Sourcebooks to use with the Macross II RPG universe.

Deck Plan 2 features deck plans, layouts, and cutaways for UN Space Corvette, Battleship, and Command Carrier, Zentraedi Flagship and Carrier, and Marduk Scout Ship, Dreadnought and Destroyer.

Also includes a short scenario."

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Palladium Books: Macross II - Deck Plans Volume One

Publisher's description:

"Macross II: Deck Plans Volume One
  • Ship to ship combat rules.
  • Floor plans for the Emperor's giant Marduk base ship - the size of a small moon!
  • Floor plans for the U.N. Spacy Macross Cannon and Escort Carrier.
  • Floor plans for the U.N. Spacy Zentran Destroyer, Command and Scout Ship.
  • The Marduk Flagship, Battleship, Shuttle and giant base.
  • Size chart, space combat and Zentran alphabet.
  • A short scenario and adventure ideas.
  • Tons of great artwork, more information and excitement!
  • Compatible with the entire Palladium Books® Megaverse®!"

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pathfinder - The Skinsaw Murders

From the Back of the Book:

"The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path continues! A sudden string of brutal killings terrorizes the town of Sandpoint, and the killer's mark bears a familiar shape. Investigation leads to the Lost Coast's most notorious haunted mansion, a dilapidated ruin that has become the lair of a monstrous murderer. Yet this killer is but one of many, a member of a group of fanatic cutthroats calling themselves the Skinsaw Men. To defeat the cult, the PCs must travel to the bustling city of Magnimar to unravel the sinister source of these murders before they become the Skinsaw Men's next victims!

This volume of Pathfinder includes:
  • "The Skinsaw Murders," an adventure for 4th-level characters by Richard Pett.
  • Details on Magnimar, the City of Monuments, by F. Wesley Schneider.
  • Information on the church of Desna, goddess of dreams, stars, and travel, by Sean K Reynolds.
  • The second installment of the Pathfinder's Journal, by Jason Bulmahn.
  • Six new monsters by Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, Richard Pett, and F. Wesley Schneider."

Friday, September 14, 2018

Pathfinder - Burnt Offerings

From the Back of the Book:

"The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path begins here, in the small coastal town of Sandpoint. Five years after a tragic fire and spate of brutal murders, the people of Sandpoint eagerly anticipate the Swallowtail Festival to commemorate the consecration of the town's new temple. At the height of the ceremony, disaster strikes!

In the days that follow, a sinister shadow settles over Sandpoint. Rumors of goblin armies and wrathful monsters in forgotten ruins have set the populace on edge. As Sandpoint's newest heroes, the PCs must deal with treachery, goblins, and the rising threat of a forgotten empire whose cruel and despotic rulers might not be as dead as history records.

This volume of Pathfinder includes:
  • "Burnt Offerings," an adventure for 1st-level characters, by James Jacobs.
  • An exploration of your PCs' new hometown of Sandpoint, by James Jacobs.
  • A history of the ancient empire of Thassilon, by Wolfgang Baur.
  • The first installment of the Pathfinder’s Journal, by Erik Mona.
  • Six new monsters by James Jacobs, Richard Pett, and F. Wesley Schneider."

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Paranoia - Vulture Warriors of Dimension X

From the Back Cover:

"This dual duty adventure/campaign pack contains the WERDA (West End's Recommended Daycycle Allowance) of the following essential situations and plot twists
  • A fully developed, wholly realized in-depth treasury of facts and factoids about the High Programmers' most secret of all secrets - the Collapsacave!
  • The brilliant, essential "Bogus GM Screen," featuring all the tables you need for Post-Crash Alpha, suitable for taping over your current screen!
  • Hordes - count 'em, hordes - of stupendously sickening stories, suggestions, and scenarios for running your very own Vulture Warriors Of Dimension X campaign!
  • Vulture Warriors Of Dimension X also contains the long-awaited answer to the question: How many clone replacements does it take to get to the center of a leaky nuclear reactor!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Paranoia - The R&D Catalog

From the back of the book:

"At last, the High Priests of Risirch and De'Sann present the latest from the lab! The bounty of the beaker! Magnificent, modernized, murderous mechanical mutations for missions and parties."

