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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arms & Armor - Bastion Press

Books like this take me back to the days when Oriental Adventures and Unearthed Arcana  were released for the first edition AD&D. Both of these featured new weapons and armor  options that the group I played with were more than willing to milk for every perceived  advantage they could. It was in those early days that I learned on of my most valuable  DM tricks. That was that if the players can do it so can their adversaries. Nothing like  having that same "rule breaking" option used on a player to make them see the folly of  the option.

This book is one that I would never have really bought unless I had been able to get is  cheap like I did. The material in it is not bad but the weapons selection seems too  exotic as it were. I am not sure that there was ever such a varied selection of weapons  in any one place, in history, other than a gaming convention in the early 21st century.  If you can get it cheap the books is worth having but unless you want your players  running around with weapons like Duck Spades and a Cicada Winged Sword while wearing  Aeroglass Plate or Subdermal Armor I might limit its use.

Published: 2001
Pages: 96

From the back of the book:

Weapons of Valor

Weapons make the adventurer, granting a cutting edge against fearsome foe and cunning  villains alike. Players and GMs discover new and innovative ways to arm their favorite  personages within these pages. With more than 70 new weapon qualities and 100 new  weapons, everyone can find something to arm their imaginations.

Armor of Faith

Bardic armor? Spellcaster's spidersilk? No matter the class, new types of armor await  discovery. Coupled with more than 70 new armor qualities, armorsmiths the world over  prepare to forge a host of new possibilities for the world's greatest heroes.

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Anonymous said...

I've been a player in a game that had access to huge weapon catalogues and all of us did the same kind of thing. Luckily, we were all pretty grown up so when I lost a long term character to an NPC doing the same thing to us, all I could do was smile in good humour, and promise to try even harder to get the most broken set up next time.

OK, so maybe not that grown up.

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