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Friday, June 2, 2023

Bunnies & Burrows (1976) - First Printing

From the web:

BUNNIES & BURROWS is a complete Fantasy Role Playing Game which takes as its ‘world’ the mundane world as seen through the eyes of rabbits, in the tradition of novels like WATERSHIP DOWN. Players take the roles of various rabbit types as they explore their world, defend their kin, and generally face adventure in a world more fantastic than fiction.

Since its first release in 1976, BUNNIES & BURROWS has become a well-known, if cultish, game for role players of all ages. The subject matter is a bit unusual, but the game is complete and easy to play. Perhaps due to the uncommon nature of role playing something other than a human hero, B&B has developed a cult of its own and continues to grow in popularity.

What you hold in your hands proves that this ‘legendary game’ is not a myth, it is a fully playable game in which rabbit adventurers take the roles of scouts, fighters, seers, mavericks, herbalists, and storytellers and explore the great unknown. BUNNIES & BURROWS is a game for a GameMaster and from two to ten players.


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