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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Citybook II - Port o' Call

Flying Buffalo has given us two series of books that I would consider almost required DM material to own. The first of these is Grimtooth's Traps and then the Citybook series. I think that the Citybooks may be the more useful set. They are something that every DM has to use while traps are sometimes used sparingly or not at all by many DMs.

Citybook II focuses on locations, NPCs and adventures with a nautical theme. This is not a huge limitation as they could be converted to be based on lakes or major rivers possibly. If the setting is something akin to Dark Sun then this might require some serious modification to be used but it could still be done. I would strongly suggest that anyone who is either a DM or is interested in designing city settings pick any of the Citybooks that they can.

From the front cover:

A game-master's aid for all role-playing systems...22 seaside businesses, over 70 fully developed non-player personalities, and more than 60 scenarios for use with any role-playing system.


Tim Shorts said...

The CityBooks are probably my favorite gaming books. Well worth a read and very useable.

Brett Slocum said...

When the Obscure RPG Appreciation Day came, I was torn between the Citybooks (I own 7 of them) and the Midkemia Press offerings. I chose Midkemia, because I thought they were more *obscure*.

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