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Thursday, January 12, 2017

GURPS - Robin Hood

From their website:

"Steal From the Rich . . .

Enter a world of gallantry and adventure – a world where tyrants exploit the helpless, and an outlaw hero fights for the oppressed.

This is the world of Robin Hood.

The legend comes to life . . . in six different settings throughout time and space.

  • Begin your adventure in Sherwood Forest with the original Robin Hood and all his friends and foes.
  • Dive into swashbuckling adventure with a Highlands rebel, fighting British oppression in 17th-century Scotland.
  • Journey to the Old West with Splits Arrow and his band of Sioux braves, striking back against the Cavalry.
  • Face the dark justice of Librum, ruthless super-vigilante of the city night.
  • Jack into the worldnet with Cyber-Robin while she rips off the greedy corporations that suck the country dry.
  • Or storm the starships of the corrupt Oratech Corporation with the fearless Asteroid Raider.

Whatever the world, wherever he's needed, there will be a Robin Hood!"

1 comment:

JB said...

Mmm...sounds like more of a one-off game than something with a lot of long term potential.

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