"Go to the sign of Harvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Monday, May 21, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Demons

From the web:

"Evil, chaos and destruction; deprivation, insanity, unmitigated cruelty. Pain, horror and madness. The ultimate incarnations of darkness, this is what demons embody. As malignant as a necromancer or a demonologist may become, they are still no match for the limitless evil of the lowest dretch. There is no redemption for these outsiders, as they seek only the destruction and corruption of all that exists.

Within these pages you will find a wealth of information concerning demonic essence, the Abyss and other haunts where these creatures thrive and the brutal society in which they exist, giving an additional level of understanding on how these outsiders interact with the rest of the world. Players will learn how to detect and eradicate demonic influence on the Material Plane and the perils of taking the fight into the depths of a demon’s home. Games Masters are presented with guidelines on how to introduce these foul creatures into their campaigns. They will also benefit from material demonstrating how to actually portray demons to their players, thus giving their campaigns and scenarios much greater depth.

Demons fight an eternal and brutal war to impose chaos and darkness upon everyone and they have an eternity to wage it."

Sunday, May 20, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Sahuagin

From the web:

The Sea Devils
"For those that live far from the sea the sahuagin are unknowable creatures of the deep, used by parents as bedtime cautions to wilful children. Or perhaps they are told of around the campfires by adventurers, their tongues and imaginations loosened by mead, in electrifying deeds of bravado. These deeds are the product of an alert mind and an ear for a good story, for few away from the gentle lapping of the briny sea have ever met, let alone bested, the sahuagin and lived to tell such a rollicking tale.

Inside You Will Find:

- Sahuagin Physiology: Discover the sahuagin’s amazing natural senses and their ability to track blood scent through over a mile of ocean. Great concentrations of blood in the water drive them into an unstoppable frenzy that lays waste to their enemies.
- Habitat: Delve deep into the sea to find an entire kingdom hidden from the eyes of the surface-dwellers.
- Sahuagin Society: Never before seen information on how the sea devils endure day-to-day life. The religion of the sahuagin drives their culture and society, arranged into an unholy trinity dedicated to the annihilation of all life but their own. Here you will find full details on the sahuagin Royal Guard and High Priestess prestige classes.
- Methods of Warfare: Though crippled by exposure to air, sahuagin are nevertheless a lethal enemy, able to lay waste to entire coastal settlements. Beneath the waves, they are truly without equal.
- Role-Playing with Sahuagin: Games Masters are provided with complete information on who to portray sahuagin within their campaign, in a way players will never forget.
- Scenario Hooks & Ideas: A series of jumping points to introduce sahuagin into a campaign, in a manner that reflects their unique way of life and style of fighting.
- Sahuagin Village: A complete lair for sahuagin - a small part of an immense undersea kingdom, but a place lethal to any surface-dweller.
- Sahuagin Reference List: A ready to go list of characters and enemies for players to face, should they ever dare venture into the domain of the Sea Devils."

Saturday, May 19, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Orcs

From the web:

"Foot soldiers of Evil

Orcs are the foot soldiers of evil, the creatures that make up the hordes of darkness that threaten to overwhelm the good peoples and turn the entire land into a region of little else than slaughter and depravity. Most Games Masters use them as the guardians of low-level dungeons, just a slight step above kobolds as a threat. Often they are simply portrayed as evil humans and are given little more thought than that.

Inside You Will Find:
  • Physiology: Whilst the life of orcs are often brutal and short there’s more to them than meets the eye
  • Habitat: Where and why orcs can most often be found
  • Society: From Tribe to war camp to raiding party, orcish societies are geared towards warfare
  • Methods of Warfare: There are few things for which orcs are renowned, but fighting is one of them
  • Roleplaying with Orcs: Breathing life into orcs as a race, including the dread Battle Shaman
  • Prestige class, blessed by their gods for combat.
  • Scenario Hooks: A selection of ideas on how to use orcs in your campaign
  • Gruk’s Kamp: A detailed orc camp is presented
  • Orc Reference List: A ready to go list of characters and enemies for players to face, when they stumble across these evil creatures."

