"Go to the sign of Marvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HackMaster - Smackdown the Slavers

From the Back Cover:

"Prepare yourself my friend, for you are about to embark on a journey into a land where magic and monsters lurk in every darkened corner. This is not a place for the meek spirited or the wuss of heart. The Garweeze Wurld campaign setting is a land embroiled in an epic struggle that has raged for countless eons: where the forces of evil war against those of good, where law struggles to keep chaos in check, where adventure and the art of hack are the meat and drink of all who would seek to carve their niche in such a hostile, forbidding and unforgiving environment. This is the realm of the HackMaster roleplaying game."

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

HackMaster - R2 Robinloft 2: Tahd's Legacy

From the back of the book:

"Welcome to an adventure of dark mystery and romance for the HackMaster system! Herein the PCs must sort dream from reality and face the daunting task of figuring out who the villain really is.

Though this module is a sequel to the blockbuster "Robinloft" adventure, it can also be run independently from that work. Of course, those who played the first adventure will find a special surprise. Robinloft 2 is recommended for characters of 8-10th level."

Monday, May 29, 2017

HackMaster - Robinloft

From the publishers website:

"Welcome to Robinloft, a gloomy realm of despair and gothic horror. This HackMaster version of the classic Ravenloft adventure is sure to keep your players on edge with plenty of twists and turns as they try to escape from Count Vlad'Neer. This horrific module includes new monsters and other features that have helped make HackMaster the 2001 Game of the Year."

Sunday, May 28, 2017

HackMaster - UK1: Porpher's Enchanted Garden

From the back cover:

"Long ago on this lovely Isle of Gartez, there lived a beautiful half-elven princess, Caerwyn, with her human lover, Porpher Blahar, a magic-user of some power. She, being a woman who knew, and got, what she wanted, had a beautiful garden created. Porpher is said to have laid an enchantment on it to enhance the garden's beauty, and pleasantly to beguile and tease those honored few who, on occasion, were invited as guests to enjoy the garden of their hosts.

But alas, all flesh is mortal, and even elves must die. So it was with Caerwyn in the fullness of time. After her passing, Porpher caused a tomb to be raised in the midst of the home that had given them both such delight.

Then he went about, and placed upon the garden new enchantments, bolder enchantments, of a more powerful kind, to guard and preserve its peacefulness from all intruders.

When this task was done, he ceased his personal magicks and allowed his own life to slip away, leaving instructions that he and she should lie together for all eternity in the tomb within the garden of their love, so that even in death they would not be apart.

So it remains to this very day. There have been those who tried, spurred on by greed created with stories of great treasure entombed with the two lovers. For that is always the way with men -- give him a mystery, and he must solve it. Many failed to even enter the garden, and those who have and returned after a *cough* long absence, their minds and memories seemed to have been... altered. And I want to know what happened to my daughter."

 P.S. The basis for this is one of my personal favorite AD&D modules and one that I feel is often overlooked. It is based on the adventure Beyond the Crystal Cave, 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

HackMaster - Player Character Record

From the website:

"A "deluxe" character sheet booklet, the HackMaster Player Character Record includes:

- a new character sheet
- treasure record
- detailed location-based equipment record
- sidekick record
- company record
- henchman tracking sheet
- stronghold/castle/manor tracking sheet
- followers tracking sheet
- protege record
- magic-user spellbook
- cleric spell tracker
- last will and testament"

Friday, May 26, 2017

HackMaster - B2: Little Keep on the Borderlands

From the back of the book:

"As you will soon learn, the plight of mankind in Garweeze Wurld is indeed great. And although there are those who deny the obvious, man's future here looks bleak. On all sides, the forces of evil and chaos press upon its borders seeking to bring mankind to its knees, intent on enslaving its populace, raping its riches and claiming mankind's lands as its own.

Cast in the middle of this chaos, like an island in the midst of a tempest-tossed sea, stands the little Keep on the Borderlands. Its small garrison is the only thing keeping evil from pouring through the pass of Hell's Throat and into the realms of humanity. It is a battle they have fought well, but one they are slowly losing. New heroes are needed to bolster their ranks. Do you have the mettle within to become great and answer the call?"

