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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Armory RPG Data Con, Unerring Missiles

Even predating role playing games the idea of the genre mash up has been in the  minds of children and the people who would eventually become gamers. How often  while playing Cowboys and Indians did someone want to use a weapon that was not  appropriate to the period or all of a sudden switch in the role of a superhero?

As children this was a topic of intense discussion and sometimes ending up in two  or more people rolling around on the ground flailing arms and hopefully not  connecting too often. In the early stages of the role playing the creator of the  genre discussed this in Strategic Review #5. The article was Sturmgeshutz and  Sorcery and in it we see how a Panzerfaust will fare against Trolls.

Even today, in an era where what is old is new again, we find the topic coming  up. Though not as sweeping as the magazine article we still have the FLAILSNAILS  standards or whatever they should be referred to as. Somewhere in between the Troll and the Snail a company called The Armory tried to come up with not a standard but a set  of conversion tables. This was called RPG Data Con Data Conversion Charts.

The premise behind this beauty was fairly simple. It presented the GM with a  means of converting fantasy characters into superhero games and vice versa. The  settings were actually much more widespread than that and most of the popular  game systems of the time were covered. This is a different approach from the  GURPS system or d20 standard. In this the statistics are actually converted.

I have never had a chance to use the product. I myself have never been a fan of  mixing the settings up too much (except for my beloved Shadowrun of course).  Except for the just mentioned system I have always held that I like my fantasy  fantasy and keep your firearms out of them. I have heard mixed reviews of the  product and I suspect that this may not be commentary on the product but more on  the viability of such conversion and people who are opposed to the idea. I have  seen it go for next to nothing and in some cases sell for quite a bit. I am not  sure I would spend a lot on it.

Published: 1992
Pages: 30

From back cover:

What you are holding in your hands is a complete set of charts and tables that  will allow you to take a character from within one Role-playing game "Genre" and  place them into another. Most major game systems are covered and include:  Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Comic Book, Horror, Space, Mech and Multi-genre... These  charts will give you the ability to convert to and from almost any system once  you become familiar with the conversion process.

From Introduction:

This is not to be taken as a Game Master's Bible, rather it should be used as a  general guide.

From tomeofstreasures.com

The RPG Data Con is a series of charts and tables designed to allow players to  convert stats of their characters for adventuring in other types of role playing  games that include AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Marvel, Star Wars amongst  many others to give you an idea of its scope and it is thorough if not complete.  This is sort of like the Amazing Engine game system developed by TSR for  interplay between its various gaming worlds/systems.


Unerring Missiles

Level: Fifth
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Round/Level
Area of Effect: Target
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 3 Segments
Saving Throw: None

By means of this spell the magic user will cause missiles shot from a bow or  crossbow to unerring strike the intended target. Environmental factors may or  may not affect the outcome of the shots even.

For the duration of the spell any ammo shot from a handheld bow type weapon or  even sling will unerringly find the initial intended target. The target must have  been in the range of the weapon when it was initially fired but can have left  the range before the missile finds them.

The target of the weapon does not even have to be in line of sight of the  attacker while this spell is in effect. If the target of the missile moves into  a place where there is a barrier between them and the attacker the missiles will  still attempt to hit them actually hovering at the barrier until the spell  expires.

Disclaimer: The spells that you will see, for how ever long the write ups last,  were all written up or conceived of back in the 80's so the terminology may not  appropriate for anything other than 1e and depending on how well I did back then  it may be slightly off for that as well. If there is any duplication of spells  that exist now it is most likely I wrote mine first :) Please feel free to  comment on them but try not to be too hard on me. If anyone wishes to use these  in anything they print please let me know in advance and all I ask is proper  credit.

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