From the web:

"All the do-dads and explosive widgets that a Troubleshooter with the intelligence (and lifespan) of a lemming could ask for. Page after page of sales pitches for various items of questionable value that will please a sadistic GM to no end. Not only that but also contains a nifty adventure for you to use all this junk with, too!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Paranoia - Second Edition Rulebook

From the web:

"The Roleplaying Game of a Darkly Humorous Future"


The Second Edition

The first edition of Paranoia is perfect and without flaw in every respect. The Computer says so. The Computer says the second edition is even more perfect. Do you doubt The Computer?

In the second edition, citizens will find streamlined rules, better organization, improved graphics, and oodles of staging hints and gamemastering tips."

Monday, September 10, 2018

Paranoia - Paramilitary

From the web:


TENN-HUTT, friend Citizen! 

AH right, you vat food spillage, you're in the Armed Forces now! Forget all that pansy Troubleshooter trainin' and fall in for special duty! This handbook's gonna learn you how to fight an' die for the glory of The Computer, Alpha Complex's own beloved Commander-in-Chief! 

Take your favorite clones beyond the mayhem and mur der of regular Troubleshooting. Induct them into the Armed Forces for some real action. With all those other bad guys out there - Alpha Base, Alpha City, Alpha State and the Dungeon to name a few - there's no end to the threats to Alpha Complex. 

Now, line up for inspection and give me twenty! Paramilitary Includes: 

Full briefings on training and mission duties! Life in Fort RAN! Rules for BattleMICs! More short adventures than you can throw a cavbot at!"

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Paranoia - Mad Mechs

From the back cover:

"The Computer and everyone else in Alpha Complex is in trouble. Real Trouble. Big Trouble. Real Big Trouble.

An alien spaceship threatens to destroy Alpha Complex unless the Troubleshooters can solve the mystery of its alien message. To do so, they must travel to the "Down Under Outdoors." They must fight mystic aborigines, mutated animals, and GMRAMs. The Troubleshooters must win a former Commie mutant traitor away from the Infamous "Mad Mechs." They even have the unforeseen burden of:

Bringing him back _alive_!"

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Paranoia - HIL Sector Blues

From the back of the book:

"Rejoice citizen! Your friend The Computer has chosen you to become a HIL Sector Internal Security Blue Trooper!

It's a Campaign Pack!
In HIL Sector Blues you get a fantastic compendium of facts, innuendos, and outright lies about HIL sector. You also get a new transportation system, the latest in police equipment from R&D, and vatloads of useful information on the ever-popular Internal Security.

It's a Bunch of Mini-Adventures!
In HIL Sector Blues you also get mini-adventures and adventure hooks which introduce characters to the mind-boggling fun and brain-warping excitement of police work in Alpha Complex.

It's Cardstock Commies & Miniatures' Rules!
In HIL Sector Blues you also get a set of 'Cardstock Commies' stand-up figures, and rules (well, suggestions, actually) for using them. These exciting, full-color figures allow you to determine precisely where every character is at the exact moment of his or her demise! Plus, you get detailed instructions on how to use common household items - paper towel tubes, blenders, small pets - for tactical displays!

It's a Dessert Topping!
Well, okay. It isn't a dessert topping. (False advertising and all that.) But HIL Sector Blues is a righteous PARANOIA campaign pack and death-fest that will amuse, enlighten, and terminate one and all!"

Friday, September 7, 2018

Paranoia Flipbook: CTV & ParaNormal

From the web:

"This flipbook contains 2 unconnected adventures in the usual humorous Paranoia stile:

ParaNormal revolves around vampires and zombies in Alpha-Complex
CTV revolves around the media in Alpha-Complex.

It is the only Paranoia flipbook (a book which can be read from both sides) published up to now."

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Paranoia - Form Pack

From the web:

"Contains multiple copies of three Alpha Complex forms in triplicate (real carbon paper!), and a short bureaucratic adventure, A Hole in The Complex, which revolves around filling and filing these forms.

