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Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthright - Player's Secrets of Roesone

Roesone is a realm that seems to have a perfect mix for those who like to adventure. It is  recently carved out of wilderness so it is not overly civilized. It also has a good mix of  terrain that would allow for varied wilderness type situation, though it does lack any  mountains. It also has access to a seaport meaning that players could take a nautical adventure  if they wanted to. The movers and shakers are all, or for the most part all, descended from  rough and tumble adventurer types or maybe a little grittier than that even so that is plus.  The one drawback in looking at using it is the fact that it says that it is monster light. If I  were using it I would just simply ignore that line. This is the domain that I think most fits  the standard starting type of location for campaigns.

Published: 1995
Pages: 32

From the back of the book:

Once a lawless frontier less than a century ago, Roesone is one of the youngest states in all  of Anuire. as the ruler of the land, you'll find that Roesone is surrounded by uncertain allies  and dangerous enemies. Plots and intrigues creep through the halls of your court and shadowed  powers are moving against you. It will take strength, courage and determination to keep your  crown on your head - and your head on your shoulders.

This BIRTHRIGHT domain sourcebook is designed for players who want to take the role of Baron  Roesone, the warrior regent of the land. It may also be used by players playing nobles,  servants of the Baron, or adventurers from Roesone.

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Lead Legion said...

Probably my second favorite domain to run out of all. Tourone is more challenging though, which makes it my favorite. While Rosoene has allies on either flank, Tourone is surrounded by enemies or "allies" that want to make her a battleground.

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