"Go to the sign of Marvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Monday, September 30, 2019

SJG - Killer (Fourth Edition)

From the web:

"the game of assassination"

Steve Jackson Games interpretation of the public domain game Assassin.

From the back:

"Killer is the exciting live roleplaying game for intelligent, creative and slightly uncivilized people ... people who want to knock off their friends ... without hurting them."

Sunday, September 29, 2019

SJG - In Nomine: You Are Here

From the web:

This book is full of different locations that can be used as instant adventures in themselves, or worked into a campaign to add flavor. The secret projects of Demon Princes; the sacred areas protected by Archangels; Ethereal Domains etched into the global unconscious; purely human areas on Earth that the War hasn't touched yet - they're all here.

Friday, September 27, 2019

SJG Game Design Volume #1: Theory & Practice

From the web:

Written for the serious game designer - or for the amateur who'd like to be published professionally - this book, by one of the field's top designers for decades, combines practical advice with theoretical background. Beginning with a discussion of the theoretical background of gaming, Game Design covers the historical development of the modern adventure game . . . from an occasional pastime for a dedicated few to today's multi-million-dollar game industry.

Chapters include:
Theoretical Foundations
Historical Background
Mapping and Movement
Combat and Play Sequence
Combat Strength and Resolution
Advanced Combat Systems
RPG Design
Designing for the Market
Game Evaluation

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Steve Jackson Games - Autoduel Champions

From the web:


Autoduel Champions is one supplement for two great games. You don't need both games to play - it works with either one! Champions players can now add autoduelling and vehicular combat... for a campaign in 1920s Chicago, the present, or the dog-eat-dog Car Wars world of 2033. And Car Wars players can add Superheroes to their campaigns! Complete Helicopter rules are also included.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Steve Jackson - Cardboard Heroes Modern Characters

From the web:

. . . And whether these heroes are the costumed, super-powered type, the neighborhood fireman, or the Special Forces veteran - or something else entirely - you need a way to bring them into the thick of your modern-day roleplaying action. Cardboard Heroes Modern Characters has over 400 full-color, standup cardboard figures in 25mm scale, for a fraction of the price (and the weight!) of metal miniatures. You get soldiers and cops, Nazis and gangsters, cowboys and Indians, and lots and lots of modern-day civilians for all your games.

Cardboard Heroes Modern Characters also has hundreds of weapons, accessories, corpses, and other lie-flat counters to make your games even more vivid and realistic. So whether you're playing Old West, gangsters and G-men, world at war, espionage, covert ops, near-future, post-apocalypse, superhero, or any other kind of RPG set in the world of today . . . or thereabouts . . . we've got the figures you need!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Spelljammer - SJA3: Crystal Spheres

From the Back Cover:

Traveling the space lanes is risky and mysterious, and danger comes in many forms. The rescue of a tiny ship from pirate attackers leads to the discovery of a monumental, supernatural evil. Nothing is ever routine in space...

Crystal Spheres takes the player characters through four unique crystal spheres to battle a powerful force of darkness. Player Characters will find themselves fighting not just for their lives, but the fate of an entire solar system and its millions of inhabitants.

Crystal Spheres is an adventure for the AD&D SPELLJAMMER campaign setting. The SPELLJAMMER boxed set is required to play. This 64-page adventure will easily adopt to any campaign world.

This adventure is designed for four to eight characters of levels 5 to 7.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Spelljammer SJA2: Skull & Crossbows

From back cover:

Different worlds have different laws. But everywhere you go, you're going to find people who bend and break those laws and turn a healthy profit doing it. Whether sailing the high seas or the Flow, they are called pirates.

It's these pirates that you've been hired to hunt. With letters of marque in your map case, your job is to track down and capture, alive or dead, some of the most dangerous characters in the known (and unknown) spheres.

Of course, not everyone in space is a pirate. You'll also meet Torgan Betz (a man famous for bending the laws, rarely breaking them), Tiktitik, the Thri-kreen crusader, "Thought Taker," the illithid, and the feared Drow commander Teela Darkcloud. Even so, they all have their personal agendas, and it's often hard to tell enemies from friends.

Skull & Crossbows is an anthology of adventures for the SPELLJAMMER campaign setting. This 64-page anthology easily follows Wildspace, but can be used in any existing AD&D SPELLJAMMER campaign.

