"Go to the sign of Marvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Earthdawn (1993)

From the back of the book:

The Age of Legend

Before science, before history, there was an Age of Legend...

For years humanity huddled in underground kaers, as the astral beings known as the Horrors ravaged the land in an orgy of terror and destruction. Now the long, dark age of the Scourge has passed, and brave adventurers emerge to reclaim their world.

Elf, ork, t'skrang, human, and other wondrous races explore a world that teems with strange creatures and unseen dangers; a world of lost cities, of ancient, long-forgotten treasures and indescribable wonders; a world where the very earth and sky vibrate with magical energies.

In this age of legend, heroes rekindle the glory of days past and become the legends of tomorrow.

Join these brave souls and begin roleplaying in Earthdawn, the Age of Legend.


Monday, February 27, 2023

The Arcanum (1984) - 2nd Edition (85)

From the web:

A book billed as a 'fantasy role-playing game supplement' but which also contains complete rules for independent play. Based on a Dungeons and Dragons-like system it contains its own set of nine abilities and suggestions for conversion between systems.

This reference has a breadth of ideas within it, including over thirty professions (classes) and a sophisticated magic system including spells, signs and symbols, alchemical and magical mixtures and magical devices.


Sunday, February 26, 2023

UK4: When a Star Falls (1984)

From the back cover:

"The power of prophecy is given to few. Wise are they who guard this gift well, for those who thirst after such knowledge are not always men of principle.

Bastion of destiny, the Tower of the Heavens stands silhouetted against the star-studded night sky. From within his darkened observatory, perched like an eyrie on the highest turret, a figure in white charts the course of a shooting-star as it disappears behind the snow-capped peaks of the Tegefed mountains.

The old man smiles grimly to himself; the event foretold has come to pass!

Power, glory, riches - it takes years to acquire them. The uncanny accuracy of their predictions has brought all these and more to the sages of the Tower of the Heavens. But what is hard to win is often easier to lose, and the future of the tower now hangs in the balance.

For it is written that the day of reckoning draws nearer when a star falls...."


Saturday, February 25, 2023

UK5: Eye of the Serpent (1984)

From the back cover:

"Gazing down from the pinnacle of Hardway Mountain, who would not be drawn by the far-off glint of the Serpent's Eye? The descent will be hard, the mountain knows neither mercy nor compassion. Many are the lessons to be learned, but fate has left you little choice - are you equal to the challenge?

Eye of the Serpent is a one-on-one wilderness adventure module for one player and one Dungeon Master, and has been designed to develop the specialist skills of a first level druid, ranger, or monk character. It can also be used for a normal party of 4-6 first level player characters.

The perils of Hardway Mountain are unchanging, but the routes between them are not. This module includes a unique route planning system with different routes linking the encounters to challenge the abilities of druids, rangers, or monks. Alternately, Dungeon Masters can change the routings to create their own original and exciting adventures."


Friday, February 24, 2023

UK1: Beyond the Crystal Cave (1983)

This is perhaps tied with U1 for my favorite TSR published module.

From the cover:

"Fleeing the rage that consumed their feuding families, Juliana and Orlando fled to the Cave of Echoes, where it is said every wish is granted. Two years have passed, and all attempts to return the lovers to their parents have failed, though some believe them lost in the enchanted garden beyond the cave. Many are the rescuers venturing into that enchanted park; a few have returned after long absences, their minds and memories curiously disturbed. Now, the handsome reward offered for the return of the lovers has tempted you, but who knows what lies beyond the Crystal Cave?"

 An Adventure for Character Levels 4-7

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Den of Thieves (1996)

From the back cover:

"Watch your back!

Who stalks the fog-shrouded alleys of the night? Who rules where the City Watch fears to tread? Enter the secret organized underground of thieves, pickpockets, cat burglars, upright men, and kingpins. This 96-page book includes eye-opening details about thieves' guilds, a complete underworld organization, new adventures, and magical items. Also included is a full-color poster map showing an elaborate thieves' hideout in great detail."


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

On Hallowed Ground (1996)

From the web:

No ordinary tome can hold the powers of the planes, berk. That's why On Hallowed Ground is two books in one. In the first chapters, learn what divine compacts keep the gods from tearing the multiverse apart. Get the dark on turning player characters into proxies. Find out what happens when a spellslinger brings a petitioner back to life. And tumble to the awesome prestige - and awesome danger - of walking the Great Ring as a priest.

The second part of On Hallowed Ground delivers the chant on hundreds of AD&D game powers, from Aasterrinian to Zivilyn - and just about every high-up in between. More than a summary of old material, it updates the AD&D game's gods for the PLANESCAPE campaign setting, featuring their trusted proxies, their brash rivalries, and their hard-won roles in the cosmos.