Friday, May 18, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Hobgoblins

From the web:

"The Slayer’s Guide to Hobgoblins is the first in a new series of comprehensive sourcebooks from Mongoose Publishing. It features extensive information on the military race of Hobgoblins, from their complex tribal structure to their very efficient methods of waging war.

Games Masters will find a huge amount of new material they can incorporate into their existing campaigns, allowing them to portray hobgoblins with incredible depth. Players will find each Slayer’s Guide to be an invaluable tool for their survival, giving them that necessary vital edge."

Thursday, May 17, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers

From the web:

"What, in truth, do we know about female gamers? Those few who have encountered them over the years have been left baffled; some even psychologically damaged by the experience. The very nature of the Female Gamer may be so inhuman, so unknowable, so terrifying that it causes mental damage, hysteria and sometimes drooling. Reports of their nature are therefore sketchy, incomplete and often written in non-toxic crayon on circles of paper. Biblical scholars of the frothy and spectacularly be-bearded bent define them as evil; citing the mythical figure Eve from the bible as proof positive they are all foul and seductive temptresses who are on this earth to lead men astray from the path of righteousness and impressionable choirboys.

Crammed full of fascinating, nay essential, information about those mysterious creatures who sometimes show up at your gaming group but who look strangely different to everybody else. Marvel as we introduce you to the Historical Role of Female Gamers; gape at the Female Gamer Physiology; prepare to be taken aback by their physical attributes and then look in awe upon the likes of Zeenar, Warrior Dyke, the Ladette and the Velvet Goldmine."

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Elementals

From the web:

"Elementals are among the most primal forces in the mythology of many cultures, raw elements given life. This in turn has gifted them a firm place in many a campaign world. Some authorities believe all matter to be made from the four elements, with even humans and other sentient creatures being possessed of an elemental nature.

Fighting an elemental is like fighting a whirlwind, a raging inferno, a mountain or the sea itself. You can try and, if you are powerful enough, possibly even succeed, but there is a certain implacable quality to the elements. All can seem unstoppable forces and the earth elemental might also be regarded as an immovable object. Anyone who battles with such powers must fear being overcome, unless they can employ similarly strong forces themselves.

The Slayer’s Guide to Elementals compiles knowledge drawn from scholarly works alongside tactics and survival tips offered by adventurers who have fought with the elementals and lived to tell the tale. Games Masters will learn many intricate details about elemental life and culture, while players themselves may learn a thing or two that might just save the lives of their characters.

Continuing this series of supplements, The Slayer’s Guide to Elementals is designed for use in all fantasy-based d20 games and takes an exhaustive look at these fascinating creatures, thoroughly detailing their beliefs, society and methods of warfare."

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Derro

From the web:

"Servants of the Tormentor

The dwarven races are quite diverse, but perhaps the most deviant, both physically and mentally, is the derro. Though seen as corrupt and malignant by most of their kin, derro perceive themselves as superior to their brethren. They scoff at their brethren naïve notion of blind obedience to kin and kith. For derro, it is power that should be respected and nothing else. Guided by this precept, the derro follow the powerful not out of any sense of loyalty toward them but because it is from them that power can be derived. This lust for power drives Derro from birth to death in a never-ending struggle for personal glory and honor.

Lurking just below the surface, derro have been, for most players and Games Masters, an unseen menace. This Slayer’s Guide shall remedy that situation. No longer shall derro be ignored as a race buried beneath the ground or an adversary caged in the caverns of the hidden world below. The sun can not keep the derro from what is rightfully theirs forever."

Monday, May 14, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Bugbears

From the web:

"Evil Cunning

Pound for pound, muscle for muscle, bugbears are stronger, sneakier and far more unpredictable than their other goblinoid cousins. They are brutal guerrillas who strike fast and fade away, bursting onto the scene to wreak terrible havoc before vanishing. If they could ever unite under a single banner, or maintain the military discipline of the hobgoblins, they would shake the heavens with their rage. Fortunately for the rest of the world, bugbears are as fractious as they are violent, driven by chaotic urges and consuming greed that prevent them from developing the social structure of more advanced races.

