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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Complete Fighter's Handbook - PHBR1

The Complete Fighter's Handbook was the first of the 2e "splatbooks" for the various classes in the game at the point in time that they were written. I recall buying this and thinking at the time that it was not bad. The stream of books that followed this one slowly wore away at my feeling though. This was the first and as a result it set the tone for what would follow. The problem was that apparently as the line went along the concept went from adding flavor and differentiating to adding power and one up man-ship. The book added new rules and gear for fighters that did not imbalance the game. I just wish that trend had continued.

From the back cover:

Who says fighters are the poor cousins of the AD&D(R) game? No one will say it aloud after reading the Complete Fighter's Handbook; 128 pages of mind-expanding advice on how to make your fighter the leanest, meanest threshing machine for leagues around. New weapons, new proficiencies, new fighting styles, and "Fighter Kits" make this optional AD&D accessory a useful item for players and DMs.

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