The forms are:
- Form Request Form 2212/HHK (10x)
- Equipment/Weapon/Vehicle Request Form (4x)
- Equipment Complaint Form B4379-10(398)/7R (4x)"

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Paranoia - THE DOA Sector Travelogue

From the back cover:

"The DOA Sector Travelogue contains
  • 96 pages of extravagant text including almost 20 different DOA Sector locations, written by nine or more of the brightest, funniest, most creative writers in the field today (we're not sure which field however).
  • A poster-sized full-color map that shows DOA Sector in all its goriest - er glorious, detail.
  • The never-before-published-but-long-awaited Random Pipe Contents and Random Bureaucracy tables. Don't get them confused!
  • Enough adventure hooks and NPCs to keep your Paranoia campaign up-and-running for the next million billion years (well - the next six months or so, anyway)
  • Plus hints, clues, scenes, and innuendos, concerning the ultra-secret Secret Society Wars that are about to heat up Alpha Complex like never before (the pitiful little on the subject found in these pages is only the beginning!)"

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Paranoia - Creatures of the Nightcycle

From the web:

"A super-duper-sized adventures in the Complex of Dimness, the dark reflection which shows Alpha Complex clones just how lucky they really are.

Source material on running other adventures in the Complex of Dimness.

New secret societies such as the SABot, GIA's Warriors, the TechnoCrappy, and the GammaVilla.

The all-important rules for running vampclones PCs in Paranoia, from Tantruming to nifty powers, 

Near-Death Experience Points, and the personal horror of letting out your Manatee Within.

Two secret, nifty, special songs hidden in the adventure, plus fashion and style tips for your vampclones' appropriate atmosphere.

Over fifty-thousand words, and not one of them is "angst."

Monday, September 3, 2018

Paranoia - Crash Course Manual

From the back cover:

"The Computer is Dead! Long Live...Anybody?

The Computer has accessed its last microchip; merged its last datafile; blown its last circuit. it doesn't matter why. It doesn't matter how. What matters is what the clones of Alpha Complex are gonna do about it now.

Post MegaWhoops Alpha Complex: dark Computer monitors, corridors dimly illuminated by emergency power, Tech Service, and Power Service personnel struggling valiantly to...do something. Anything. Meanwhile, clones rise up and destroy CPU HQ, while Secret Societies come out of hiding and start taking control. Alpha Simplexes spring up and declare their independence from the rest of the Complex. Somewhere, rumor has it, there are vast stockpiles of supplies, and maybe even a sector where The Computer still works. Mercenary Troubleshooter teams are hired to find out the truth..THIS IS POST-CRASH PARANOIA!

Crash Course Manual contains:
* 96 pages of gloom, doom, and dark designs -- not to mention more info about MegaWhoops Alpha than anyone could ever want to know!
* Paranoid fiction that will knock your jumpsuit off -- nearly 40 pages of stories and songs about everything from the "Moment of MegaWhoops" and "Tales From the Vulgar Scrubot" to "The New Fear and Ignorance."
* Capsule adventures, capsule adventures, and more capsule adventures - and a modestly brilliant mini-adventure, "A passage to NDA Sector" - to get you started in the Post-Crash Complex!
* The most treasonous document ever printed in any Paranoia adventure or supplement (no, really, we mean it this time). At last, "101 uses for The Dead Computer" can be revealed to the public!"

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Paranoia - Clones In Space

From the back of the book:

"Space-the final frontier. These are the voyages of some unenterprising Troubleshooters, their mission: to seek out strange new life, new civilizations ...and terminate them...to boldly go where no clone has any business going.

Welcome once again to the darkly humorous world of PARANOIA. Instead of the daily humdrum life-or-death routine of Alpha Complex, in this adventure the Troubleshooters get to do something really exciting-explore Outer Space (Where the ceiling would be if the Outside had one).

