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Monday, June 25, 2012

BattleTech Tactical Handbook

BattleTech is a game that I have played probably less than ten times in my life. I had a  friend that was really into it and he insisted I try it. I own an amazing amount of the  stuff for not ever having played it all that much. I am a sucker for technical manuals  and much of what I own falls into or close to that category. That and I seem to be  willing to buy almost anything gaming related.

Published: 1994
Pages: 80

From the back of the book

The BattleTech Tactical Handbook is an advanced-rules supplement for the BattleTech game  universe. The Handbook provides advanced rules and equipment that enable players to add  new depth and intensity to their games. Guidelines for creating long-term campaigns and  double-blind games, formulas for calculating the combat values of all BattleTech combat  units, detailed descriptions of advanced weapon systems and more make the BattleTech  Handbook a necessity for the serious BattleTech player.

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