Written for Dungeon Masters and players, this 192-page, full-color book includes:
• 20 separate pantheons detailing the powers worshipped by humans, demihumans, and monsters (including the deities of the AD&D game worlds). Zeus, Sung Chiang, Gruumsh, Takhisis - they're all here, based on chant from Legends & Lore, the DEITIES & DEMIGODS book, Monster Mythology, and AD&D game world sources.
• New ideas and rules for priest characters on the planes.
• Tips on creating, visiting, and surviving divine realms.
• A look at powers favored by factions and planewalkers.
• Comprehensive appendices listing gods by pantheon and portfolio.
• Full-color maps of realms glorious and infernal.


Tuesday, February 21, 2023

CM4: Earthshaker! (1985)

From the back of the book:

"Into your hands has been thrust a great responsibility - management of a growing domain. It has been a hard winter. Now, with the coming of spring, the populace looks to you for leadership. It will take a careful and generous hand to restore your subjects' confidence.

But even as you hold your first courts of the new season, an ominous shadow falls across the land. Earthshaker - wonder of the world - has arrived! Will its arrival be a curse or a blessing?

With bold action and skillful diplomacy, you may yet divert disaster. But if you fail, the consequences will certainly be the subject of many a minstrel's tragic songs for years to come!

Earthshaker includes a complete dominion setting, new player characters and NPCs, and complete material on one of the greatest marvels of the world - the giant and unstoppable Earthshaker!"


Monday, February 20, 2023

CM3: Sabre River (1984)

From the web:

An adventure for characters level 18 through 22. The rules set is based on D&D Basic, Expert and Companion rule books and the adventure assumes that the characters may have settled down to form their own dominions. On this adventure the characters and the land they occupy is suddenly afflicted with a curse. They must reach a Seer on a mysterious island to find the cause and then brave the Tower of Terror and the Heart of the River to lift the curse.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Talislanta: Sorcerer's Guide (1988)

From the back of the book:

"The SORCERER'S GUIDE is an invaluable aid to the aspiring Magician, and an indispensable reference work for fantasy role-playing in the world of TALISLANTA. Within the pages of this book are contained the secrets of Talislantan magic, including:

The Lyceum Arcanum: Cymril's fabled institute of magic, with detailed floor plans, course list, and information on the Lyceum Faculty...

A listing of rare spells and incantations penned by the ancient masters of Talislantan magic...

Over a hundred different types of enchanted items, including weapons, artifacts, charms and fetishes...

A listing of magical tomes and reference works...

Tamerlin's Guide to Extra-Dimensional Entities: A timely manual for magicians of all professions, featuring stats and illustrations for a number of creatures and beings never revealed before...

Lists of Magical Correspondences: Indicating the magical properties (reputed or otherwise) of plants, gemstones, and various animal ingredients...

A dozen new character types, including the Rogue Magician, Mystic Warrior, Phantasian Astromancer, Nagra Shaman and others...

The Ariane Maze-City of Altan...

Cabal Magicus: A fabulous floating settlement, home to the Phantasians...

and much more...

A whole new dimension in fantasy role-playing"


Saturday, February 18, 2023

Monster Manual (AD&D 1e) (1977) - 2nd Printing

From the front cover:

"An illustrated compendium of monsters: Aerial Servant to Zombie"

From the back cover:

This book provides a complete alphabetical listing of all 'monsters' encountered in the various works which comprise the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game system. It is an invaluable aid to players and dungeon masters alike!

For example:


FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 15"
% IN LAIR: 0%
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
SIZE: S (2' tall)

The quasit is the unchanged form of the familiar of a chaotic evil magic-user or cleric. As such it is very rarely encountered except in the planes of the abyss or upon the death of its master or ...


Friday, February 17, 2023

Legends & Lore (1983)

From the web:

In 1983 Demigods & Deities was retitled to Legends & Lore and given new cover art (by Jeff Easley) and an orange spine to match the style the core AD&D hardcover books had been changed to in 1983. the printing numbers were continued from Demigods & Deities and other than a note on the printing number the contents of the book remained identical to latter Demigods & Deities and through the Sixth (1985), Seventh (1988) and Eighth and final (1990) printings.

Now you can add the grandeur of epic quests to your game. This book provides the Dungeon Master with details of heroes, gods, and monsters from myth, fiction, and legend for use in creating an AD&D fantasy world.  

