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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Palladium Books - Ninjas & Superspies

Publisher Blurb:

"Forty-one (41) forms of martial arts combat as you have never seen them in any other role-playing game.

Oriental combat skills accurately portrayed, each with its own unique fighting style, methods of attack and defense presented on an epic scale, complete with legendary mystic powers. But that's not all! The superspy section includes spies of all kinds, cyber agents, gadgeteers, secret organizations, secret identities, gimmick weapons and clothing, cyber-disguises, cybernetic implants, and more. Plus don't miss Mystic China, an action packed sourcebook of ancient magic and mystery.

Completely compatible with Heroes Unlimited, Villains Unlimited, Ninja Turtles, Rifts, and the entire Palladium Megaverse!

Highlights Include:

- 17 Occupational Character Classes for spies, mercenaries, martial artists and special operatives.
- 40 types of hand to hand combat - effectively offering 40 types of martial arts character classes!
- 48 mystic martial art super-powers.
- Dim Mak, Chi Mastery, the Arts of Invisibility and more.
- Bionic implants, disguises and attachments.
- Weapons, equipment, gimmicks and creating super-vehicles.
- Secret identities and spy agencies.
- Rules for creating Secret Organizations.
- Compatible with Heroes Unlimited, TMNT, and the entire megaverse. Adaptable to high powered RECON campaigns too. "

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