Thursday, May 25, 2017

HackMaster - K1: Slaughterhouse Indigo

From the back of the book:

"From the writer of the Hackmaster Hacklopedia of Beasts series, Tony DiGerolamo brings you an all original Hackmaster unlike any other! Far into the mountains on a lonely trail your heroes discover a mysterious manor house. Once a stronghold for the noble gnomes of House Indigo, its abandoned walls hold rooms full of treasure for the taking! Are you bold enough to survive the treacherous mountain minions, crafty orc bandits, and an undead creature the likes of which Garweeze Wurld has never seen? Don't let your guard down, trust no one, and whatever you do, don't go to sleep! Not for the wuss-of-heart!"

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

HackMaster - HackJammer

From the back cover:

"Take your HackMaster campaign to the stars with this new reference work. Includes all the rules you need to run a spacefaring campaign along with valuable details on Aldrazar's (Garweeze Wurld's) solar system and nearby star systems. Also included are:

- 8 new character races
- 18 new spells
- 45 new monsters
- New quirks, flaws, and skills
- Many new and unique magic items"

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

HackMaster - Gawds & Demi-Gawds

From the back of the book:

"Gawds and Demi-Gawds is a book about the grand unified pantheon of the Hackmaster TeraVerse. It is designed for players and Gamemasters alike, as it gives the players a clue about their chosen Gawds and gives the Gamemasters hundreds of plot ideas for adventures. With over 25 sub-pantheons and over 350 individual deity descriptions, this book provides an incredible variety for all flavors of fantasy role-playing!"

Monday, May 22, 2017

HackMaster - GameMaster's Guide

From the back of the book:

"Tired of all those namby-pamby game systems that eviscerate and emasculate the powers and privileges of being GM? Looking for a system that's new and exciting, but feels so familiar, you'll swear you've played it before? Look no further! In a world where there is no shortage of mediocre games, you've stumbled across the Arkenstone of the dragon's hoard. Furthermore, if you've ever played a fantasy role-playing game before based on a d20 combat roll and armor class, you already know how to play this game! And while this is the 4th edition of the Hackmaster game, in another time, another edition or an alternate universe, this could easily have been called "3E". It's the 1st/2nd edition with new crunchy bits and a whole lot of fresh attitude. Playing this game will make you feel like you did when you first started role playing. Excited. Filled with wonder. And just a bit nervous."

Sunday, May 21, 2017

HackMaster: D 1-2 Descent Into the NetherDeep

From the publishers website:

"Having annihilated the Giant Prince Snorre, it was discovered that the drow were the instigators of the uprising. After a fierce fight, the cowardly dark elves have retreated into the NetherDeep and it is up to your players to go down and destroy them on their home turf. Strange creatures unseen on the surface world populate its darkened caves and warrens. Certainly peril lies ahead for only the most savage of creatures (and luckiest of players) can survive in the dreary depths!"

Saturday, May 20, 2017

HackMaster - C1: The Hidden Shrine

Excerpted from the back cover:

"Your party is lost! You should never have abandoned the ship and struck out into the jungle, but your pursuers were closing on your trail and it seemed the only way. Stumbling onward, your party makes for higher ground ahead. As you cross a ridge, the sun sinks below the horizon and night comes. A full moon rises, sending moonbeams and ghostly shadows flickering through the branches. Ahead in the dense jungle stands a clearing. There is an ancient ruin suddenly visible -- a worn and overgrown pyramid fills the glade, shining in the moonlight, seeming almost brighter than the moon itself. A refuge, perhaps, this pyramid which reminds you much more of a temple than a tomb. You suddenly notice eerie carvings of Lizard-like men on the stone blocks, and you recall the local legend of the Slaz'Steceks.

