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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Conspiracy X: Shadows of the Mind

I am not 100% certain that I even own the core game for this product. I am 100% certain I own it because of the $2 price tag in the upper right corner of the book. I will almost always buy any RPG book at HPB when it has a yellow sticker on it. This will sometimes even carry over into duplicates of books I may already own. Condition is the one factor that will most often prevent the purchase from occurring.

This book is a supplement dealing with the history of mind control for the game. It also does a rewrite and expansion of the rules for psychic abilities in the game itself. Psychic powers are a game mechanic that I have a love hate relationship with. In superhero games I love them and almost prefer them. In fantasy games I am not a huge fan and have found psionics to be something that unbalances the game (AD&D 1e). In horror games they are sometimes a requirement and deal with them as needed. It is my understanding that in Conspiracy X they are needed so this book is probably on the useful side.

From the publisher:

Is Your Mind Your Own?

For over 50 years, the intelligence community searched for the perfect means to control our thoughts. Scientists tested every drug, pushed hypnosis to its limits and developed mind-bending technologies. They succeeded beyond their expectations.

They sought control and found power!

Using psychics as pawns in its struggle for world domination, Aegis has created several successful programs to develop and utilize psychic powers. All of this power and control has been hidden behind masks of secrecy -- masks that are now burned away to reveal the terrifying truth.
Inside Shadows of the Mind you will find:
  • The secrets behind the government's horrific experiments and its unsavory findings.
  • The Soviet connection that brought a whole new world of discoveries to Aegis.
  • New and expanded rules for psychic powers, hypnosis, and drug use.
  • Mind control technologies and equipment to add a twist to any campaign.
  • Detailed descriptions of new and old psychic disciplines.
  • New player backgrounds that will literally blow your mind.

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