"Go to the sign of Marvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Friday, June 30, 2023

Book of Fiends, Volume One : Legions of Hell (2001)

From the back cover:

An Ancient Evil from the Depths of the Pit!

Asmodeus, the King of Hell, has ruled the nine circles of the Pit since the dawn of time. Father of the baatezu race, the Adversary reigns over millions of subjects. Legions of Hell introduces you to his most notorious minions, up close and personal. You'll meet scheming dukes, infernal assassins, and elite shock troops. You'll see firsthand why only the most ruthless devils survive the cutthroat politics of the infernal reaches.

Best of all, you'll get a host of new foes for your d20 System game, Legion of Hell is chock full of devils with CRs from 1/2 to 20+. With the nasties in this book, you can populate a whole campaign. Your players may be tough, but can they face the best Hell has to offer?

Legions of Hell includes:

- Over 40 new devils, with full and accurate game stats for the d20 System.
- Three new prestige classes for true servants of the King of Hell.
- Stunning illustrations by 3E concept artist Sam Wood, Gamma World illustrator Raven Mimura, and Cthulhu madman Toren Atkinson.
- A new template for fallen celestials.
- Information on the angelic choirs and the hosts of fallen angels.
- And much, much more!


Thursday, June 29, 2023

X3: Curse of Xanathon (1982)

Note: The worst picture in my camera taken inventory if I am not mistaken.

From the Front Cover:

"The Curse of Xanathon combines town and wilderness adventuring in an exciting series of five detective-type scenarios. This challenging adventure supplies eight pre-generated characters to help you get int the game fast, plus a bonus section for further town adventures."

(note: not part of the Desert Nomads series which began with X4)

From the Back Cover:

Something is rotten in Rhoona...

When the grotesque god, Cretia, casts his ugly shadow over the town, strange things start happening. First, Duke Stephen vanishes. Then the bizarre proclamations begin coming out of the Ducal Palace... dwarves are outlawed... taxes must be paid in beer... horses must be ridden backwards. Soon the entire town is in an uproar and a dwarven army is marching on Rhoona. This is the situation when you and your party of valiant adventurers arrive in the suffering town.

There you find...

  • A ragged beggar who prowls the streets offering cryptic advice.
  • A mysterious black-garbed cleric planning treachery.
  • A trusted soldier plotting his master's overthrow.
  • A sinister jewel casting its evil emanations over the town.

You and your party are Rhoona's last hope. Only YOU can unravel the dark mystery that plagues the town and save Rhoona from... the Curse of Xanathon.


Wednesday, June 28, 2023

PC4: Night Howlers (1992)

From the back of the book:

Night Howlers is the fourth book in the Creature Crucible series, which explores new character types for the D&D game. Whether the referee wants to add one or two were-creatures to the party line-up, base a whole series of adventures around the were-creatures' struggle for survival, or add some very special encounters for the players, this book will provide hours of unique playing expeience.


Tuesday, June 27, 2023

PC3: The Sea People (1990)

From the back cover:

...And you thought you knew everything about the good, old D&D® game world!

The Sea of Dread is home to not one, but several aquatic nations. There underneath the surface, lie mysterious caverns, submerged cities never explored by surface folk, shipwrecked remnants of historic naval battles, and countless frightening guardians of the deep. Discover the power of the kna, meet the kind people of smaar, and face the ultimate threat to the fabulous Realms of Undersea.

The Sea People is the third book in the Creature Crucible series that completes the Gazetteer line. It is also fully adaptable to the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® 2nd Edition game.

The Sea People includes:
  • A complete description of the lands under the Sea of Dread, its people, and a large Gazetteer-style map of the submerged kingdoms;
  • Separate background and adventure booklets;
  • Complete rules on how to create and play Sea Elves, Tritons, Mermen, and other aquatic races;
  • New rules detailing underwater spell casting and magical items.

Don't miss PC1: Tall Tales of the Wee Folk or PC2: Top Ballista!


Monday, June 26, 2023

S2: White Plume Mountain (Silver Anniversary Edition)

From the web:

A classic adventure for characters from fifth through tenth level. The players are set with a riddle that references Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor. To win these treasures they must set out in expedition to White Plume Mountain and there descend into the treacherous dungeon below. There they battle the traps and guardians set in place by the wizard Keraptis.

