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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Art of the DragonLance Saga, Cassandra's Temporal Storm

The Art of the DragonLance Saga is another of the art compilation put out based on the art connected with Dungeons & Dragons. This one specializes in the art specific to the DragonLance modules, books and other related material.

To the best of my knowledge this is the only one that deals with a specific setting. There is the AD&D version that I talked about earlier and a version dealing with "Basic" D&D. There is then one that deals with all the Worlds of TSR. There are then two version dedicated to Dragon Magazine with the older one being the better. The is then finally the one dealing with the comic covers from the comic books.

The fact that one could be dedicated to DragonLance makes some sense. DragonLance may be the most marketed product line that TSR/WotC has ever had as far as role playing. The Forgotten Realms could make an argument but I am not sure it beats DragonLance and it was the default setting for almost a whole edition.

The art from DragonLance features some of the greats in the gaming industry. The defining art for me though will always be the covers from the first three books. I know I am biased though having been an Elmore fan for too many years to count. The other art in the book is great but it will be the three covers I remember most followed by Caldwell's cover for Dragons of Dreams.

Anyone else care to share their favorite piece of DargonLance art?


Cassandra's Temporal Storm

Level: Seventh
Range: None
Duration: Eight Rounds/Special
Ares Effect: 9 " Radius Sphere
Components: V,M
Casting Time: 3 Segments
Saving Throw: None

With this spell the magic user causes the time of flow to behave in a random manner for all in the area of effect except for the caster. The effect is centered on the caster only for the determination of the area of effect. Once it is created the caster may move but the sphere is stationary. Those leaving the area are still affected and those that might enter it are affected as well.

When the spell is cast all in the area of effect, except for the caster, will need to roll a D10. The roll will determine how they are affected by the storm.

1-2 Frozen Affected as Time Stop for duration
3-4 Slowed Affected as per Slow Spell for duration
5-6 No effect time flows normally
7-8 Accelerated Affected as per Haste Spell for duration
9-0 Removed removed from the timeline for duration

The caster themselves exist in a space between time. They have the ability to see what is going on and can even spend the time to flee to safety though they can not cast any spells while in the between space. They can at anytime enter back into the flow of time. When this occurs the spell is negated and all are returned to the normal flow of time.

The material component for this spell is a large piece of quartz which will cost no less than 100 gp. The quartz is thrown into the air during the casting and will shatter.

Disclaimer: The spells that you will see, for how ever long the write ups last, were all written up or conceived of back in the 80's so the terminology may not appropriate for anything other than 1e and depending on how well I did back then it may be slightly off for that as well. If there is any duplication of spells that exist now it is most likely I wrote mine first :) Please feel free to comment on them but try not to be too hard on me. If anyone wishes to use these in anything they print please let me know in advance and all I ask is proper credit.

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