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Sunday, April 17, 2011

B1-9 In Search of Adventure

In the wake of the success of T1-4 "The Temple of Elemental Evil" TSR began to publish what were marketed as super-modules. These were almost all 128 page (or so) perfect bound compilations of older modules. There were a few that were compilation of shorter new material which were designed to be one or two session adventures used a filler between other modules or inserted into home brew campaigns. None of these super modules met with the same success as TEE except for the GDQ1 which surpassed it and this one. This is perhaps my favorite other than TEE. This gives the DM a combined source of starter modules and these span the entire range of Holmes, B/X and BECMI. I can't recall if any of the included modules were published after the Rules Cyclopedia was. Regardless this is my second favorite and what I feel to be the third best of all the super modules. It won't take your characters from 1- 8 (or higher level) and it is not the world/plane spanning epic of GDQ but it does give the sometime novice or sometime lazy DM a nice selection of kick off points for a campaign.

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