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Sunday, April 8, 2018

MERP - Denizens of the Dark Wood

From the web:

"Denizens of the Dark Wood is an adventure module for the Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP).

Battle giant spiders, trolls and the servants of Sauron under the boughs of the mighty forest: Mirkwood.

Denizens of the Dark Wood contains three adventures that could be played singly or as a campaign in succession, this was typical of many MERP adventure modules in that it provided a great deal of detail.

The three adventures of this module were designed to be played by different levels of characters, a pattern ICE followed with a majority of their adventure Modules for the MERP system. The first adventure was for low level characters, while the third was for mid level characters.

The adventures were:

Attercop Attack.
Trouble with Trolls.
The Tithing Train.

In addition to these adventures, the module included detailed information on the local area, as well as maps and information on the town and townsfolk of Bar-en-Tinnen"

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