Inside You Will Find:

- Bugbear Physiology: Taller than all but the most extraordinary of men, bugbears cut an imposing figure in the light of day. When glimpsed dashing through the shadows, their bulging muscles and towering frames are enough to give any adventurer a moment’s pause.
- Habitat: Bugbears are capable of surviving in most environments and are equally at home in the wilderness or hidden within the cities of more civilised races.
- Bugbear Society: Full details on bugbear life including the feared Dark Rangers and the dreaded Render and Stalker.
- Methods of Warfare: Physically powerful and smart enough to formulate tactics, the bugbear is a dangerous foe on any battlefield. In skirmishes, where individual strength is a deciding factor, bugbears have a distinct advantage over the
members of most other races.
- Role-Playing with Bugbears: Games Masters are provided with complete information on how to portray bugbears within their campaign, in a way players will never forget.
- Scenario Hooks and Ideas: A series of jumping points to introduce bugbears into a campaign.
- Luurgs Warren: A detailed bugbear lair is presented.
- Bugbear Reference List: A ready to go list of characters and enemies for players to face, should they stumble across the machinations of these evil creatures."

Sunday, May 13, 2018

MGP - The Slayer's Guide to Amazons

From the web:

Hell Hath No Fury
"Throughout history and legend, amazons have always stood firm as the ultimate warrior women, the ideal of female triumph in a male dominated world. But who are the amazons, a race who counts the deepest jungles as their domain and ruthlessly slays any intruder? The Slayer’s Guide to Amazons peels back the fog of myth and legend to reveal, for the very first time, the true story of these incredible women.

With lithe, supple bodies and stunningly attractive features, the amazons are deceptive to any outsider encountering them for the very first time. Few make any mistake the second time around if they survive this encounter, for amazons are truly cruel and capricious, dedicated to destroying any influence the outside world may have upon their civilization. Far from being primitive tribeswomen, amazons have a highly sophisticated culture, devoted to the preservation of their warrior ideals at all costs. They are superb combatants, for skill in the sword, spear and bow is impressed upon each girl at an early age, and they ruthlessly protect their domain against invader."

Saturday, May 12, 2018

MGP - Sheoloth: City of the Drow

From the back of the book:

"Crouched within a vast cavern complex, the city of Sheoloth is a skeleton of stone wrapped in tortured flesh and clad in robes of woven silk. From its first beginnings as a captured fortress, Sheoloth has slowly expanded over the decades. Expansion of the city eats away at the stone around it, leaving behind thick cores of marble and basalt to support the ceiling of the city. Glittering corpse-lights wander the streets, providing illumination to both the estates of the nobility and the meanest hovel of the most poverty-stricken foreigners. It is a place of strange beauty and stark power, at once serene and filled with chaotic violence, Sheoloth is a true home to the drow.

This mighty tome details a complete subterranean city, populated by the most vicious and twisted race ever depicted in fantasy - the Drow! Adaptable to any existing campaign, Sheoloth may be used as the centerpiece to many scenarios, pitting the players against the most evil elves to rule the Underdeep, or as the scene of destructive politicking between rival drow nobles."

Friday, May 11, 2018

MGP - The Quintessential Rogue

From the web:

"In Collector Series Book Two, we find new character options for Rogues. The options include variant class abilities, prestige classes, new feats, new skills, new equipment and new magic items all tailored to help make your Rogue more interesting.

The book also includes character archetypes and role-playing suggestions for Rogues."

Thursday, May 10, 2018

MGP - The Quintessential Monk

From the web:

"Collector Series Book Seven presents new options for the Monk class. The book includes new character options, prestige classes, feats, skills, and spells.

It also offers new magic items and equipment tailored to help make your Monk more versatile.

There are also sections with archetypes and role-playing tips and suggestions to make your Monk more interesting.

There are also sections on gaining renown, dueling against other monks, and building your own monastery."

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

MGP - The Quintessential Elf

From the web:

"Collector Series Book Five presents new options for Elves. The book includes new character options, prestige classes, feats, skills, and spells. It also adds new subraces of elves and some background on elves. It is drawn more from the Lord of the Rings version of elves than from the SRD.

