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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthright - Tribes of the Heartless Waste

Tribes of the Heartless Waste is a product that I have not given the attention it deserves. I had wanted to give it more attention before I wrote about it but that has not happened and the likelihood of it happening given RL stuff is not likely to happen. I feel like this is not much of a post (I am right about that) but hopefully things will get better soon.

Published: 1997
Pages: 96

From the back of the book:

The threat of death lurks everywhere

Dmitri lost sight of his quarry in the gathering darkness and stumbled back from the carnage. Minutes ago, he and his comrades had been trudging homeward across the snowfield when, without warning, their guide plunged beneath the snow in a spray of slush and blood. By the time the ice borer attacks subsided, only Dmitri was left, himself beaten and bloodied from trying to save his friends.

The warrior broke into a run, aiming for a small stand of pines. Winter wolves howled a greeting to the night and sniffed the cold air. As Dmitri neared the trees, he could feel the snow beneath his feet softening with each step....

Vosgaard remains one of the truly unconquered, untamed regions of Cerilia. In the frozen landscape of the heartless north, only the hardiest will survive - and few of those will thrive. Would-be rulers face the double threat of Vosgaard's climate and its denizens, each dangerous on its own and deadly in tandem, neither willing to be conquered.

Even those who venture into the wastes only for adventure must step lightly. The snow-choked lands keep an icy grip on their secrets and their victims. Some say that only Belinik and Kriesha can hear the pleas of their faithful above the winter winds, leaving the region truly godforsaken.

This expansion to the Birthright campaign setting includes:

    DM's Guidebook - 64 pages of realm and adventure information for Dungeon Masters.
    Player's Chronicle - A 32-page booklet of history and domain details crucial to player character hero-kings.
    New war cards for Vos, elf, and humanoid units.
    A full-color map of Vosgaard.

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