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Friday, September 29, 2017

Judges Guild - The Dungeoneers Journal #25

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"The Dungeoneers Journal #25
Feb/Mar 1981



Sea Devils: A fantasy story about Sahuagin by Bill Daley

The College Option in Traveller: Higher education for the Traveller Character by Charles M Cook

Monster Matrix:
Guardian Mist by Harold Kahn
Cannibals by Harold Kahn
Puff Balls by Harold Kahn
Jesters by Harold Kahn
Sphinx Rock Lions by Steve Marsh
Sand Lizard by Harold Kahn
Willows by Harold Kahn
The Red Ones by Bill Pixley
Fuzzies by Harold Kahn
Ulug by Harold Kahn
Targ by Harold Kahn

Lycanthropy: Other kinds of lycanthropy by G. Tolle

Martial Arts: Charts for the use of martial arts in D&D by Jon Reinecke

Convention Compendium

The Amazing Disappearing " ": "?"...intelligence by Mike Billington

Political Intrigue Guidelines by Tom Jones

Shalizar's Tower: 8 page mini-dungeon by David Dougher

Awards Announcement: Awards procedures reorganized

Official Origins Awards Ballot
Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design: Official membership guidelines

The Essence of a Good Wargame: What makes a good game? by Lewis Pulsipher

Shopping For Armor: Reflection on armor by Terrance Mikrut

Harahalat The Dragon: Challenge for Dragon Hunters by Kevin Garbelman

In the Tesseract: 6th dimensional room by Donald L Spidell

The Booty Bag:
Helm of Door Opening by Clayton Miner
The Heroes' Gauntlets by Clayton Miner
Coffer of Endless Food Supply by Clayton Miner
Dagger of Enrichment by Ron Lagerstrom
Boots of Halfling Stomping by Clayton Miner

Runemasters by Chaosium: Reviewed by Clayton Miner

Rain on Iran by Steve Jackson Games: Reviewed by Ron Lagerstrom

Plunder by Chaosium: Reviewed by Clayton Miner

The Thespian Judge: Advice to the good Judge by David Emigh

Some Words on Funny Chemicals: Drug use in D&D by Geoffrey O. Dale"

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