Note: This is the the Collectors Edition reprint version

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark (1999)

From the Back of the Book:

The place has many names: the Underdark, Deepearth, the Realms Below, the Night Below, the Lightless Lands. This vast world beneath the surface is home to fabled races such as beholders, cloakers, drow, illithids, and ixzan. Menzoberranzan, the dreaded City of Spiders, is only one of the hidden cities of the Underdark.

This 128-page book, compiled by the Underdark's most famous son, Drizzt Do'Urden, lays bare the bizarre societies that lurk in the Realms Below. It includes an overview of the major races of the Underdark, and Underdark survival guide, and details and maps of more than a dozen cities. Discover a drow city constructed entirely of calcified spider silk, a nigh-immortal dwarven king trapped in stone form, and a storehouse of knowledge that rivals Candlekeep. Learn the particulars of the alliance between Manshoon and the beholders of the Anaurian Hive, the ambitions of the true master of Firedrake Bay, and an explanation of the enduring strength of the beholder cults along the Lake of Steam.

With Drizzt Do'Urden as your guide, a whole new world opens up beneath your feet.

Suitable for all levels of play.


Saturday, June 24, 2023

HWR2: Kingdom of Nithia (1991)

From the back cover:


The Nithians have long been the stuff of legend on the outer world; they are a little less mysterious in the Hollow World. Ruled by powerful pharaohs, said by some to be Immortals in mortal form, they are the most changeless of all the cultures in this realm.

What are the fabled powers of the Nithian pyramids? Is there still a relationship between the Haptans and the Tanagoro tribes? Do the tales of fabulous floating chariots drawn by fiery beasts contain more than a kernel of truth? The answers to these and many more questions are contained in these pages.

• The HOLLOW WORLD™ boxed set is required for use with this accessory.
• This product includes a 48-page DM's booklet, a 48-page players' booklet, and a special four-color, double-sided, poster map of Nithia.
• Details on new magical items and Nithian character classes are presented for use in your campaign.
• Look for Sons of Azca, the first cultural accessory in this series, at your favorite hobby store now!


Friday, June 23, 2023

HWA3: Hollow World: Nightstorm (1991)

From the web:

"Third Adventure in the Blood Brethren Trilogy.

To find the Immortals!

The all-powerful Immortals have vanished! The quest to locate them has led across the Atlass Ocean to the land of the Shahjapur, where moguls hunt tigers, untouchables respectfully avoid higher castes, and holy fakirs perch immobile for years on end.

In this land of shrines and elephants and shapeshifting assassins, resolution may lie at the end of the mysterious "Emerald River." But no one knows the location of this river and no map shows its bed. Does the answer lie within the Temple of the Eight Sweet Winds? Hopefully so, for time grows short. The Immortals themselves must be found and enlisted - to stave off the approaching cataclysm called:


Nightstorm is the third adventure for the D&D HOLLOW WORLD Campaign Set.

- The HOLLOW WORLD boxed set is required to play.
- This 64-page adventure fits easily into your existing campaign, either as a stand-alone adventure or as a part of the history-spanning Blood Brethren trilogy. These three linked modules can be played in any order - but the adventure ends here!
- This adventure is designed for four to six characters of levels 8 to 10.
- Look for the companion modules in this series, Nightwail and Nightrage


Thursday, June 22, 2023

HWR1: Sons of Azca (1991)

 From the publisher:

The Sons of Azca is the first in a new series of accessories describing realms of the Hollow World setting. This begins where GAZ14 ends and details the Kingdom of Azca region. This product includes a player section, a referee guide and an adventure section.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

HackMaster Player's Handbook (2001)

From the web:

This is the Player's Handbook for HackMaster, which is a partial parody, partial tribute to the first edition D&D game. While it follows many of the conventions of the source material, in some ways the game improves upon the source material it was based on. In others it takes the extremes of the original (a penchant for tables, for example) to extremes. The HackMaster Player's Handbook provides character creation rules for Abilities, Build Points (Quirks and Flaws), Classes, Races, Equipment, Magic, Experience and more, providing the player of the game all the rules they need to get ready for a game.

