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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Cormyr was released in 1994. I have never been sure why it was not a continuation of the FR lines of products from TSR. It would seem to have been an excellent idea since it is about a kingdom set in the Forgotten Realms. The book covers the Kingdom of Cormyr is a fair level of detail going over the the basics of it geography and history. It then deals with Society overall and then provides details on nobility and then what it calls the common folk. It also has specific sections on the military as well as mages and finally on adventurers. If you were looking for a "idealized" kingdom to run players in this would work well.

From the back of the book:

One of the oldest and most interesting kingdoms on the continent of Faerun, Cormyr is a land of classic fantasy wherein a strong king rules his subjects fairly and evenly, nobles struggle against each other for the little power the king doesn't keep for himself, and adventuring companies clear forests of ferocious monsters for a small share of the crown's treasury. And - there's magic. Lots of magic.

This booklet will allow DM1 and player alike to wander the King's Forest and the alleys of Suzail in the mind’s eye. It presents indispensable information for any campaign played in the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting, including military and magical forces, rules for obtaining adventuring charters (required by the Crown), and facts about the War Wizards and Council of Mages.

A full-color map of the area details many sites not mentioned in the Campaign Setting, providing the creative DM ideas with which to entertain players for many nights of adventuring.

The FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting is required for full use of this product.

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