These eager Troubleshooters get to enjoy the exciting, slightly gut-squashing effects of lift-off. The survivors get a lesson in weightlessness and a lucky few learn about the curious effects of hard vacuum. So much fun hardly seems fair.

All this leads to a question-What do you get when you mix together:

• Deranged computers in space stations (no relation to a 2001-year-old science fiction flick)
• Ravenous flesh-eating aliens
• Sneezes in zero-G
• Some low-budget special effects
• Really impressive extraterrestrials (out to conquer Earth, of course)
• And no less than 36 clones? Answer: A disgustingly fun mess!"

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Paranoia - The Bot Abusers' Manual

From the web:

"Yes, back before the Big Whoops, bots were created to serve and protect the loyal Citizens of Alpha Complex. Well, we know what happened then ... those annoying mechanical monstrosities have haunted the back terminals and corridors of Alpha Complex for so long, they´ve earned a place in Alpha Society.

So now, because of their persistent and diligent nagging..err "performance," bots have been included in the wonderful world of Paranoia. Aren´t they just so lucky?

Besides, they have big guns too, you know."

Friday, August 31, 2018

Paranoia - Acute Paranoia

From back of book:

New Rules to Ignore!
New Secret Societies!
Bots as Player Characters!
Psychological Tests!

From the web:

"Features rules for robot PCs and NPCs, plus new secret societies, several adventures (including the mega-adventure Me and My Shadow, Mark IV), and several short adventure ideas."

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pandemonium - Adventures In Tabloid World

From the cover:

"Pandemonium is a role playing game that takes place in the weird world of the Tabloids - those tacky looking newspapers you see in the supermarket but are afraid to buy because you don't want your friends to think you actually believe Elvis is still alive, or that evil aliens from a far galaxy have come to Earth to kidnap our women. So you sneak a peek while you're waiting in the checkout line but never actually get up the courage to buy a copy, because what would the neighbors say?
Well, here's your chance to find out what you've been missing!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Palladium: Villains Unlimited

Publisher Blurb:

"One look will tell you that this book is something special. Page after page of unique and interesting villains, anti-heroes, and secret organizations.

No knock-off "generic" characters in this book! Each and every character is distinct and different, with his own origin, history, personality, powers, and point of view. Homicidal maniacs, would-be world conquerors, speed demons, supernatural monsters, superhuman mutants, aliens, cyborgs, robots, wizards, and much more. All major villains are illustrated by Kevin Long, Kevin Siembieda and/or Mike Gustovich. Plus adventures and adventure ideas.

Highlights Include:

- Over 80 villains and a dozen heroes/anti-heroes.
- Secret villainous organizations like the Fabricators and Dark Tribunal; eight in all.
- How to design your own super organizations.
- S.C.R.E.T.: Superbeing Control, Retrieval, and Elimination Teams government agencies developed to counter the threat of "super humans."
- New robots, weapons, gimmicks, equipment and more.
- For Heroes Unlimited and compatible with Ninjas & Superspies, Beyond the Supernatural, Rifts, and the entire Palladium Megaverse.
- New Material in this revised edition includes the Jury, the secret organization that polices superheroes gone bad."

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Palladium Role-Playing Game Shield

From the web:

"This is a GM shield for Palladium First Edition. Simple three-fold, light card stock game screen with tables printed on 5 of the 6 faces."

Monday, August 27, 2018

Palladium - Mutants in Orbit

From the web:

"Mutants in Orbit is a Palladium Books Adventure and sourcebook for After the Bomb & Rifts developed by James Wallis and Kevin Siembieda. The original copyright came into existence in 1988 and is owned by Kevin Siembieda. The book deals with life of the space colonies After the Bomb. The setting is on the same time scale as the After the Bomb and Rifts, only from the space colonies' point of view, but is in no way limited to that use."

Publisher Blurb:

"This 120 page sourcebook is divided into two sections, one for After the Bomb and another for Rifts. The startling answer to the questions of what lays within Earth's orbit, on the moon and Mars. A.R.C.H.I.E. Seven, the Cyberworks corporation, CAN Republic, Virtual Reality defense system, three new Glitter Boys, the steel dragon, bots, killer satellites, mutants, monsters and more!"

