"Go to the sign of Harvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Judges Guild: Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde

From the web:

The second supplement in Judges Guild's Wilderness series. It details the villages, castles, citadels, lairs, islands, ruins, and terrain in a section of the "Wilderlands of High Fantasy" campaign setting. It consists of a 32-page book and four double-sided 17" x 22" maps (2 for the judge, 2 for the players):

Campaign Map #7: Desert Lands
Campaign Map #8: Sea of Five Winds
Campaign Map #9: Elphand Lands
Campaign Map #10: Lenap

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