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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hero Games - Champions 5th Edition

From the back of the book:

"Any Superhero... Any Power... Any Adventure!

Champions is back! This latest edition explores the superhero genre more thoroughly than ever before, delving into all the subjects you need to know about to create incredible characters and campaigns. It includes:
  • a complete review of the superhero genre, from the earliest Golden Age comics to today's cutting-edge graphic novels, with guidelines and suggestions for simulating the eras and features of the genre using the HERO System rules.
  • creating superhero characters using the HERO System, including a thorough look at origins, sources of powers, game elements, and prominent character archetypes, plus a Quick Superhuman Generator.
  • information on and examples of super-technology.
  • creating, running, and improving Champions campaigns.
  • example character sheets for the Champions and some of their major enemies.
  • and more!
Like all other HERO System genre books, Champions is a toolkit, presenting you with the information, options, and ideas you need to create your own characters and campaigns just the way you want them. Whatever type of superhero game you like to play, and however you like to play it, Champions helps you make it even better!"

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