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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Different Worlds #9, Sphere of Truth

Different Worlds #9
Magazine of Adventure Role-Playing Games

Aug/Sep 1980

Cover price: $2.50

Cover: Luise Perrine

    * "Better Role-Playing: Flippancy in FRP" by Greg Costikyan
    * "Ogre Variant: Boardgames to RPGs" by Glenn L. Williams
    * "Ogre Role-Playing Rules"
    * "Different Worlds Presents: The Imperium - A Traveller Campaign" by Marc W. Miller and Frank Chadwick
    * "Scenario Review: Verbosh" by Anders Swenson
    * "Origins 80 Scrapbook" by John T. Sapienza, Jr., Tadashi Ehara, and Dan Pierson
    * "RPG Variant: Variable Alignment System" by David F. Nalle
    * "RQ/Glorantha Cult: Cult of the Tiger" by Steve Perrin
    * Book Reviews
      The Complete Wargames Handbook: How to Play, Design and Find Them by James F. Dunnigan (William Morrow)
      An Atlas of Fantasy by J.B. Post (Ballantine)
    * "Ideas: Place For Adventure" by Lewis Pulsipher
    * "Review: Gateway Bestiary" by Anders Swenson
    * "Letter From Gigi: Gossip" by Gigi D'Arn


Sphere of Truth

Level: Sixth
Range: None
Duration: 1 Turn + 1 Round/Level
Area of Effect: 6" Sphere
Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 2 Rounds
Saving Throw: None

By means of this spell the magic user is able to cause all in the area of effect to answer any questions ask of them as honestly as they possibly can. The caster is not affected by this spell but his actions will affect the spell.

When as question is asked of an individual they are required to answer it as honestly as they can. They will be expected to answer the question directly as asked but will not be required to provide more information than is asked for. The caster is not affected by the spell but if they are asked questions and do not answer them honestly the spell is broken.

The material component of this spell is an amount of gold dust sufficient to draw a circle around the area of effect. The gold dust once use will not be usable again. The cost of the gold dust would be right around 10 gp.

Disclaimer: The spells that you will see, for how ever long the write ups last, were all written up or conceived of back in the 80's so the terminology may not appropriate for anything other than 1e and depending on how well I did back then it may be slightly off for that as well. If there is any duplication of spells that exist now it is most likely I wrote mine first :) Please feel free to comment on them but try not to be too hard on me. If anyone wishes to use these in anything they print please let me know in advance and all I ask is proper credit.

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