From the back cover:

Congratulations! In a world where there is no shortage of mediocre games, you’ve managed to find one of the true gems. Furthermore, if you’ve ever played a fantasy role-playing game before based on a d20 combat roll and armor class, you already know how to play this game! And while this is the 4th edition of the HackMaster game, in another time, another edition or an alternate universe, this could easily have been called “3e.” It’s the 1st/2nd edition with new crunchy-bits and a whole lot of fresh attitude. Playing this game makes you feel like you did when you first started role-playing. Excited. Filled with wonder. And just a bit nervous…

What you hold in your hands is the skeleton key that unlocks the chains that have confined you to the humdrum world of the mundane for your entire life. The HackMaster RPG is the game of choice for those that know the difference between ordinary and epic. This is the game for YOU. You’re not ordinary; you’re extraordinary. For those of us that live in a world that forces us to conform, to abide by the rules day in and day out; for those of us that suffocate in our daily routine of breakfast cereal and ham sandwiches; for those of us that slave each day in our cubicle working for the MAN; those who would be heroes if it weren’t for the constraints of reality, we present…



Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Hole Delver's Catalog (1987)


From the back cover:

" Players, are you tired of going into a shop and only being able to buy a sword, a shield, a pack, a tent, another generic piece of equipment? Wouldn't it be nice to get hold of something special for a change? Game Masters, want to offer something different?
Then just peruse this paltry portion of paraphernalia we propose you purchase! Then just peruse this paltry portion of paraphernalia we propose you purchase! Then just peruse this paltry portion of paraphernalia we propose you purchase! That's right, say it three times in a row and win the opportunity to buy this little beauty."


Monday, June 19, 2023

Character Law & Campaign Law (2nd Edition, Revised) (1985)

From the web:

Character Law & Campaign Law (2nd Edition, Revised) is an updated version of Character Law & Campaign Law (2nd Edition). This revised edition was printed 6 years after Character Law & Campaign Law (2nd Edition) and contains 138 pages as compared to the 104 pages of the earlier version. This appears to be a significant difference. Character Law & Campaign Law (2nd Edition, Revised) also features different artwork. However, both books contain the same product code.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Chivalry & Sorcery (1st & 2nd Editions)

From the web:

Chivalry and Sorcery is a fantasy role-playing game that was first published in 1977 by Fantasy Games Unlimited. The game was set set in the historical Middle Ages and including a magic system based upon the beliefs of that time period. The second edition was essentially an update of the original rules.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Judges Guild: Chivalry & Sorcery Gamemaster's Shield (1980)

From the web: 

Judges Guild's screens for the Chivalry & Sorcery RPG. The product consisted of two tri-fold cardstock screens printed on both sides.

Friday, June 16, 2023

MERP: Combat Screen and Reference Sheets (1984)

From the web:

Fold out combat screen and reference sheets for use with the Middle Earth Role Playing line of games. Screen measures 34 inches by 11 inches and comes with two 17 by 11 double side reference sheets.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

C & S Sourcebook (2nd Edition) (1983)

From the web:

Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook, Second Edition is a 72-page book which contains information about designing outdoor adventures, designing monsters, extensive information about feudal economics, and extensive information about military warfare.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Blood Enemies: Abominations of Cerilia (1995)

From the back of the book:

Cerilia: Where gods died and kings now rule with divine powers. Where dark powers contaminate flesh and blood, and evil shows its true visage in the abominations that stalk the land. Where monarchs both true and corrupt clash over ruler ship of the Birthright campaign world!

This book, designed for the Dungeon Master, is a guide to the most dangerous creatures on the face of Cerilia: the awnsheghlien. Sovereign creatures of their own realms, these dark creatures wield their power with iron fists, and many seek to tear more power from weaker leaders. These 128 pages' worth of monstrous dictators and wandering nightmares will strike fear into the hearts of all blooded rulers from the Sea of Storms to the Isle of the Serpent!


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

D3: Vault of the Drow (1978)

From the web:

This module provides a complete setting for play of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ rules. Contained herein is background information, a large-scale referee's map with a matching partial map for players, referee' notes, special exploration and encounter pieces, a hex map detailing an enormous cavern area, a special temple map, encounter and map matrix keys, and additional sections pertaining to unique new creatures for use with this module and the game as a whole.

Monday, June 12, 2023

REF6: Rogues' Gallery (AD&D 2e) (1992)

From the back of the book:

They say that it's hard to find good help these days, but no DUNGEON MASTER will ever have a problem as long as he can draw upon the Rogues' Gallery. Look within and you'll find all manner of non player-character warriors, wizards, priests, and rogues with all their class variations, fully developed and ready to drop into any AD&D campaign. Each of the characters is detailed in the standard, convenient Monstrous Compendium format - including an illustration - with a biography including his or her favorite combat tactics, regular hang- outs, likely cohorts, and much more.