Thursday, February 16, 2023

D1: Descent Into the Depths of the Earth (1978)

First in the Drow series and follows directly after G3 in the Giant series. Written by Gary Gygax himself. It is a shorter module clocking in at just sixteen pages but the text is dense and there is not much filler in that text. The modular nature of the entire D series and its encounter and mapping allows the DM to add their touch to the series and make it as large and long as they desire.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

MA3: The Ultimate Powers Book (1986)

From the back cover:

Two-hundred and ninety-three powers times five ranges times eighteen power levels equals -- 26,370 discrete powers!

Within these covers are nearly 300 powers, gleaned from your favorite comics, science fiction and fantasy novels, and dozens of other sources. All are detailed in MARVEL SUPER HEROES Advanced Set terms.

From Energy Emission to Mental Control, from Energy Doppelgangers to Forced Reincarnation, the powers you've been waiting for are here. A new kind of character generation system (to use or not, the choice is yours) has been created, enabling you to do even more than before. New tables for ranges and movements have also been set up, to take into account the staggering proportions of these powers.

Now, whether you dream of creating a CPA or the BEYONDER, here's the book that'll help you do it.

This game accessory is designed for use with the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Advanced Set.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

GURPS Wizards (1998)

From the web:

First in a series of three GURPS books presenting fantasy character archetypes throughout the ages (the others were "GURPS Warriors" and "GURPS Rogues"), from the lowly apprentice to the non-magical super mage. Covers the typical mages as well as magic-using variants of assassins, law enforcement, spies, and thieves.

GURPS Wizards contains 28 different templates, each with four complete characters giving you 112 ready-to-use sample characters as well as a complete guide to the magical professions.


Monday, February 13, 2023

Relics and Rituals (2001)

From the back cover:

A cache of new magic items and spells for 3rd edition rules.

This new handbook for 3rd-edition players gives you a treasure trove of new prestige character classes, new arcane and divine spells, rules for ritual magic casting, and hundreds of new magic items ranging from minor wondrous items to colossal relics of the gods.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Epic Level Handbook (2002)

From the web:

Legends Begin Here

Songs are sung and tales are told of heroes who have advanced beyond most adventuring careers. They confront mightier enemies and face deadlier challenges, using powers and abilities that rival even the gods.

This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to transcend the first twenty levels of experience and advance characters to virtually unlimited levels of play. Along with epic magic items, epic monsters, and advice on running an epic campaign, the Epic Level Handbook also features epic NPCs from the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk campaign settings.


Saturday, February 11, 2023

Burning Shaolin (2001)

From the back of the book:

Now is the time when corrupt eunuch officials undermine a once-great ruling Dynasty; when martial artists, white-bearded old masters, and supernatural creatures struggle for control of powerful chi forces; when a band of honorable warriors is called upon to battle a demon sorcerer in a legendary mountain monastery...

...This is one demon in dire need of some Kung Fu butt kicking!

Burning Shaolin is a dual-system D20/Feng Shui adventure.


Friday, February 10, 2023

Manual of the Planes (2001)

From the back of the book:

Visit New Dimensions

The most powerful adventurers know that great rewards—and great perils—await them beyond the world they call home. From the depths of Hell to the heights of Mount Celestia, from the clockwork world of Mechanus to the swirling chaos of Limbo, these strange and terrifying dimensions provide new challenges to adventurers who travel there. Manual of the Planes is your guidebook on a tour of the multiverse.

This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to know before you visit other planes of existence. Included are new prestige classes, spells, monsters, and magic items. Along with descriptions of dozens of new dimensions, Manual of the Planes includes rules for creating your own planes.

To use this supplement, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, DUNGEON MASTER'S Guide, and the Monster Manual. A player needs only the Player's Handbook.


Thursday, February 9, 2023

FRS1: The Dalelands (1993)

From the web:

Between Cormyr and the Moonsea lie the beautiful forests and fields of the Dalelands, home to some of the most powerful characters and exciting adventures in the Heartlands. Proud and free, these scattered realms stand against the dark evil of Zhentil Keep and the savage raiders of the mountains and forests. Ancient magic lies buried in dangerous ruins within the vast Elven Woods, waiting for the hand bold enough to seize it.

The Dalelands are a place where adventurers are welcomed, and heroes rewarded with gold, honor, and power. Enemies, old and new, move against the Dales constantly, and the call goes out for brave and true heroes to defend the land!

The Dalelands are the oldest campaign setting of the Forgotten Realms, finally described in detail. New and exciting information about each of these independent lands is contained in this accessory. Of course, the dark and sinister enemies who plot against the Dales are described as well! Prepare to meet the challenges of the Dalelands!


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

GAZ8: The Five Shires (1988)

From the web:

"Humans (and other races) call them "halflings," and tend not to take the little folk too seriously. They look like children, so they get treated like children - distrusted, underestimated, or just plain ignored.

