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Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthright - Player's Secrects of Baruk-Azhik

I have never been a fan of playing Dwarves. In all my days of roleplaying I am not sure I have ever played one. I most likely did and have simply forgotten about it. I have played a gnome so I have to have played a dwarf, right? As a result this is one of the sourcebooks that I would most likely not have used as a player but as a DM it is nice to have if you want to use the Birthright setting as a stand alone setting.

Published: 1996
Pages: 32

From the back of the book:

Long before humans invaded Cerilia, the dwarves of the land had carved out a peaceful life for themselves, marred only by the persistent savagery of orog tribes. Since the human incursion, life has changed little for the natives of Baruk-Azhik, sequestered safely beneath the inhospitable mountains known as the Iron Peaks.

Baruk-Azhik is a domain of untold riches; there seems to be no end to the precious metals under the mountains, and surface-dwellers are always eager to trade. But the domain is not without perils. The orogs have grown more numerous and more cunning, and outside help may be needed to defeat them once and for all.

The character who ascends the throne of Baruk-Azhik assumes command of a mighty and loyal nation - but one whose existence hangs in the balance. Only a leader with nerves of steel, hardened determination, and superior command skill can guide the dwarves into a future full of promise and free of war.

This BIRTHRIGHT domain sourcebook is designed for players who wish to take the role of the Overthane of Baruk-Azhik. It may also be used by players playing nobles, vassals of the regent, or adventurers from this domain.

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