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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Challenge #29

Challenge was the house magazine for Game Designers Workshop. It began publication in 1986 with issue #25. This is because Challenge is the continuation/replacement for another magazine. It's predecessor was the Journal of the Travellers Aid Society (JTAS). Challenge expanded the systems covered and moved to format of the magazine to 8.5"x11". The magazine ran until 1996 when GDW shut down operations.


    Traveller News Service (News of events in the Imperium to use for scenarios and campaign flavor)
    A Decade of Traveller (Article commemorating Traveller's tenth birthday)
    Universal Task Profile  (A comprehensive system for defining and resolving tasks. )
    Scientists (A rules supplement with a special character class for players and NPCs.)
    Picking a Homeworld (Rules to help establishing player characters by first determining their 'home world)

Traveller 2300

    In the Cards (An adventure with supplemental rules on individual finance in 2300AD)
    Trade in 2300  (A short scenario along with rules for buying and selling goods from world to world)

Twilight 2000

    Weather (Rules Variant to make your campaign more realistic. Includes weather effects)
    Inside an M1 (Take a tour of the US' primary Main Battle Tank)
    Buildings Optional Rules for Urban Locales (Presents a system for classifying buildings and suggest how their condition and contents can be more readily summarized.)
    Equipment (A selection of AFVs with an illustration for each. )

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