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Monday, June 10, 2013

CM2 - Death's Ride

I stated a good back when I posted about CM1 that these modules started the group I was running at the time thinking about more than dungeon crawls and running from point A to point B and accomplishing mission X. I also mentioned the inherent pitfall that came with that course of action. It never quite turned into a Game of Thrones level of intrigue and backstabbing but it did make things uncomfortable at times.

The CM modules are often looked down on for some reason. I found them to be no worse than most and better than some by far. Part of the problem I think is that they wanted to keep them adventures and at the levels these are designed for things to fight get tough and coming up with suitable adversaries and non cliched and contrived plots get tough. That being said this adventure fell into both of the latter problems to some small degree but it was still playable. It could even be used at lower levels if the players were scaled back in level and down some. It was released in 1894 and comes in at the somewhat standard 32 pages.

From the back of the adventure:

All communication with the barony of Twolakes Vale has ceased. King Ericall, worried about the security of his border and angered at the loss of tax revenues, has commissioned you, a delegation of powerful characters, to investigate.
This is not a petty problem to be solved by the armies of local nobility. Indeed, the king's forces are desperately needed elsewhere. Twolakes Vale is, after all, only a small barony on the far frontier of Ericall's domain. And yet...

The cloud is there, its nature and cause unknown. None have returned from the barony for weeks. Furthermore, the cloud is spreading, and vague reports of unrest and mysterious disappearances are starting to trickle in from nearby baronies.

Can you discover the secret of Twolakes Vale?

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Timothy Brannan said...

I rather enjoyed Death's Ride when I went though it back in the late 80s. Planning on taking my kids through it this summer.

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