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Friday, August 2, 2013

D20 - Arsenal

Arsenal is a book that if I were betting on whether or not it would be in my collection I would have bet on no. The reason being is that I am not a fan of crossing technology and magic...except again for the case of Shadowrun. This book takes a different slant in that it is not technology but magic that serves as technology. I am not sure that I am willing to accept this premise so I am really surprised it is in my collection except for the fact that apparently I will buy anything gaming related. I have not given this book as much attention as I would others in my collection and most likely never will.

From the back cover:

"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." - Arthur C. Clark

Arthur C. Clark might have made this observation if he had lived in a universe where magic superseded logic throughout the history of technological development. In any sword and sorcery world, such a hypothesis is well within the realm of possibility, a possibility that this book helps you explore.

Arsenal intensifies your d20 campaign with the following equipment:

· Over 200 magical firearms, from the arcane blaster pistol to the divine vindicator autocannon, modifiable by 11 special abilities and 10 accessories. · 8 different types of advanced magical armor.
· 36 special abilities for armor.
· 12 specific suits of armor, from Blisskin designer gowns to the divine Paragon Battle Suit.
· Over 100 different types of grenades, explosives, launchers, missiles and rockets.
· 2 gun-oriented prestige classes.
· Combat rules options, additions, and suggestions for maximizing your lethality with the new equipment.

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