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Pages from the Mages

From the back of the book:

"Any rogue can craft a spell - but it takes a really reckless fool to write one down."

Thus, the wizard Elminster introduces the latest collection of wizardly lore from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, including:

New spells from mages such ads Daltim, Darsson, and Myrl.
Fell creatures - the Tome Guardian, the Disenchanter, and the Scalamagdrion.
Details of more than 40 spellbooks - appearance, history, the magic they contain, and what is known of the fates of their makers.
And just for fun - Elminster's very own traveling spellbook!

"All this could have been avoided, of course... If the handful of heedful folk in the worlds'd listen to me but a few moments more, much trouble could be avoided - and, I suppose, much high adventure. Hmmm... perhaps 'tis the doom of humans to always rush in heedless of the costs - and to open and read every old, crumbling book they find." -Elminster"

Saturday, August 25, 2018

P2: Gladestrom

From the back cover:

"You were absolutely certain that the priceless painting you found on the cart was an original one-of-a-kind piece -- and so was the one just like it. Investigating this matter led you to the giant vineyard and a meeting with an art dealer, whose assistant looks astonishingly like one of the brigands you killed earlier on the way here. Now you've discovered the dead body under the floorboards of the meeting room, and it's the same man you just spoke to five minutes ago in the lobby. What's going on? And why is your companion, the man who paid you to investigate all this, drawing his sword on you and grinning wickedly?"

Friday, August 24, 2018

Over the Edge (2nd edition)

From the web:

"Devious secret agents, subtle alien invasions, ancient conspiracies, the secret of human nature, drooling psychopaths, weird science, a quick but painful death -- who knows what you may find when you play Over the Edge? For the first time, the surreal undercurrents of fiction, cinema, and television have come to roleplaying, and Over the Edge is the game that can take you where you've never been before.

Over the Edge Features:

* Free-form Character Creation: Define your character the way you want to, without the limits of skill lists, random rolls, and artificial limitations. The rules favor character development over mechanics.
* Open Setting: Anything goes on the chaotic island of Al Amarja. If it troubles your dreams, if it scares you, if you hope it isn't true, it's waiting for you Over the Edge. Players can never be sure what they're up against, who is on their side, and why.
* Focus on the Story: Easy, open-ended mechanics allow you to spend more time developing your character and your plots, instead of crunching numbers. The GM's chapters include numerous story ideas and plenty advice for better gamemastering.
* Easy To Get Started: Three beginning adventures introduce the GM and players to the wild world of Al Amarja and make the first sessions easy to run.
* New in the Second Edition: the mother of all charts on what each Al Amarjan conspiracy thinks of all the other ones; updated references include all published supplements; improved layout and graphic appearance."

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Star Wards Otherspace II: Invasion

From the web:

"In a remote, little-traveled corner of the galaxy, the Alliance safe-world of Stronghold floats serenely against the bloody backdrop of rebellion and Empire. Here, families of Alliance warriors hide, safe from Imperial attack.

But something has gone wrong wrong on the safe world. Terribly wrong.

There has been no contact with Stronghold for weeks. No comm reports, no ship traffic. Nothing. It is as though the entire planet has vanished. Six Alliance personnel race to Stronghold to find out what has happened to the planet - and to their friends and loved ones hiding there.

Six rebels - against the Invasion!

Also included in this module is a Star Wars: Assault on Hoth Scenario."

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Oriental Adventures (3e)

From the Back Cover:

"Oriental Adventures introduces the infinite worlds of fantastic Asia to the Dungeons & Dragons game. In these pages, you'll find:
  • 5 new races, including Hengeyokai, Nezumi, and Spirit Folk
  • 5 new classes, including the Samurai, the Shugenja, and the Wu Jen
  • Over 23 new prestige classes, including the Ninja, the Tattooed Monk, and the Yakuza.
  • 100 new spells
  • 75 new monsters
  • A complete campaign setting: Rokugan, the world of the Legend of the Five Rings Trading Card Game."

