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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cyberpunk - Chromebook 2

This is the second in the Chromebook series of books for Cyberpunk. It was released in 1992 following the original entry the year before. This book is just as good as the original and I would consider it almost essential if you want to do the Cyberpunk game right. The book is also worth having just on its own even if you aren't going to play the game. I know that sounds silly but it is just interesting to read on its own as it is written like a catalog and could be used for any futuristic game. The only issue these books have are that they are almost all 10+ years old and the authors were not as forward thinking as they could have been in some area. Items are bigger and less powerful than they are in today's world....for those I would treat them as retro items!

From the back of the book

"Make a flashier statement with the chillest Cyb-ware; ride the smoother groove with the hottest cars; deliver more bang for the Euro with the most advanced weapons presented - this is the essence of Cyberpunk, the consumer items your edgerunner needs to make his mark on the streets of Night City.

Chromebook 2 showcases new electronics, chips, and software; plus bodyware - exotic biosculpting for the Euro-decadent and the Nuvo-riche. It's the cat's meow for those who want to be more than uniquely perfect... or just king of the urban jungle.

Also available for the first time ever: Total Body Conversions — the ultimate in cybernetic replacement!

All this and more in this year's Chromebook —You've already got the metal, now give it polish and an Edge!"

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