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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

D6 Fantasy Creatures

I have not had much experience with the D6 system. I have picked up a few books here and there and I now think that you can download most of it for free or at next to no cost online. I bought this when I saw it just to mine it for anything that that might be unique. The creatures inside are mostly common creatures or those from mythology so there is not too much that I had not seen before but there were a few entries that were new to me.

From the back of the book:

"The D6 Fantasy Creatures supplement offers over 80 different types of mundane and legendary creatures, some with several variations. Players can find game characteristics for a new pet or mount, while gamesmasters get access to numerous monsters to place as challenges for their players. Each entry includes information o habits and habitat, plus a picture and D6 Fantasy characteristics.

To get the most direct use of this book, it requires the D6 Fantasy Rulebook, but it includes conversions to D6 Adventure and D6 Space. "

Creatures come from typical fantasy & mythological sources, covering a good range of expected types. 96 page softback perfect bound book, with full-colour cover & b/w interior.

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