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Publisher Blurb:

"Orcfest is the perfect start-up adventure for the new 3rd Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. It's a rollicking quest that culminates in a climactic battle against an orc war chief and his army, paired with a step-by-step guide to character development, die rolls, combat, and more. As you play, both the game master and the players receive advice and hints to explain the game for first-timers. Even experienced players will find tips for faster, more streamlined play - tricks that took the rest of us many years to discover!"

Monday, August 20, 2018

Omlevex #1

From the back of the book:

"Face Front, Firm Believer!

The Silver Age of comics has returned, with this dynamic new setting book for use with M&M Superlink, the Hero System, and Silver Age Sentinels! Within these pages you'll find everything you need to know about the universe presented in the fictitious Omlevex Comics during the 1960s.


Behind-the-scenes information about the Omlevex Comics Group!

Get the scoop on the writers, artists, and creators behind one of comicdom's greatest companies of the 1960s. Through interview snippets and facts from folks who were there, the happenings and goings-on at the legendary Omlevex madhouse will come to life in thriving vivid detail.

Extensive Overview of the Omlevex Universe!

Learn about Metazon, a cluster of islands located off the coast of Georgia where most of the world's superhuman activity occurs. You'll find out all the secrets of omlevex, the mysterious mineral responsible for the bestowment of powers upon humans. Dig deep into the setting's history with our exhaustive timeline of past events.

Bios for numerous heroes and villains!

Nearly 50 characters from all five of the major Silver Age Omlevex titles are profiled. You'll even find "modern-day options" that allow you to use the characters in contemporary campaigns."

Sunday, August 19, 2018

IM1: The Immortal Storm

From the Back of the Book:

"The storm-stuff is not matter as we know it, and beyond immortal control," the Hierarch sighs, "I fear we are doomed."

It appeared only a few weeks ago - a swirling gray mass of incalculable size. And in in its center, an eye. A humanoid eye. Now the storm threatens the very era of immortal rule.

The growing maelstrom emits a message to the Hierarchs. But what does it mean? Can it help save this realm of existence? Is there time to save this realm?

The first Immortal Adventure pits your party against the multiverse in a desperate struggle to find the essence of life. This adventures is like nothing you've played before."

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Obsidian: The Age of Judgement

Publisher Blurb:

"The corebook to the Obsidian universe, this book has all the rules, mechanics, history, setting, and players that are used in the game. Obsidian is set in the 2299, as a desperate humanity wages war against the manifested legions of Hell itself. In the final battle, the last vestiges of mankind construct a fortified city to hold the Daemonic hordes at bay. Within this city, massive corporations vie for power, Daemonic Kults carve a bloody swath through its citizenry, and technology has surpassed the limits of the flesh. Take care when choosing your allies, even more when choosing your enemies. This is the Zone. Obsidian allows the player to take control over any type of character, from the infernal kultist to the self proclaimed messiah. In between are littered a menagerie of corporate soldiers and cybernetically-clad street assassins. Included in the book are rules to create Daemons from scratch, security systems, corporate construction rules, and of course all the tools necessary to make and play an Obsidian character."

Friday, August 17, 2018

Oathbound: Wrack & Ruin

From the back cover:

"The bulk of the City of Penance is a madly stacked and sprawling ruin, only superficially explored by the relentless rafters and treasure-seekers of the surface world. Every home in the city has a hundred others lost beneath it, and every city street stands atop an incredible three-dimensional maze of corridors, alleyways, and crawlspaces--a maze where time has left nothing unchanged, eroding and distorting the framework of magic and even the laws of physics themselves.

Within Wrack & Ruin you'll find:

- 3 new player character races
- 5 new prestige races
- 2 new prestige classes
- New magic items, monsters, and spells"

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Oathbound: Plains of Penance

From the back cover:

"Beyond the most populous city on the Forge lies a vast, uncontrolled expanse of rolling grasslands, scattered crags, and light woods. In strong contrast to the rest of the world, where nature stands in opposition to intelligent life, the bountiful land here provides a lush wealth of resources upon which the great cities have come to depend. Powerful forces vie for control over this abundant domain, as ruthless bloodlords of the cities clash against the deep-rooted druids of the wilds, hardened armies from the west, and even mysterious visitors from the depths of the northern oceans.

