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Friday, April 26, 2013

Chaosium - Stomp

This is not really a roleplaying game so I thought about not including it in the posts I make. In the end it is a 1978 release by Chaosium so thought many people may not have seen it so why not. It does involve elves and a giant so it is the realm of the fantastical and that alone makes it worth posting about. I have never played it but I have been told it is fun.

From Board Game Geek:

This small elegant game depicts the struggle of elves trying to outsmart and defeat a 40 foot, slow-witted giant named Thunderpumper.

The giant is depicted only by his sandals as the elves work to tangle up his shoes and make him crash to the earth. In the meantime Thunderpumper is swinging his club and trying to stomp the pesky elves that have invaded his master's garden.

The game fits in a ziplock bag with a color map of the garden, barely 2 pages of rules, and counters.
In 1997 it was "reprinted" as an insert in the third and final issue of Chaosium's house newsletter, Starry Wisdom, along with alternate rules incorporating the various universes of the company's roleplaying games, past and present.

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