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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BTRC - SpaceTime

SpaceTime is a cyberpunk type setting in a well recovered post apocalyptic world. It is based on the TimeLords system which is the universal system that a lot of the BTRC games are based around. It would be hard to top the Macho Women with Guns trilogy as my favorites (mostly because I encountered them first) from BTRC but this comes very close and if I had more of a chance to play it would most likely trump the others. The setting is very gritty and if you don't mind a darker setting this is something to check out.

From the Back Cover of the RPG:

SpaceTime is science fiction role-playing, so gritty that you can feel it between your teeth. Set in the 24th century, Earth is still recovering from WWIII, with quite a way to go. Reaching tentatively to the stars, other human societies are found, remnants of an interstellar society blasted back to the stone age some thousands of years ago.

Adventure on corporation-dominated Earth, where economics takes the place of politics, and anything you can get away with is legal. Or explore Mars. Its eclectic society produces the best brains in the solar system, but still can't explain all the mysteries of the uncharted Martian Ruins. Travel to other human worlds, or any one of the hundreds of habitable but unexplored systems The frontiers are waiting....

SpaceTime is based upon the TimeLords RPG System, and is fully compatible with all other games in the system, The realistic rules have a simple hierarchy, letting you decide how much detail you want to include, and the unique combat and damage system gives results like no other game.

SpaceTime... as close to the future as you can get.

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