Within the Plains of Penance, you'll find:

- 5 new player-character races
- 5 new prestige races
- 2 new prestige classes (Artificer and Disjoiner)
- New magic items, monsters, spells, and weapons"

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

OA7: Test of the Samurai

From the back cover:

"The peninsula of Wa is no place to visit. The land is poor, the people wary and suspicious. Yet this quiet backwater has been the site of strange disturbances - mysterious disappearances and omens of dire events to come. Why do the animals of Wa disappear, only to return a short while later? Who are the Blue Kumi bandits, and why are they so active? Why do the black geese fly into the Jusofu Mountains? And what fell creature lurks along the southern coast of Wa?

Or does the stench of corruption emanate from the Celestial Bureaucracy itself? Could the danger, unchecked, grow great enough to doom all living creatures in Kara-Tur? Which clues will lead to the truth, and which are merely traps for the unwary...

Test of the Samurai will take the players across the Wa peninsula and to the unknown land of Qui. They will encounter such legendary beasts as the feng huang (phoenix) and the chi'-lin (unicorn) as they attempt to discover the secrets of Wa.

Test of the Samurai is a scenario for the Oriental Adventures supplement to the AD&D game. It is set in Kara-Tur, the oriental world in the Forgotten Realms. Although Test of the Samurai follows the events of module OA6: Ronin Challenge, it is an independent adventure for five to eight characters of levels 6-9."

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Oriental Adventures - OA3 Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior

From the back cover:

"Your family and those of your friends are deeply indebted to the Ko Family, a clan of merchants from distant and alien Shou Lung. The Ko have been instructed by their emperor to develop an island possession to extend the Glorious Empire of the Shou Lung. The colony there is failing because of fell spirits and dire hauntings. The Ko family is calling in old favors to discover who is responsible for these evil sendings. and if the Ko have a problem you have a problem....

So you and your companions are bound for the island of Akari, a small pebble in the Celestial Sea. There you will find a land rich in ancient lore and guarded by the sword of a spectral samurai - Ochimo, the spirit warrior. Yet this is only the first taste of adventures that await you.

Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior is an adventure for characters of levels 5-7 and uses the AD&D Oriental Adventures rule book. The module includes descriptions of Akari Island, as well as much information on the lifestyles, attitudes, and history of the most civilized nation in the world: Shou Lung"

Monday, August 13, 2018

Oriental Adventures OA2: Night of the Seven Swords

From the back cover:

"While Maeshi province revels in the festival spirit, clouds gather over the political scene. Two warlords are vying for control of this otherwise peaceful place, and you are guest of one of them. Sun Temple officials have offered complete support to the faction which successfully travels to Ito-jo Castle (said to hold relics of great importance to the Sun Temple), brings them back safely, and returns them to the Inn of the Globefish.

The plan is laid before you. You are to leave immediately under secrecy for the castle of the Ito clan, also known as the Seven Swords clan. Find the relics, and return them to the renowned inn Doi no Fugu. Extreme caution is needed here, for your warlord's rival must not hear of this!

Is the castle really haunted? What lies in the caverns beneath it? Will Korimori's troops discover your plan and try to wrest the relics from you, should you even get that far? What will you find at the Inn of the Globefish?

Come, honorable stranger - the Seven Swords await!"

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Oriental Adventures OA1: Swords of the Daimyo

From the back cover:

"From the Log of the Leaping Dolphin:

"110th Day: The gale nae stops for twa days. My ship is driven before it and the magus is as helpless as a wee babe. Akito names the winds tai-fun in his heathen tongue...."

Drawn by the lure of adventure and riches, a crew of seamen sails valiantly into uncharted seas. In the squalid dens of the port districts, tales hint at a land of untold riches across the waves. But getting there is only the beginning.

