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Thursday, June 13, 2013

CM9 Legacy of Blood

Legacy of Blood will allow the DM a chance to get one of their players a domain to control with a slightly cliched storyline. The adventure allows a character to inherit a domain by being a distant relative to the former ruler who passed away without an heir. As would be expected this does not go smoothly and the old ruler had someone who wants the domain for themselves. The adventurers will have to solve the mystery as to why they want it and defeat the rival. The adventure is solid enough if not a bit cliched.

I sometimes wonder if perhaps it is more me being jaded from gaming all these years and having read more than my fair share of adventures across a number of gaming systems. In the end the module is worth having and works for what it is intended to do. It of course has a great piece of Clyde Caldwell art gracing its cover so that is a plus!

From the back of the book:

"Your cousin Rolph is dead - and while there is cause for sadness, there is also cause for celebration. As his heir, you were willed his dominion: Fenhold.

Of course, the Deep Swamp is threatening to engulf all of your new holding. People are seeing ghosts, disappearing mysteriously...animals die without reason, and crops are suddenly blighted.

The farmers don't like the swamp dwellers, the swamp dwellers don't like the farmers, and no one likes the halflings. The entire civil service of the dominion seems to have either worked for the failure of the dominion or resigned due to actions of the others.

It's going to be a tough task to make all this shipshape once again, but you're 15th level now. Isn't it about time you settled down?"

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