But there's much more to the hin (as the halflings call themselves) than petty thievery and childish pranks. They are a tough, mature people, proud of theit legacy of centuries of survival in the face of indifference and outright persecution from other races. The Five Shires, the latest Gazetteer for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system, gives you a total, in-depth look at the hin and their world, including:

- A new Halfling character class
- Everything you need to know about halfling magic
- Exciting adventures in the Five Shires
- A large full color map of the Five Shires, and its towns
- A secret about halfling pirates
- Seperate DM and Players' Booklets - 96 pages in all!
- The Secret of the Blackflame"


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

T1: The Village of Hommlet (1979)

From the cover:


The Village of Hommlet has grown up around a crossroads in a woodland. Once far from any important activity, it became embroiled in the struggle between gods and demons when the Temple of Elemental Evil arose but a few leagues away. Luckily for its inhabitants, the Temple and its evil hordes were destroyed a decade ago, but Hommlet still suffers from incursions of bandits and strange monsters . . .

This module contains a map of the village and lands around, a large scale map of the inn, church, trading post, and guard tower (main floor, upper rooms and cellars), an informational key regarding the inhabitants, and a map and exploration key for a destroyed moat house, a former outpost of the Temple of Elemental Evil. The whole provides a complete, ready-to-play scenario, and is a lead-in to DUNGEON MODULE T2, THE TEMPLE OF ELEMENTAL EVIL.


Monday, February 6, 2023

FR 16: The Shining South (1993)

From the Back of the Book:

Far off in the south exist countries of legend. Here live the powerful, reclusive mages of Halruaa, the cheerful halflings of Luiren, and the traders of Durpar and Var the Golden. Come along on a risky visit to Dambrath, a country ruled by an alliance of drow and the priestesses of Loviatar, or to Ulgarth, where the only true coffee in the Realms in grown.

Prepare to shop the fabulous markets of Durpar, break bread at the bakeries of Luiren, or see the horse fairs of Dambrath. The lucky among you might even catch a glimpse of a Halruan skyship, floating through the skies above the Great Sea, or witness the breathtaking, seemingly choreographed Dance of the Dolphins.

This sourcebook contains the necessary gaming information for a FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign to expand into the countries collectively known as the Shining South.


Sunday, February 5, 2023

Mythic Races (2001)

From the back cover:

Mythic Races is the essential d20 System resource for new character races and prestige classes. This beautifully illustrated sourcebook presents more than two dozen fully detailed and original races. Entries include information on physical description, personality, religion, relations with other races, unique racial traits, a racial prestige class, and much more.

Whether you're a player or DM, Mythic Races offers a wide range of challenging new possibilities for your campaign, from the familiar to the exotic to the downright bizarre.


Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Wheel of Time (2001)

From the web:

Rulebook for The Wheel of Time RPG. Includes character generation and leveling rules, which makes this a self-contained D20 product that does not require the core D&D rules.

Includes the races and classes for the Wheel of Time book series, including rules on the One Power and more traditional feats, prestige classes and setting.


Friday, February 3, 2023

Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook (2001)

From the web:

The Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook contains everything players and GMs alike need to set their Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 campaign in the world of Tellene. It contains full color interior illustrations and maps, extensive details on all regions of the world and it inhabitants, notes on languages, gods and laws, and astronomical and currency data.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Kingdoms of Kalamar Player's Guide (2002)

From the web:

The Player's Guide expands on and adds depth to the information presented in the Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook regarding the world / setting of Tellene. Also included in this book intended for D&D 3e are the following:

New Variant Classes
New Prestige Classes
New Feats
New Weapons and Armor
New Combat Options
New Skills
New Clerical Domains
New Spells
Scalable Spells

Players and GMs alike will find important information here for integrating their PCs and adventures into the Kingdoms of Kalamar.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

FR5: The Savage Frontier (1988)

From the Back of the Book:

North of Waterdeep, the land is cold, vast, and forbidding. The Trackless Sea stretches northward for what seems like forever, interrupted only by the occasional island and, eventually, the ice. On land, towns and villages flourish right up to the Spine Of The World Mountains. It takes a special kind of person to live up here, a determined person used to hardship, a survivor. A person with a great love for life and a great respect for the forces - both natural and unnatural - that can end it.

The Savage Frontier is now fully detailed for your roleplaying campaign. The cultures, personalities, economics, cities, towns, and wilderness are described for an AD&D campaign of any size or level. From the barbarian tribes of the far north to the exciting land where adventures can be found anywhere. And, of course, it's all part of the best-selling Forgotten Realms Campaign Set, home to many other AD&D modules, source-books, and even novels!


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