Across the waters lies Kozakura, a land of mystery and danger. There you will discover new cultures, strange values, secret powers, and fabulous terrors. For Kozakura is a land of Oriental Adventures.

Swords of the Daimyo is the first module designed for use with the AD&D Oriental Adventures rule book. Swords of the Daimyo includes descriptions and maps of the island of Kozakura, detailed information and maps of Miyama Province of Kozakura, and a series of adventures to introduce old and new player characters to the intrigues of the Orient."

Saturday, August 11, 2018

O1: Harbinger of Darkness

From the back cover:

"A cold, foul wind blows through the city of Dorona. The rats lift their noses from the dirty streets in anticipation, for they know the smell of Death when it comes to town. But this wind is human and it bears a name - the name of Shadar Al-Meryk. Shadar Al-Meryk is a name few know, and fewer still speak aloud. Shadar Al-Meryk, the necromantic wizard. Shadar Al-Meryk, the midnight robber of graves. Shadar Al-Meryk, the worshiper of dark and ancient Gods. He has come to the city of Dorona this storm-tossed evening for a reason. He is searching for something. Something that is not his, but will soon be."

An adventure module for 4-6 characters of levels 7-9.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Nephilim: Chronicles of the Awakening

From the web:

"Resources for the Nephilim players and gamemasters, such as: new past lives, new Metamorphosis (and a new system based on emotions) and new simulacra."

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Non-Player Character Records

From the front cover:

"At last, record sheets for non-player characters! ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS NON-PLAYER CHARACTER RECORDS are especially designed for ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. No longer will the DM need to worry about lack of continuity or lost records on non-player characters, for these sheets provide the DM with easy-to-store records of the many non-player personalities which populate his or her campaign.

These convenient referee aids contain all information needed to run each non-player character and his, her or its personal background. The sheets have been organized under specific headings and important, oft-consulted information is boxed in eye-catching, easy-to-find displays. These records contain information on the character's abilities, combat skills, description, possessions and background. Compact, but complete, their small size provides easy handling and more sheets. If you enjoy this product you will want to discover AD&D PLAYER CHARACTER RECORD SHEETS and other quality products from TSR, those Game Wizards."

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Nine Doctrines of Darkness

From the back cover:


It was the King's favorite wine-flask -- until the ages-old spell wore off. Now the black bound text of evil doctrine is the center of attention for both good and evil beings. It is your goal, Mortal!"

Monday, August 6, 2018

NightLife: Magic

From the web:

"Magic don’t come easy, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s just easier to use a gun, but when spells start popping and heads are dropping there’s nothing like it. Night Life Magic is a comprehensive supplement of Sorcerers, Witches, Cults and Organizations. Add a little Street Magic to your game. Nearly a hundred pages with:

More Street Gangs
New Factions
New PC ‘The Sorcerer’
Dozens of Spells
Terrifying New Monsters
Secrets of Target Alpha
Elder Kin"

Sunday, August 5, 2018

NightLife: Reference Screen and City Planner's Accessories

From the back of the book:

"Reference Screen: A three page fold out screen, with tables to help the City Planner find Edges, Weapons, Humanity, and more!

Character Records: Complete four page character records for each race of Kin! Edges, Flaws, and Skills included on each record! A must for Players and City Planners alike.

Adventures: A complete mini-adventure, plus adventure ideas and encounters for your campaign!

The NightLife Accessories Package puts everything you need right at your fingertips. A reference screen lets you find information quickly and easily. The new character records let you keep track of your Kin, down to the last detail. A mini-adventure and other adventure ideas will fit into any campaign. A must for all NightLife Players."

Saturday, August 4, 2018

NightLife: America After Dark

From the web:

"The guide to cities and places the Kin call home when the sun goes down. Journey to the darker spots of America that the Kin call home. See details of Washington, New York and the Afterdark Night Spots. Includes the Adventure ‘Deadly Sparkle’ Nearly a hundred pages with details of Kin in:

Washington DC
New York
Olds Camp Pennsylvania
New Races
More Gangs"

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