"Go to the sign of Harvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Monday, May 6, 2019

Roleplayer #23

From the web:

Very Basic Melee Combat by Steffan O'Sullivan
Intimidation and Ineptness by Steve Jackson
New for GURPS
Seven Heroes by Robert Collins
Orctown by Scott Maykrantz
Look! Up on the Shelf! by Loyd Blankenship
Super-Pansies: Diagnosis and Treatment by David Ellis Dickerson
International Super Politics by Robert Schroeck
Coming Detractions by Chris McCubbin
We Don't Need No Steenkin' Lasers by C.J. Carella
The Double-Blind Arena by Barry Link
Origins Ballot
Coming Attractions

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