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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Atlantis - The Lost World

This is the other half of what was the Atlantean trilogy of which The Arcanum is the first half. This is only in two parts but it was originally three books when it was first released. I always found all three books amazing material too draw from but never used them as a system.


Published: 1988
Pages: 278

From the Back of the Book:

"Return to the Second Age of Atlantis; to a time when the race of men was young, and giants still walked the earth..."

ATLANTIS is a complete and comprehensive world setting for fantasy role players and Gamemasters alike. This book contains the original text of THE LEXICON (Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis) and THE BESTIARY (the Atlantean creature compendium), plus new material never published before.


• Atlas of Earth in the Second Age...
• Detailed regional maps...
• Ten cities (human & demi-human races) with annotated maps...
• A compendium of hundreds of mythical creatures, Deities, devils, demons, and wild animals native to the Atlantean world...

• and much more...

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Timothy Brannan said...

I loved these books back in the day. So full of cool ideas.

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