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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Rolemaster Companion

From the website:

"Rolemaster Companion was the first of several books put out by Iron Crown Enterprise to supplement the core roles of their fantasy role-playing system Rolemaster.

This book includes new character classes, new character races, new character skills, new creatures, a smoothed stat bonus distribution table, martial arts fumble charts, an action time requirement chart, many new spell lists, a discussion of arcane magic, a discussion of city design, and obscure items such as conception and birth injury charts.

The new character classes include the paladin, the burglar, the barbarian, the high warrior monk, the archmage, the nightblade, and the delver.

The new races include bear tribe, dark tribe, northmen, artic men, mixed men, grey elves, dark elves, aquatic elves, tallfellow halflings, stout halflings, half-dwarves, half-orcs, half-orges, half-trolls, and six new types of half-elves."

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