It also offers new magic items and equipment tailored to help make your Elf more versatile.

There are also sections with archetypes and role-playing tips and suggestions to make your Wizard more interesting.

Because some of the subraces and prestige classes use flying mounts, there is a chapter on aerial combat."

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

MGP - The Quintessential Dwarf

From the Back Cover:

"While not as pretty as an elf or as quick as a gnome, the dwarf is the heartiest of all races. His health is legendary and his resistance to poisons and spells keep him standing when others fall. Combined with the dwarven work ethic, these natural abilities make this race one that simply will not quit when the going gets tough. Forged in the dark fires far below the surface, dwarves are much more than they first appear, with great warriors among their number but also a growing population of wizards, rogues, and even druids rising to positions of power in dwarven culture. Within the pages of this book you'll find the information you need as a player to make the most of your dwarven character, allowing him to grow and develop in new and exciting ways.

Inside You Will Find:
Character Concepts
The Prestige Dwarf
Tricks of the Dwarves
Dwarven Feats
Tools of the Dwarves
Dwarven Subraces
Dwarven Magic
Mines, Smelters, and Forges
Beasts Below
Dwarven Holds"

Monday, May 7, 2018

MGP - Fey Magic: Dreaming the Reverie

From the Back of the Book:

"The fey - also known as faerie, or fair folk - are some of the most misunderstood creatures in fantasy games. Some view them as harmless sprites living in the depths of sylvan woods; others see them as vindictive creatures with limitless power who steal children and play cruel and even lethal pranks on those that cross their path. The truth, as might be expected of such an enigmatic race, is that both perspectives are sometimes accurate, although there is far more to the fey than either view would suggest.

For those looking deeper into the mysteries coiled around the fey, another area of speculation is the magic they wield. In some cases it seems quite innocuous, while in other circumstances it is nearly unstoppable in its destructive force. The fey are understandably quite protective of their gifts and the source of these powers. All that most mortals have been able to learn is its name: the Reverie."

Sunday, May 6, 2018

MGP - Conan: The Scrolls of Skelos

From the web:

"In the Conan RPG, sorcery is a subtle but powerful force. An experienced sorcerer can cast spells undreamt of by wizards in other fantasy games, but he may need to sacrifice a dozen virgins, dose himself up with black lotus, cast the spell and then rest for several days afterwards, rather than simply being able to fire off magic whenever he chooses.

During Conan’s time, the Hyborian Age, much of the most powerful magic has been lost for centuries and more. The wizards of Stygia, Khitai and Vendhya are renowned for their arcane lore, but even they would find it difficult to match the power of the sorcerers of Acheron and Old Stygia at their height many thousands of years ago.

The dedicated sorcerer can still hope to attain such heady heights, but he must work for it. Calling up demon lords, hunting for crumbling scrolls in dusty tombs, searching out fiend-haunted isles in the Western Ocean, gathering magical herbs in devil-infested swamps beyond Khitai. . . the sorcerer who desires serious magical power must do all these things and more besides. A sorcerer who has a master, coven or secret society to teach him has something of a head start over a lone scholar, but may never learn more than his tutor knows. Even he will need to quest after knowledge if he wishes to achieve his full potential.

More so than any ancient artifact or scholarly teacher, arcane books can grant a sorcerer not mere fragments of the long-lost sorcerous knowledge of the ancients, but full-blown spells, magical formulae, and the secrets of the most powerful wizards of the old times. The book of Skelos is the most fabled and sought-after volume of them all.

A number of different arcane books are mentioned in the Conan tales. The most prominent is the book of Skelos itself, but the books of Vathelos the Blind are also noteworthy for their magical lore. Even certain more contemporary sorcerers such as Tsotha-lanti of the Scarlet Citadel have written down some information of note in their grisly-looking spellbooks bound in human skin.

The Scrolls of Skelos are twofold; both the volume you hold in your hands and that written by Skelos himself. This book is named for its most ancient forebear, and forms the first supplement for the Conan Roleplaying Game. Here you will find information on rounding out sorcerous characters in the game, whether run by players or the Games Master.

