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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Conspiracy X - Exodus: The Saurian Sourcebook

Another sourcebook for another alien race in the Conspiracy X game. This book did not hold the appeal to me that the Atlantean book did but that does not make it a bad book. It is a matter of taste on how one likes their aliens in the great alien conspiracy to loo like and behave I guess. I am not sure why but there are two cover options for this book. To the best of my knowledge they are both identical on the inside and only the cover has changed. The format for the book is basically the same as described for the earlier entry and I would say that is a good thing so you have a fair expectation from sourcebook to sourcebook on what to expect.

From the back of the book:

Before the dawn of time, they rose to rule their world.

Sixty-five million years ago, they fought a war so devastating that it nearly destroyed that world and everything on it. Those who survived fled into the vast night of space, looking for a new home.

Today they are here, among us.

Those who know them call them Saurians, viscous looking lizard creatures with technology centuries beyond our own. For the moment, they walk among us, hidden within false flesh, barely recognized as their own.
Soon more will arrive -- many, many more.

Then, the true battle will begin.

Inside Exodus: The Saurian Sourcebook, you will find:
  • Details on the history, culture, biology and psychology of the Saurians.
  • Overviews of the eight major ancient Saurian clans, and the four active on Earth today.
  • Full descriptions and game stats for a wide variety of Saurian advanced technolofy.
  • A rogue group of Saurians, the Dreamspeakers, that may be used as allies or as potential new recruits for any Aegis Cell.
  • A review of current Aegis knowledge about the Saurians.
  • An espionage mission attempting to root out a hidden threat to mankind.

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