NPCs have lives too; give them more than just a number when they next meet and challenge your adventuring party! Visit the Rogues' Gallery and hire some good help.


Sunday, June 11, 2023

MC12: Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix: Terrors of the Desert (1992)

From the web:

This appendix for the Monstrous Compendium specifically addresses creatures in the Dark Sun campaign setting. The appendix came with 4 full color dividers. All pages were loose leaf and pre-punched for a 3 or 5 ring binder.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga (1995)

From the Back of the Book:

Beware of Baba Yaga and her infamous hut!

Baba Yaga is an ancient crone who is said to have power over day and night itself. Many seek out Baba Yaga for her wisdom, which she has gleaned from centuries of travel through numerous worlds. Others, bolder and more foolish, search out the hut to plunder its treasures, which Baba Yaga has gathered from every corner of the multiverse. None, thief or scholar, who enter the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga leave unscathed.

How will you fare now that the great Baba Yaga is in your neighborhood?


Friday, June 9, 2023

FRQ3: Doom of Daggerdale (1993)

From the Back of the Book:

Randal Morn certainly has his hands full! The temple of Lathander, which burned to the ground eight years ago, seems to be the source of a curse affecting the entire town. People are taking ill, animals are dying overnight, crops are failing. All this seems to have started after Eragyn, priestess of Cyric, disappeared from Daggerdale. Shortly before that, a forgotten mage-lord's crypt was discovered and opened; things just haven't been the same since.

Constable Tren is displeased with the situation, what with suspicion being cast in the Zhentarim's direction as well as toward Cyric's priesthood. He's undoubtedly making the Dalesfolk's lives more difficult than usual because of this upheaval. Randal has sent out the call for aid to all who are interested and able to help; his freedom riders have their hands full already.

A missing evil priestess, a mage-lord's crypt-curse, a plague, and possible Zhentarim involvement: all the elements of a rousing adventure in one place! Where do your characters sign up? Step right this way, won't you?


Thursday, June 8, 2023

Forgotten Realms Book of Lairs (1994)

From the back of the book:

TSR's most popular world just became even better! Here are over 30 exciting adventures that can be played in the Forgotten Realms setting in a single session.

Danger, puzzle-solving, humor and excitement: All lie in wait for intrepid adventurers of every level. All scenarios are ready to play, with little or no preparation by the DM!

Enjoy making the acquaintance of beasties from all parts of the Realms, from alguduirs to dimensional warpers, inquisitors to revenants, ring-worms to wemics. The good, the bad, and the ugly (and the not-so-ugly)--they're all here, ready to encounter your party!


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

DQ1: The Shattered Statue (1988)

This is a module published by TSR after they had acquired Dragonquest from SPI. It is an AD&D adventure that has rules for adapting the encounters to be compatible with Dragonquest.

From the back cover:

"A mutual friend has praised your skills highly. If you seek rich reward and the opportunity to delve into mysteries ancient and lost, bring this bottle forthwith to my demesne in the village of Volkumburgh. Together we may seek to bring mankind the lost wonder of the awtawmatawn."

A mysterious note, a disappearing 5-foot-long religious artifact, and the ruins of two magical schools. What do these things have in common? How deeply are your party members involved in all of this?

"The Shattered Statue" is the first dual-game-system module of its kind. Players of both the AD&D game system and DRAGONQUEST game system can use this adventure. It is suitable for use with the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting.


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

I13: Adventure Pack I (1987)

From the web:

This supplement is a collection of mini-modules suitable for play in existing campaigns or as stand alone adventures. The following adventures are included:

- The Circus of Gandolfo
- Sharla's Zoo
- The Weird Woods of Baron Orchid
- To Kill a Kraken
- Reign of Triumph
- Terror in Skytumble Tor
- Steaks
- The House of Long Knives
- The Lauros Road Bandits
- Scavenger Hunt
- Blood and Laurels


Monday, June 5, 2023

I8: Ravager of Time (1986)

From the back cover:

"So this is the Ffenargh? Mile after mile of stinking bogs overlain by a swirling mist that clings to the skin and chills to the bone. Ahead, a decrepit causeway rises scant inches above the fetid waters and meanders its way through the twisted forms of stunted trees into the depths of this forsaken land.

For years, these blighted fens have been ignored by the outside world, but now an urgent summons brings you into the Ffenargh, to the Court of the Lords Spiritual at Eylea. A foul murder has been committed. Geoffrey D'Arcy, Lord of Myrkfast, has been slain by his own son and you are called upon to find out why.