A HackMaster adventure for 4-8 characters between levels 4-6, the greatly expanded Hidden Shrine offers over 65 separate encounters spread across five rounds. Each round can be played as a separate tournament adventure, or can be used in an ongoing campaign. Unique traps and monsters with an Aztec theme haunt every twist, turn, and dead end of this fantastic adventure. Only the most cunning and resourceful PCs will escape with the treasures of the Slaz'Steceks!"

Monday, May 15, 2017

HackMaster: G1-2 Annihilate the Giants

From the Back Cover:

"From distant lands you have been called to an audience with the exalted Duke of Fraduir. Wadsting no time, as soon as you are all gathered, the crafty old statesman begins to speak. "Giants have been raiding the lands of Garweeze Wurld, causing widespread death and destruction - and great consternation to we noble rulers sworn to protect the life and goods of certain influential members of the populace. Therefore, a party of the bravest and most powerful adventurers was assembled and given the assignment to punish the miscreant giants. Unfortunately they charged too much so you fellows will have to do!"

This charge is not as harsh as it may seem, for you will be fully equipped with all standard items needed for both wilderness and dungeon exploration; and each member of the party will likewise be given the finest horse available. Note, however, that these are only 'loaners' and you bear the entire risk of loss or damage to the rented equipment or mounts. Guides have been made available to escort you to your first objective; the great fortress of Ivar the Hill Giant chieftain.

You are cautioned to expect a secret force, some motivational guru behind this unusual banding of different races of giants. More surprises might be in store...

You are to follow any clues discovered if such point towards the sinister hand suspected of guiding the rising, but to report in at once if you should determine exactly the reason or force behind the alliance of evil. After all, some dark relic might be at hand... or it might not. Who knows. Regardless, there are plenty of giants to hack and treasure to loot. Lots of it."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hero's Journey: Tome of the Dragon

From the back of the book:

"An ancient evil walks the lands of Myrra once more, the Draconis priest Glymych. In his quest to resurrect [sic] his one-banished order of evil priests, Glymych seeks the Librum Draconis, a secret tome that details rites and rituals for summoning and binding the most poerful of all creatures: a dragon!

In the long-forgotten ruins of the fortress Gryngurg, Player Characters must brave the denizens of the dungeon, the assassin-priests of Glymych's Order of the Black Rose, and even the wiles and trickery of the Librum itself.

Will the party find the Librum Draconis before Glymych's minions? Will they even survive?"

Saturday, May 13, 2017

High Level Campaigns - AD&D 2e

From the back of the book:

"What's a DM to do when the player characters in his campaign become so powerful that nothing in the world is a challenge for them anymore? Just what are the essential ingredients in an adventure geared toward high-level play?

Here is a trove of advice and new rules for every AD&D game Dungeon Master who wishes to create adventures for truly legendary heroes. Find everything you need to create encounters that confound the craftiest wizard and chill the most valiant warrior's heart. Discover the power of True Dweomers, the mightiest spells ever. Build new realities for your heroes to explore. Learn how to conduct magical duels and oversee the creation of magical items. Expand the horizons of your gaming experience with High-Level Campaigns."

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hidden Invasion

From the website:

"Mysterious lights appearing in the sky
  • Strange sightings from remote parts of the world
  • Men in Black harassing innocent people about what they have seen
  • People abducted from their homes in the dead of night, by beings beyond description
  • And there is nothing you can do about it
  • Or is there?
Based on actual reports, Hidden Invasion is your best weapon against the alien beings that threaten our world."

Thursday, May 11, 2017

HHQ4 - Cleric's Challenge

From the website:

"Pommeville is a sleepy little town that seems like a good place to stay for the night. That is, until the town's dead rise from their graves and begin terrorizing the village! Ancient evil threatens to overwhelm the good folk of Pommeville unless someone can find a way to comfort the restless dead. A lone, player character cleric will have to be clever, courageous, and more than a little lucky to solve the mystery and save Pommeville from the mindless zombies that threaten it!

