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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stormwatch Newsletter #1 - Dragon Storm

Stormwatch was the house newsletter for the Dragon Storm card based RPG. This came out during what I like to call the dark days of RPGs. M:tG was in its heyday and in something that I thought would never happen a once upstart card company that had been turned down by most of the industry giants bought the once 800 pound gorilla in the room. I know because at one time I had become an card flipper.

Dragon Storm was at best a fringe game in either genre but it and the other failed attempt by WotC called Everway had already done their damage. The seed long planted will sometimes take sprout as evidenced by Hasbro's new-found desire to make everything RPG into a card based system.  Somewhere in the corporate offices some boy genius who was never a real RPG player but had for three months played 3e remembered this game and mentioned how easy it was to get gamers to pay $2 to $3 for a pack of cards and making some more rare than others just ups the ante. I personally think that this is the death throws of what was D&D. In the long run that may be the best thing for the industry but it is sort of like seeing Carrie Fisher in Sorority Row...I would rather have remembered he in the gold bikini.

PS. There were actually some nice ideas for adventures passed along in these newsletters.

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Appelmans said...

I see your posting msotly pictures of rpg's and related materials..

Is this to show off your collection?
Or are you perhaps thinking of doing away with some of it?

I would be very interested in obtaining some of the books or newsletter releated to Dragon storm.

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