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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hero Games - The Spell Book

From the back cover:

"Now Fantasy Hero gamers can have dozens of spells at their fingertips! Here you'll find the answers to such timeless questions as 'What is metamorphosis?', 'How do you get to another dimension?', and 'Do my levels add to my targeting roll?' Included are all sorts of guidelines and advice designed to make the lives of Wizards, and GMs, a little easier. There's a section that clarifies the original Fantasy Hero rules and offers optional expansions. Hero guru Aaron Allston contributes an informative treatise on designing magic systems. A sample organization is included which can be used to introduce magic into any existing campaign. And then there are the spells themselves (78 of them, culled from nearly a dozen campaigns). Each includes details on preparation, casting, results and history. The Spell Book has everything needed for instant Wizardry!"

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