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Saturday, April 23, 2011

T - Tales, Time, Talismans, Triton

Tales from the Infinite Staircase is a series of eight short scenarios that are interwoven among each other. The module was unique in that they can be played in any order and that the actions taken in any of them will affect the course of events in the others and even in the reverse of that. Returning to the locale of a previous adventure may find it changed because of actions in a later adventure. The adventures themselves are all fairly entertaining through maybe a little on the macabre or weird but it is Planescape after all. The module though designed for Planescape campaigns can be played as a stand alone larger adventure set in any campaign world. There are even links to other adventures published in the Forgotten Realms as I recall. I would suggest picking it up and used as the DM sees fit. Either robbing it of ideas, playing it piecemeal rt using it in its entirety....whoever it is used there is something good that can be gleaned from it.


Time Bandits is a movie that I had the good fortune to see in the theater when it was released. I recall nothing thinking I wanted to but a friend drug me along before one of out gaming sessions. Needless to say it sparked all kinds of ideas. Looking back I want to call it The Hobbit meets Bill & Ted. The premise is that dwarves working for the Supreme Being steal a map showing "time holes" and they go on a spree to steal treasure. They end up encounter our protagonist along the way. I won't say much more for fear of spoiling it. I can't recommend it highly enough....did I mention that Terry Gilliam was the director and had part in writing it. I am not sure he can make a bad movie. Run don't walk to your Wal-Mart or whatever and buy this. Don't waste money renting it because you will end up buying it!   


Talismans connected with a long dead deity who is no longer worshiped were brought into town by a young boy who had found a hidden entrance to a cave complex in the near by hills. The deity the talismans are connected with can be who ever the DM uses but was the god of greed, avarice and gluttony from ages past whose worship faded from the world. Legends though tell that temples for the god were tomb like labyrinths filled with large quantities of riches. The most valued treasures of the sect were those stolen from others trying to loot their temples. One can only wonder what lies in the complex the child happened upon and he is willing to show the party the location for a fee. Between his willingness to help and all he useful information on the dead god from that bejeweled fat sage how can this not go well....after all he has no worshipers anymore and is dead right?


Triton Stones are items desired by almost anyone connected with being under water. The wearer of a Triton Stone, which is usually a blue or green gem of unusual luster and value, will have the ability to breather underwater with no time limit. They will also find that they can swim at twice the normal speed that they would normally be able to. The can also survive at twice the depth that a person of their race would normally be able to survive at. Those are the commonly known abilities. If the wearer is sixth level or higher they also gain the ability to polymorph self, while submerged, into a sea creature up to three times per day. The effect will last as long as the spell by the same name. In addition if the wearer is ninth level or higher they can use, again only while submerged, a Monster Summoning ability. The last and least known ability is that once per game week, is submerged in the ocean or or the Plane of Water and of 12th or higher level,  the wearer can call a Triton to their aid. The Triton summoned will be a Mage of 7-10th level or a Cleric of 8-11th level. They will be compelled to help the wearer but if the wearer is evil the Triton will try to be a literal in helping and if possible twist the help.

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NetherWerks said...

Never got into Planescape--we had our own system of planes that we stuck with and have kept on developing instead.

Time Bandits is one of our all-time favorite movies. The Evil Genius is just perfect. Great stuff!

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