"Go to the sign of Harvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K - Kithbook, Krull, Kleptomania, Kharg's Doom

The entire Kithbook series is some of the best material that White Wolf has ever released in my humble opinion. Some of them are more desirable for collectors and this is the one that everyone wants. I am not certain myself why the Pooka book is the most desired. I have read parts of all of them and have not been able to determine why. It may be just that the race is the most desired by most to play. The Pooka are by nature tricksters and makers of mischief. The can also shapechange which makes them adaptable to almost any situation. I guess when you type it I can now see why this might be the most sought after of the books. If you get a chance to read this or any of the Kithbooks and find Changeling in anyway interesting make a point to do so.


Krull is another of those early 80's fantasy films that are still fairly well received today. I would have to say that that period in time may have been the Golden Age for fantasy movies. I would also probably attribute that to the popularity of D&D at that time. I do not think the Mazes&Monsters hysteria had struck yet though I am not sure of the timing. Regardless of all that Krull is a fun movie with though predictable plot still worth watching. In its day the special effects were well done. That and after watching the movie who did not want to find a way to use the Glaive as a weapon!


Kleptomania strikes one of the player characters as an affliction. The character affected can be selected at random but I would make it the most uncomfortable choice possible. If there were a paladin in the group it would be him...only for the role playing aspects of it and plot. The onset can be slow and spread over a few sessions or longer. The character will begin finding things that they do not remember how they got and then start carelessly picking things up and forgetting to return or replace them. Eventually it will become a full on Kleptomaniac stealing without control until caught. Obviously a curse but why, how and who....maybe that Thieves Guild the group played a hand in thwarting awhile back.....


Kharg's Doom is a legendary mace from the great Orc War that occurred sometime in the campaigns distant past. Kharg was the leader of the great Orc unification that brought not only most all of the Orc tribes but also many of the other humanoid tribes under one banner and leader. The humanoids once unified were a near unstoppable force. They armies they mustered were able to run roughshod over the smaller kingdoms and were slowly whittling away at the large human and the elf kingdom. The dwarves had shut their halls trying to weather the storm. The elves though were able to enlist the aid of the dwarven smiths and between them constructed a weapon to destroy the Orc King.

Kharg's Doom will a mace of unusually large size adorned with a mix of elvish script and dwarven runes. The head of the mace resembles or is a metallic orc skull. The mace is +5 in nature making it already formidable weapon but it will also do double damage to any humanoid when struck. When wielded by a character of at least 15th level the weapon will have a 50% chance to kill on contact any humanoid of less than seven hit die.  The last effect is what allowed the destruction of Kharg though. The mace allows the caster to take the form of any desired humanoid for an indefinite period of time but they must declare a task when this occurs and any deviation breaks the spell as will accomplishing the task. The change allows them to understand and speak all languages that would be appropriate. When the task is completed or change is broken there is a price to pay. The wielder will have to safe versus Death Magic or lose half of their levels with a save only costing them one quarter. This save is made at a -1 for each week they were changes. Finally they will age one half of any remaining years of their normal life expectancy.

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