Death has always hung heavy over this mire, but now an ancient evil has returned to haunt the mist - an evil whose icy fingers reach out to crush any who dare delve its secrets. You who have faced death a thousand times, meet it now in ts most terrible guise. Can you defeat it, or will you fall victim to the Ravager of Time?"

Sunday, June 4, 2023

WG9: Gargoyle (1989)

From the back cover:

"Ever seen a gargoyle without its wings? It's a pretty funny sight. But don't laugh out loud in front of them - they don't think it's all that hilarious...

Gargoyle is an adventure set in the world of GREYHAWK, the longest-running of TSR's game worlds for the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game. A pair of gargoyles wake up one morning to find their wings missing, and contact the players to help them recover them. A great many AD&D players have been asking for low-level adventures suitable for beginners, and Gargoyle is the first of several planned for this year. Designed for levels 1 to 4, this adventure can be enjoyed by novices and experienced players alike."


Saturday, June 3, 2023

Classic BattleTech Master Rules (2003)

From the back of the book:

"Welcome to the 31st century, a time of endless wars that rage across the known universe. These epic conflicts are won and lost by BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall, humanoid titans of metal bristling with high-intensity lasers, rapid-fire autocannons and dozens of other lethal weapons; enough firepower to level entire city blocks. Your elite force of MechWarriors drives these juggernauts into battle, blasting at your opponent's 'Mechs in a deadly game of kill or be killed. Will they become instant legends, or forgotten casualties? Only your skill and luck will determine their fate.

Drawing on years of experience, this book combines the best of the BattleTech board game into a unified whole. BattleTech Master Rules is entirely restructured and streamlined; it is the same game, but like you've never seen it before. This book includes the complete game rules, a quick-and-easy scenario creation system, the Battle Value point system for evaluating 'Mechs and balancing forces and revised and expanded miniatures rules. This revised edition of BattleTech Master Rules has been updated to incorporate all Level 2 weapons and units presented in various technical readouts and Field Manuals."

 Publisher's description:

"This is the new revised edition. BattleTech Master Rules replaces the BattleTech Compendium: The Rules of Warfare as the single-source rulebook for advanced BattleTech players. The complete guide to combat in the 31st century, it includes all the rules needed to simulate exciting conflicts between BattleMechs, vehicles and infantry, as well as special rules for artillery, hostile environments, air and naval forces, and much more. This new rulebook combines material from BattleTech, 4th Edition; CityTech, Second Edition, and other sources in the most comprehensive set of rules ever published for the BattleTech game system. Also included are complete new table-top miniatures rules that let players play BattleTech in three-dimensional terrain. Inner Sphere and Clan 'Mech designs, plus scenario-building rules and the Battle Value System for balancing forces, let players create their own BattleTech games from the ground up, and make this book a must-have

Friday, June 2, 2023

Bunnies & Burrows (1976) - First Printing

From the web:

BUNNIES & BURROWS is a complete Fantasy Role Playing Game which takes as its ‘world’ the mundane world as seen through the eyes of rabbits, in the tradition of novels like WATERSHIP DOWN. Players take the roles of various rabbit types as they explore their world, defend their kin, and generally face adventure in a world more fantastic than fiction.

Since its first release in 1976, BUNNIES & BURROWS has become a well-known, if cultish, game for role players of all ages. The subject matter is a bit unusual, but the game is complete and easy to play. Perhaps due to the uncommon nature of role playing something other than a human hero, B&B has developed a cult of its own and continues to grow in popularity.

What you hold in your hands proves that this ‘legendary game’ is not a myth, it is a fully playable game in which rabbit adventurers take the roles of scouts, fighters, seers, mavericks, herbalists, and storytellers and explore the great unknown. BUNNIES & BURROWS is a game for a GameMaster and from two to ten players.


Thursday, June 1, 2023

WG7: Castle Greyhawk (1988)

From the back cover:

Deep beneath the keep of Castle Greyhawk, a really nasty device is creating all these gross, mutated, and unpleasant monsters that are running wild throughout the castle. The call has gone out for heroic, fearless, and kinda foolish adventurers to out-hack, out-slash and sometimes even out-think hordes of doughmen, headless mice, manic bee queens, really bad dead things, burgermen, crazed chefs and movie moguls. If they survive these and much odder obstacles, the characters still have to find the nasty monster creator and put it out of business.


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