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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cloudland - Grenadier

I really wish I knew more about this. It is one of the AD&D related items that were released by Grenadier. It was released in 1984 and is 48 pages in length. The items all feature monsters that they have miniatures for. It seems like a good idea for them and the GM since they knew they could find miniatures then but as I recall this product was just so-so. I have never had call to use it and it can still be picked up in or under the $10 price range on eBay. Anyone have any stories or information they care to share about this?

About the module:

"You have heard rumors that Cloudland is a huge castle built many decades ago by a powerful mage. The mage is long dead, but creatures still fight for control of the castle's awesome towers. Beneath the walls of Cloudland, in its subterranean expanses, are rumored to be untold riches and strong, arcane magics. Many adventurers have attempted to probe its depths, none have ever returned. Do you have the skill and courage necessary to explore Cloudland?"


Unknown said...

Though, by most refined gamer's opinions, this module is 'so-so,' it was the first module I ever owned. I was just learning how to play D&D when it came out, and 'ran myself' through it with the only dice I had, a bunch of d6. Neck, all I had were d6....thanks Mom!
- jdryner

Viscount Eric said...

Standing on its own merits, it's an average module, but I've seen many a DM destroy one of the classics.

Back in 2002, I took the module, updated it for Hackmaster, and figured out how the various factions worked between themselves. With just those two modifications, it was one of the toughest (and most hated for a group that rarely got their crap together) adventures we ran over the four year campaign.

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