Cleric's Challenge is a special ONE-ON-ONE ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure designed for a DUNGEON MASTER and one player - perfect for very small playing groups, or for the player who wants his or her character to earn some extra experience."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

HHQ2 - Wizard's Challenge (Italian)

From the website:

"The village of Northbank was once a haven for mages of all talents and a magnet for hopeful apprentices. Its wizards' guild was a respected center for instruction, study, and research. But mysterious circumstances caused the sudden demise of the guild several years ago and resulted in the deaths of some important guild members. And a ghostly figure now threatens the few surviving members of the guild.

Wizard's Challenge is an ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure designed for a single character or a party of up to three members. It allows a wizard to be the center of the adventure and offers many role- playing oppurtunities such as spell research, component gathering, and forging important relationships with other wizards. This adventure is perfect for the wizard who needs experience, is looking for something more than crawling through dungeons, or is seeking a student or mentor.

Is your character ready to accept the challenge? Intrigue and danger await!"

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

HHQ1 - Fighters Challenge (Italian)

From the back cover:

"Decades ago, Sturnheim was a thriving trade town on a major caravan route. But then, disaster struck when a gold-laden caravan disappeared without a trace. Financially ruined, the town slipped into decline, and now lies almost forgotten on a route that is seldom traveled anymore.

Fighter's Challenge is a new type of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS(R) adventure. It is designed especially for a Dungeon Master and one player - perfect for very small playing groups, for those times when the whole group can't get together, or for the player who wants his character to earn some extra experience. This adventure will provide hours of excitement for the DM and any warrior or multi-class fighter character of levels 2 to 4.

You can unravel a 40-year-old mystery and restore the honor of Sturnheim - if you have the guts!"

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hero Games - Corporations

From the back cover:

"From board room fights to fights in the board room, it's all here-everything you ever needed to know about the corporate world. Are they faceless foes for the heroes to fight, benevolent patrons, ready to aid the heroes in their war against crime or just neutral entities out for a big profit. All facets of corporations are covered, from organization and goals to proxy fights and takeover bids. Bring the super-powered battle for Justice to where it belongs with Corporations."

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hero Games - The Zodiac Conspiracy

From the back of the book:
  • The twelve villainous members of the Zodiac in full color.
  • Full details on the Zodiakos Kyklos, the team's living base.
  • Team History, tactics and politics
  • Four ready to run adventures
  • And much, much more!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hero Games - Western Hero

From Back Cover: 

"Western Hero is the Western sourcebook for the HERO system, providing enough information to run Western adventures in either the historical or fictional Wild West. From lassoing a wild stallion to sliding a low-down cowpoke down the bar and through a window, it's all here. Use Western Hero as a supplement for your existing Hero game or start your own Western campaign."


A complete campaign setting based upon the Western town of Deadwood.

Dozens of Western NPCs, including many historical figures such as Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance Kid.

Suggestions and guidelines for creating Western-Style characters, including many new package deals, advantage and disadvantage options, and more.

A Western Sourcebook containing a timeline, a bestiary, descriptions and statistics for equipment and weapons, and pages of information on the Old West."

Friday, May 5, 2017

Hero Games - The Valdorian Age

From their website:


Mighty-hewed warriors with flashing blades. Cities full of thieves and corruption. Eerie wizards using complex rituals to summon foul beings from other worlds to serve their whims. Ancient races from before the ken of men lurking in the dark and forgotten places of the world. Such is the stuff of Swords And Sorcery Fantasy.

The Valdorian Age presents just such a world for your Fantasy Hero game. It’s a place of heroes — a world where one skilled man, armed with nothing but a sharp sword and his own unbeatable determination, can make a real difference — but it’s also a place where survival and riches are often esteemed more highly than valorous deeds.

The Valdorian Age includes:

—a complete guide to the city of Elweir, from the darkest hovels of Lowtown to the palaces of Gold’s Reside, with plenty of maps

—information about the rest of the world: noble Valdoria, ancient Abyzinia, harsh Khor, dark Ureth-Kalai, and many other realms, with plenty of rumors and adventure ideas to tempt your heroes

—character creation rules and advice tailored specifically to Swords And Sorcery campaigns

—detailed information and rules for Sorcery, the strange (and dangerous) magic of the Valdorian Age

—GMing advice and suggestions, including plenty of plot seeds and a GM’s Vault filled with the secrets of the Valdorian Age

Strap on your broadsword and keep a close eye on your coinpurse — adventure and danger await you in The Valdorian Age!"

