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Friday, November 11, 2011

Different Worlds #8, Invisible Fire

Different Worlds #8
Magazine of Adventure Role-Playing Games

Jun/Jul 1980

Cover price: $2.50

Cover: Steve Oliff

    * "Better Game Mastering: Teaching Role-Playing" by Robert Harder
    * "D&D Variant: Sleep vs. Mixed Parties" by John T. Sapienza, Jr.
    * "Review/Scenario: Alien and Starships & Spacemen" by Leonard H. Kanterman, M.D.
    * "Game Aid: Talent Tables" by John T. Sapienza, Jr.
    * "Defining The Campaign: Gamemaster Styles" by Lewis Pulsipher
    * "Sourcebook: Composite Bows" by Simon Magister
    * "Scenario Review: TSR's The Keep on the Borderland" by Anders Swenson
    * "RQ/Gateway Cult: Zelan The Beast" by Ron Weaver
    * "Review: Walter William's Tradition Of Victory" by Dave Arneson & Steve Perrin
    * "Designer Notes: How I Designed Land of the Rising Sun" by Lee Gold
    * "Analysis: Alignment On Trial" by David R. Dunham
    * "Review: Advanced Melee & Wizard" by Steve Perrin
    * "Letter From Gigi: Gossip" by Gigi D'Arn


Invisible Fire

Level: First
Range: 3"
Duration: 3 Hours/Level
Area of Effect: One Flame
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 3 Segments   
Saving Throw: None

By means of this spell the magic user is able to change an existing flame. The flame will be made invisible to any that the caster does not specify as being able to see the flame when the spell is initially cast.

The flame will continue to function as it would normally for all who are specified by the caster. The duration of the flame will also be extended to that of the Invisible Fire spell. The flame will continue to have all of the same requirements and can be extinguished though if reignited the spell will continue. The smoke produced by the flame will also be invisible though the heat can be felt by those that can not see it.

Disclaimer: The spells that you will see, for how ever long the write ups last, were all written up or conceived of back in the 80's so the terminology may not appropriate for anything other than 1e and depending on how well I did back then it may be slightly off for that as well. If there is any duplication of spells that exist now it is most likely I wrote mine first :) Please feel free to comment on them but try not to be too hard on me. If anyone wishes to use these in anything they print please let me know in advance and all I ask is proper credit. 

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