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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Campaign Magazine #1

This is an item that I picked up right when I was starting to buy 3e material. I was certain I would not play it but I wanted to try and get a feel for what it was. I only ended up buying two of these magazines and I am certain they were Half Price Book purchases as I know I would not pay the full cover price though I am for Gygax Magazine but that is another story. In the end I think the magazine would have been a good value if you used the system and still has value for mining purposes.

The Magazine Contents:
2     The Standard     Editorial     
4     d20 System News     Information: General
6     Sovereign Stone: The New World     Information: Preview
11     Deadlands d20 Preview     Information: Preview
16     Elder Sons of the Green Lord Prestige Class     Stats
18     The Company of the Golden Sword     Background: Setting  
24     The Trembling Hill     Adventure    
30     By the Numbers: A Fighting Style for Every Occasion     GM Advice 
32     Interview: Interview: d20 Questions     Information: Interview  
39     Fumble Charts     Information: Preview

42     Border Worlds Campaign Setting     Background: Setting
48     Alien Invasion     Stats: Monsters 
51     Treasures from the Black Fleet     Stats: Items
56     Robots & A.I.s     Stats: Monsters 
59     The Bestiary     Stats: Monsters
61     New Friends, Old Enemies     Adventure
69     Preview of Computer 3rd Edition Games     Information: Preview
80     What I Think of the d20 System     Information: General   

72     Review: Dragon Lords of Melniboné
73     Review: Psionics Handbook
74     Review: Relics & Rituals
74     Review: The Forge of Fury
74     Review: Three Days to Kill‡
76     Review: L1: Demons and Devils
76     Review: R1: Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels
76     Review: The Speaker in Dreams
79     Review: The Tide of Years

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