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hero Games - The Ultimate Mentalist

From a website:

"The Ultimate Mentalist is a complete resource guide to mental powers in the Hero System and beyond - complete conversion notes are included for major roleplaying systems! You'll find everything you need to design and play characters in any genre with psychic powers of any description. The Ultimate Mentalist is the definitive reference work for roleplaying the powers of the mind. The Ultimate Mentalist offers detailed descriptions of mental powers and their use, along with related skills, combat maneuvers, and modifiers. Mentalists in combat now have a full range of tactical choices to add a distinctive flavor to psionic duels. Campaign and genre notes show GMs how to add psionic powers to existing campaigns, or design campaigns based on mental powers. Players will find hundreds of new ideas for creating and playing characters with mental powers."

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hero Games - The Spell Book

From the back cover:

"Now Fantasy Hero gamers can have dozens of spells at their fingertips! Here you'll find the answers to such timeless questions as 'What is metamorphosis?', 'How do you get to another dimension?', and 'Do my levels add to my targeting roll?' Included are all sorts of guidelines and advice designed to make the lives of Wizards, and GMs, a little easier. There's a section that clarifies the original Fantasy Hero rules and offers optional expansions. Hero guru Aaron Allston contributes an informative treatise on designing magic systems. A sample organization is included which can be used to introduce magic into any existing campaign. And then there are the spells themselves (78 of them, culled from nearly a dozen campaigns). Each includes details on preparation, casting, results and history. The Spell Book has everything needed for instant Wizardry!"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hero Games - The Olympians

From the back cover:

"The Olympians. Remember Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Poseidon, Dionysus - the Gods of Classical Greece, the ancient deities who inspired men to heroic deeds?

They're Back

The second war against the Titans was long and difficult. When the gods had finally won, Zeus decided to re-open the portal to Earth. But instead of ancient Classical Greece, the Greek gods emerged into 20th century Earth.

Some are taking to it better than others. Stunning Aphrodite has joined the ranks of super models, and Hermes is doing PR for an overnight courier. Zeus, however, is unhappy at the changes that have occurred since he left Earth. And in the depths of Tartarus, Cronus and the other Titans plot their revenge.

Is mankind ready for the second arrival of The Olympians?

The Olympians Contains:

- Full write-ups for the principle Greek gods, including details on their current activities. Hunt with Artemis, or party with Dionysus! There are also statistics for prominent monsters from Greek myth, including the Cyclops, the Nereids, and the Furies.
- Guidelines for creating additional Greek gods, including gods as Player Characters.
- Full details and layouts for interesting Greek locations, including Olympus and Tartarus, the Land of the Dead.
- Campaign guidelines for using the Greek gods in a Champions campaign.
- Scenarios.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Here Games - The Circle and M.E.T.E.

From the back of the book:


Secrets of Cosmic Consciousness?

Deep in the heart of the city is a secret garden where The Master Dwells. His origin is a mystery, but his purpose seems clear: to teach the secrets of sorcery. Mystics and mediums, sorcerers and psychics trade knowledge in the safety of the garden. Come and practice the arcane arts, unravel ancient mysteries and walk the paths of power. Join The Circle for adventure in the realm of the fantastic.

And M.E.T.E.

Where Do Homeless Aliens Go In Your Campaign?

When you're an illegal alien, a stranger in a strange land without a friend, there's someone you can turn to: The Metropolitan Extra-Terrestrial Enclave. M.E.T.E. is dedicated to the aid and comfort of our alien visitors. M.E.T.E. provides a competent, understanding staff and superb facilities, whether an alien guest wants a place to stay or someone to help them "phone home." M.E.T.E. it's there when you need it."

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