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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cosmic Enforcers

Superhero games have always been a favorite of mine. They bounce between second and third competing with the horror genre for rank. I have played most of the options for superheros at one time or another. I discovered this gem late in the game and it is still on my list of to play games. The only draw back is that I am not a fan of blending superhero and sci-fi at least not in comic books I am not. It is OK when the high tech space faring races and events come to earth but if you take it the other way my interest wanes fairly quickly. The tag line for the game though scares me as a result. I am not sure about a ""A superpowered science fiction role playing game" . Still this is a game I really want to get a chance to play sometime.

From the back of the book:

"A superpowered science fiction role playing game

Myrmidon Press puts you in control of techno-powered super heroes and villains in a hard core science fiction future of the year 2025. Earth Central sits at the head of the table of the Galactic Alliance, a coalition of the Milky Way's seven known races. After years of warfare, peace finally reigns, but not for long...

Dark forces have gathered their power waiting for the perfect time to strike down the alliance and restore chaos to the universe. Now, only one barrier stands in the way of their obsession with total anarchy. They are known as the Cosmic Enforcers, the Galactic Alliance's last bastion of defense, and the only hope to save all that is known from the brink of madness.

Game highlights include:
  • Easy high powered character generation
  • Fast and playable combat system
  • Many types of super-powered Cosmic Enforcers to choose from
  • Progressive power advancement
  • Total control of magic and psionics
  • Over 291 super powers
  • Plenty of robots, cybergadgets, power armour, and weapons
  • Insane villains, noble heroes, and insidious aliens guarantee many hours of exciting adventure

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