This adventure is designed for a party of four to six characters, levels 6 to 10.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Silver Age Sentinels (D20)

From the web:

Silver Age Sentinels is the ultimate role-playing game system for the superhero genre and beyond! Featuring the d20 game engine, Silver Age Sentinels invokes the themes and ideals of the Silver Age of comics placed in a modern context. This black and white, softcover core rulebook contains everything you need to play the entire range of superhuman power levels in your adventures -- from street vigilantes to spandex-clad heroes to galactic entities! Silver Age Sentinels also includes: the complete world setting of Empire City, a quick play character generation option, dozens of sample characters, and a template-driven vehicle and weapon creation system. Superhero gaming has never been easier!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Shred #5

From the web:

Vol. 1, #5 "Character History Generator, Modular Castle Design"
by Muse Publishing
Publish Year: 2000
Pages: 32

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Shred #4

From the web:

Vol. 1, #4 "Labyrinth Generator"
by Muse Publishing
Publish Year: 2000
Pages: 32

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Shred #3

From the web:

Vol. 1, #3 "The First Step in Becoming a Game Designer"
by Muse Publishing
Publish Year: 2000
Pages: 32

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shred #2

From the web:

Vol. 1, #2 "How to Get that Game Published, Star Wars"
by Muse Publishing
Category: Role Playing Games
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Genre: Magazine - Role-Playing
Product Line: Shred Magazine
Publish Year: 2000
Pages: 32

Monday, September 16, 2019

Shred #1

From the web:


Trickster and Trapster - Magical swords galore!
Memnon's Myths - The First God
The Weird Science Adventures of Dr. Symm - the World's Smartest Monkey
Historical Rip-Off Theater - The Great Pyramid
Jim Ward's Stylings -Breaking into the Game Business
Smithing Games - The Concept Stage
Monty Haul - The Smallish Chamber of Doom
Krytykle's Hits - 7th Sea Role-Playing Game
A Puzzling Puzzle - Fantasy Role-Playing
The Nefarious Dr. Random - Potions
Generally Gaming - GMing RPGs under a Time Limit
The Armchair Adventurer - Vicarious Adventure
Parody Cards

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Shelzar - City of Sins

From the back of the book:

City of Pleasure and Peril

In Shelzar the Wicked, every desire can be fulfilled for those able to pay the price. Said to be half as old as Scarn itself, Shelzar has survived conquest, catastrophe and chaos to emerge as the continent's capital of decadence and sin. This volume contains a complete history of Shelzar, details for its inhabitants, locations, and culture, as well as adventures to challenge the most jaded of player characters.

Venture to the most decadent city of Ghelspad, learn it's secrets and partake of its pleasures, but never let your guard down, for death comes quickly as delight in Shelzar's smoke-filled chambers and shadowed alleys, and the hand that delivers a soft caress one moment can hold a poisoned dagger the next. Desire and danger are one in the City of Sins.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Shards of the Stone - Core

From the website:

"When the lesser gods were instructed to create Life, they cast their powers into the creation of the mystical CoreStone. This nexus of all of the powers of each of the gods carried within it the perfect symbiosis of passion and reason, of order and chaos, of reality and unreality. It was unparalleled in its beauty and simplicity but became the source of envy among some of the gods and soon became the centrepoint of a grand struggle of gods versus gods.

Soon, the CoreStone shattered, and with it came the devastation of the Core world in the centre of which the CoreStone was entombed. Shards of the Stone were scattered to the poles of the world and great schisms wracked the landscape as mountains fell and lakes rose from their beds to form the peaks of craggy sentinels of the world's distress.

This is the world into which you are entering. This is the conflict that you will soon become an active participant... or victim of. This is the vision that will become your dream... or your nightmare...

Shards of the Stone features the greatest talent in the gaming and fiction industry including Ed Greenwood, Jason Engle, Matt Forbeck, Dan McGirt, Kevin Ranson, Aaron Acevedo, Jared Nielsen and many more. Shards of the Stone is many realms made into one marvelous setting, each with a distinctly unique and imaginative feel with a ShardMaster moderating the realm and helping each one of you as you contribute to the grand setting."