This includes additional sorcery styles and spells; full rules for creating permanent magic, including magical weapons and other sorcerous items; and a large section on the creatures of sorcery, whether the demons called up by scholars, the demon lords who act as their patrons, the strange monsters some wise men find in the wilderness and train as servants, or the weird aberrations crafted by certain sorcerers in their quests to make life itself.

The book is rounded out with a number of non-player character profiles covering those prominent sorcerers of the Hyborian Age who have not already been dealt with in the main rulebook, an overview of some of the weird religions practiced by certain wizards, new sorcerous feats and a sprinkling of scholarly prestige classes. There is also a Games Master’s section giving advice on handling characters’ relations with their demonic patrons, allies and servants, among other useful tips."

Saturday, May 5, 2018

MGP - Babylon 5 RPG and Fact Book: Signs and Portents

From Back Cover:

"Featuring the space station that changed the destiny of an entire galaxy, this all new roleplaying game allows players to take the role of characters on board the Babylon 5 station and travel to the many stars and planets seen in the award-winning television series. From lowly lurkers and smugglers through to brave Earthforce officers and members of the Minbari warrior caste, a whole galaxy awaits to be explored!

Inside You Will Find:

Characters on Babylon 5: A complete guide on creating characters for use in the game, from disgruntled dock workers and small-time smugglers, to the brave Earthforce personnel who have sworn to place themselves in harm's way and defend their world from any threat.

Skills and Feats: A complete breakdown of all the skills and feats featured in the Babylon 5 roleplaying game, allowing characters to specialize in different areas of expertise.

Combat: Full rules for engaging in combat are contained within, allowing a character to face an enemy with his fists, a PPG, or even a Starfury space superiority fighter.

Equipment and Vehicles: Covering everything from simple ground cars to the immense star freighters that ply the stars and Minbari war cruisers, players are introduced to all the vehicles present within the galaxy.

Telepaths: Humans who manifest telepathic abilities are rare and ruthlessly hunted down by the agents of Psi Corps, while telepaths from alien races have access to incredible mind-bending powers.

All Alone in the Night: A detailed look at the station, studying its history, design, locations and personnel.

And the Sky Full of Stars: A tour of the galaxy, highlighting the major locations featured in the television series in addition to the Babylon 5 space station.

Signs and Portents: The entire first series of Babylon 5 is detailed within this rulebook with a timeline of events, as well as covering all major characters and conflicts that took place in 2258."

Friday, May 4, 2018

MGP - Skraag: City of Orcs

From the Back of the Book:

"Home to over twenty-five thousand rampaging orcs, Skraag is a city of pure brutality, a place of nightmare that even the bravest adventurer will fear to tread. Built from the ruins of an ancient dwarven stronghold the orcs themselves destroyed, the hordes of Skraag range for miles in every direction, bringing slaughter and misery to any community unfortunate enough to be within range of their predations."

Thursday, May 3, 2018

MGP - The Quintessential Psychic Warrior

From the web:

"Collector Series Book Nine presents new options for the Psychic Warrior class originally presented in the WoTC Psionics handbook. The book includes new character options, prestige classes, feats, and skills

It also offers new magic items and equipment tailored to help make your Psychic Warrior more versatile.

There are also sections with archetypes and role-playing tips and suggestions to make your Psychic Warrior more interesting."

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

MGP - The Quintessential Cleric

From the web:

"In Collector Series Book Three we are presented with new options for the Cleric class. The book includes new character options, prestige classes, feats, skills, and spells.

It also offers new magic items and equipment tailored to help make your Cleric more versatile.
There are also sections with archetypes and role-playing hints and suggestions to make your Cleric more interesting."

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

MGP - Demonology: The Dark Road

From the web:

"Demonology: the Dark Road details additional rules and options for summoning and binding demons through magic in the d20 system. It includes new rituals, feats, magic items and demons as well as lengthy chapters on the process of summoning and binding demons. There is also a chapter with help for the gamemaster"

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