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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Asylum - Staff Manual, Wave of Wonder

Not having played the game it is a fair assumption that the first supplement to the  game has not been used either. That would be an accurate one. Asylum - Staff Manual  provides the GM information on the saner of the insane....those that run the Wards. It  even provides information so that the players can now play the role of the staff. This  immediately brought to mind the song and story The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.

I think this book is one that might give the GM enough material so that a sustained  level of campaign play might be possible. I can see this becoming something along the  lines of a Logan's Run situation where some of the players in the role of staff are  sent to recapture escaped inmates played by others. There are a number of possible  scenarios that I can see coming from that. In the end since the book can be picked up  fairly cheap if you have the other why would you not have this one. Not having it  would border on the insane....sorry had to do it.

Published: 1997
Pages: 124

Publishers blurb:

The first supplement for the Asylum game, this book details life as Staff. It  discusses Offices itself, in terms of general layout and routines, and also explains  such elements as education and training. The Staff are discussed in detail, including  several Staff Classifications never seen by Inmates in the Ward. A full character  creation process is provided, so that players can become Staff, and the book contains  several sample adventures specifically geared towards these nominal rulers of the  Ward. It's a whole new side to the insanity!


Wave of Wonder

Level: Eighth
Range: None
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: 6" Radius
Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 1 Segment
Saving Throw: Special

When this spell is cast the magic user causes a wave of mystical energy to spread out from them in a circle. All touched by this wave will have something occur to them. These  waves continue as long as the caster is able to concentrate on the effect.

When the spell is cast the DM will need to roll for each potential target ion the area  of effect. The spell will affect all in the are be they friend, foe or bystander. The  effect will be determined from one of the four tables below. The DM will need to roll  a d4 to determine the appropriate table for each target and then percentile dice for  the effect.

Table 1

01-10    Target is slowed for one turn
11-18    Caster deluded in believing target is affected by second roll
19-25     Target affected by double force Gust of Wind spell
26-30    Target affected by Stinking Cloud spell effect
31-33    Rain falls on target for one turn
34-36    Target attacked by a wild rhino, elephant or giant mouse
37-46    Target affected by a lighting Bolt as if cast by a wand
47-49    Target surrounded by and blinded by 600 butterflies for one turn
50-53    Target is enlarged as per spell
54-58    Target is surrounded by a 3" sphere of darkness for one turn
59-62    Target is surround by entangling grass growth for one turn
63-65    Target is affected by a vanish spell. Non-living object become ethereal.
66-69    Target is diminished to 1/12 of usual size for one turn
70-79    Target affected by a fireball as if cast by wand
80-84    Target becomes invisible until broken or for one turn
85-87    Target polymorphed into a tree for one turn
88-90    Target pelted by 10-40 1gp base gems. Each hitting does 1 hp of damage.
91-97    Target surrounded by brilliant shimmering lights and is blinded for 1d6 rounds
98-00    Target is affected by a Flesh to Stone spell

Table 2

01-10    Target affected by a Web spell
11-18    Caster affected by a Shocking Grasp spell
19-25    Target is affected by a Reverse Gravity spell
26-30    Target affected by Otto's Irresistible Dance Spell
31-33    Area covered in 800 ceramic beads. All must save each round to stand.
34-36    Target attacked by a giant dove, a giant rabbit or a giant iguana
37-46    Target affected by a Chain Lightning spell
47-49    Target covered in liquid chocolate. Double wandering rolls until cleaned.
50-53    Target affected by a Haste spell
54-58    Target has Hold Monster/Person cast on them
59-62    Bottle of endless wine appears for one turn. Target must drink bottle leaves.
63-65    Target polymorphed into a random creature (DM choice on selection method)
66-69    Target spins for 2-4 rounds at a high rate with no control.
70-79     Target gains 1d8 hit points permanently.
80-84    Target affected by Magic Missile as per spell from wand
85-87    Target levitates without control for 2-5 rounds then falls.
88-90    Giant mouth appears and bites target for 3-18 points of damage
91-97    Target affected by a Potion of Fire Breathing
98-00    Target affected by a Disintegrate spell

Table 3

01-10    Target affected by a Scare spell
11-18    Caster afflicted with sever rash. Dex reduced to 3 for one day
19-25    Target affected by Darkness spell every other round for two turns
26-30    Target fumbles all attacks for 2-5 rounds in next combat
31-33    Target affected by an audible glamor spell
34-36    Target attacked by a giant eagle, giant lynx or giraffe
37-46    Target affected by Delayed Blast Fireball in 5-30 rounds
47-49    Target and random other in area switch all equipment
50-53    Target affected by a Confusion spell
54-58    Target affected by a Mirror Image spell
59-62    Target begins to sing for 2-8 rounds as if commanded by a Charm spell
63-65    Target attacked by a half strength Invisible Stalker
66-69    Target affected by uncontrollable Jump spell for one turn
70-79    Target shifted to Astral Plane for 1d6 Turns
80-84    Target affected by a Strength or Weakness spell 50% either
85-87    Anything target is holding affected by an Enlarge spell
88-90    Target covered in flaming oil and suffers 2d6 damage for three wounds.
91-97    Target affected by a Faerie Fire spell
98-00    Target affected by an Incendiary Cloud spell

Table 4

01-10    Target affected by Color spray spell
11-18    Caster affected by a Ray of Enfeeblement spell
19-25    Target loses one level but gains 1 point on 1d6 attributes
26-30    Target gains one level but loses 1 point from 1d6 attributes
31-33    Target attacked by undead. Roll as if cleric of same level to determine type
34-36    Target most valuable item replaced with bad fake
37-46    Target stunned for 3-12 rounds
47-49    Target laughs uncontrollably for 3 rounds (no other actions permitted)
50-53    Target gains ability to cast Improve Invisibility once per day
54-58    Target is always surprised from now on (remove Curse cures this)
59-62    Target changes sex
63-65    Target affected as if used a Gaseous Form potion
66-69    Target fails next 2-5 saving throws
70-79    Target attacked by clone of themselves
80-84    Target affected by a Stoneskin spell
85-87    Leprechaun appears causing as much chaos as possible
88-90    Target affected as if going through a Blade Barrier spell
91-97    Target becomes deaf and mute for 2-5 days
98-00    Target affected by a double strength Cone of Cold.

The caster will be required to make a saving throw versus magic to maintain their concentration for each round past the first. When they either elect to break concentration or it is broken then they must make a saving throw or be affected by a backwash effect of the spell. If the save is made nothing happens. If they fail then they must continue to try and make saves until one is made. For each failed save they will suffer the effects of one roll.

The material component of this spell is a Wand of Wonder that will have all of its charges depleted with the casting of this spell. Each time this spell is cast there is a 5% cumulative chance that the caster will attract the attention of a powerful entity from the plane of Limbo. This will most likely be a Slaad though the DM may choose any creature they desire.

Please note that much of the material for tables 2-4 were taken from the article in Dragon #147 by Richard Hunt. The effects from table #1 are from that article as well but I assume they mimic the original Wand of Wonder.

Disclaimer: The spells that you will see, for how ever long the write ups last, were  all written up or conceived of back in the 80's so the terminology may not appropriate  for anything other than 1e and depending on how well I did back then it may be  slightly off for that as well. If there is any duplication of spells that exist now it  is most likely I wrote mine first :) Please feel free to comment on them but try not  to be too hard on me. If anyone wishes to use these in anything they print please let  me know in advance and all I ask is proper credit.

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