Monday, September 9, 2019

Shaintar Immortal Legends - Players Guide (First)

From the back cover:


And the Shaintar: Immortal Legends Player's Guide has everything you need to become one. Create and play characters in Shaintar, or any epic high fantasy setting for Savage Worlds using:

* Eleven distinct races easily adaptable to other Savage settings
* Seven styles of magic including the new Alchemy Arcane Background
* Simple rules for languages and enhanced Common Knowledge usage
* More than twenty adapted Edges from the excellent Evernight, 50 Fathoms, and Necessary Evil settings.
* Over two dozen new Edges unique to the world of Shaintar
* Enhanced rules for bypassing armor that combine seamlessly with the Called Shot maneuver
* Armor, weapons, and special gear exclusive to Shaintar
* More than two dozen additional Powers, both new and adapted from previous sources
* New Applications mechanic for Powers to enhance Sorcerous magic
* A complete overview of Shaintar to help you create characters destined for greatness

Shaintar: Immortal Legends requires the Savage Worlds rulebook, available wherever you found this book, or online at www.greatwhitegames.com

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Shadoweun - First Edition (softcover)

From the web:

The year is 2050.

Magic is as real as the mean streets of the mega-sprawls. Corporations call the shots while nailing each other through covert operatives in cutthroat competition. Flesh and machines have merged - the street samurai with his smartguns and impossibly fast reflexes, the decker who can plug his own brain into the worldwide computer network, the rigger who links his mind to his vehicle and takes hairpin turns at fantastic speeds. And you're a part of this wired world, where corporate skyscrapers glitter over the dark shadows they cast. You live in those shadows. You're a shadowrunner - a street operative.

You may be human or troll, dwarf or elf. You may throw fireballs, pull out your trusty Uzi or slice through computer security with a program as elegant and deadly as a stiletto. No matter what, you get the job done. You're a shadowrunner - a professional. You don't just survive in the shadows - you thrive there... for now.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen - Second Edition

Tri-fold screen with 32 page booklet called  "Contacts" -- Dozens of archetypes and contacts.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Shadis #32

From the web:

Volume 5, No. 7

Cover by Thomas Biondiolillo

The featured articles are:
  • Hunters, Inc. - A complete role-playing system, based on John Steakley's book, VAMPIRE$
  • Shadowrun Modern Magic - How ordinary people use everyday magic in the world of cyber-orks

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Shadis #50

From the web:

"Greyhawk Returns"

Volume 7, Number 1

August 1998

Cover "Maximum Black" by Tim Bradstreet

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Shadis #23

Volume 4, No. 5

Cover by Gerald Brom

The featured article is:
  • Bug Hunt - A Battlelords adventure

Monday, September 2, 2019

Shades of Heroes

From the web:

Originally Shades of Heroes was designed make money and to compete with 2nd edition D&D. D&D was produced at that time, by TSR which had just declared bankruptcy. We had a dream (I say "we" because there were many of us back then) that we could produce a game to fill the gap left by TSR. It was not a bad dream, but our lack of experience taught us a severe lesson. Two years later we were so deep in debt that bankruptcy was our only way out. With gaping wounds and smashed dreams; Argonaut Game Studios (yes the plural used to be reversed) and Shades of Heroes faded out of existence.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Shades of Earth

I know nothing bout this. I don't even remember, where , when or how I got it.

From the web:

Shades of Earth is a world of where magic is the secret weapon and the grit of simple men and women make all the difference. Secret cabals and organization battle one another and the monsters they now know exist in a battle for who will control the world. It is not so clear who are the good or if someone is evil, only whether you trust them to fight by your side. In 1938, the world stands poised on the brink of war. Some rush towards it while others fight the rising tide. Which side do you want to be on?

Department 12, the newest of the secret organizations, has its roots in the League of Nations. It is a joint operation between the British and the United States. They hope to curb the rising forces of the Gestapo while learnign as much as they can as fast as they can. The Gestapo work to increase the power of the Reich, gather arcane objects and collecting vast pools of spiritual energy...by any means necessary. The Guard of Babur maintain their holy vigil against the Thuggees. The Thuggees, worshipers of Kali though destroyed in the 1800s, have bided their time, waiting for their numbers to grow. They are now poised to move. The Neter, an Egyptian cult, are pledged to guard the Gate of Ptah, a portal to other worlds. There numbers have waned but their power still protects the Gate. The Mafia and the Catholic Church battle themselves as much as any other force. The Church maintains two organizations, one dedicated to the irradiation of magic while another dedicated to its research. Through all of it, the most ancient of them all, the Clan of the Dragon watch as kingdoms rise and fall, petty rulers implement their plans. The fight the Japanese in China but maintain a much larger view of history and the future.

All of these groups pursue their own special agendas using agents and minions to do their will. Look into your heart and ask yourself, which side am I on?

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